Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot: 2020 Spas Product Focus

Oxx 920 Aq Cmp Del Ozone Tile

As the weather cools down, swimmers bid farewell to yet another pool season. Thankfully, with hot tubs heating up, goodbye won't last long. The recreational and therapeutic benefits of these products complement the trending movement toward the "staycation" concept. Showcasing elevated aesthetics and increasingly automated maintenance, these products continue to evolve and improve. Here is a range of portable spas to help you warm up your off-season.



Oxx 920 Aq Cmp Del Ozone Sm

DEL Ozone Spa provides compact ozone for spas with adjustable output. Advanced Plasma Gap (APG2) technology uses corona discharge to create ozone, which oxidizes contaminants and penetrates biofilm buildup while destroying chemical-resistant pathogens and microorganisms. Ozone micro-clarifies the water and breaks down bad-smelling chloramines so that chlorine can work better.
c-m-p.com | (800) 733-9060



Aaa 920 Aq Hydro Ther Hot Tubs Sm

HydroTher Commercial Hot Tubs
HydroTher Hot Tubs have been a commercial aquatic application choice for architects, consultants, designers and facility operators since 1990. These products are VGB compliant and manufactured to withstand the demands of heavy commercial use.
hydrother.com | (905) 890-3111



1 M920 Aq Sm

Bullfrog Spas
The all new M Series premium spa line by Bullfrog Spas offers simple intuitive functionality, gorgeous aesthetics and versatile layouts to accommodate every individual and family, the company says. Each of the three stunning models — the M9, M8 or M7— provides an unseen and unmatched spa experience. M Series premium spas are the ultimate way to enjoy a peaceful body, peaceful mind and peaceful home.
bullfrogspas.com | (801) 565-8111



Ccc 920 Aq Marquis Monaco Elite Sm

Marquis Corp
The five-person Marquis Elite Monaco hot tub adapts the classic round shape with modern features. Optimal for small spaces, the Monaco Elite features a neck-to-feet therapy lounge, two deep therapy seats and two bucket seats. Available options include full-foam insulation, ConstantClean, stainless steel jets, Motown audio with Bluetooth, Twilight LED multipoint accent lighting and a 240V performance upgrade.
marquisspas.com | (503) 838-0888



Fff 920 Aq Viking Spas Sm

Viking Spas
Viking Spas offers a slip-resistant shell surface with textured wood-grain cabinets, as well as vibration and air therapy systems that provide a one-of-a-kind experience. Proudly built in the Midwest and family owned for more than 25 years, Viking offers a complete line of value to luxury price points.
vikingspas.com | (616) 278-7800



Ozz 920 Aq Hydropool Hot Tubs Sm

Hydropool Hot Tubs
Designed for the family, the Serenity 6600 provides a soothing hydromassage experience and is furnished with two captain seats and four personalized massage zones. Customers can enjoy a night of relaxation and entertainment in this luxurious and spacious spa.
hydropoolhottubs.com | (905) 565-6810



Master Spas Spas Pf 920 Sm

Master Spas
The new H2X Challenger swim spas by Master Spas feature contoured seats, massage jets and a therapy cove. An airless jet system with variable-speed settings creates a current that can challenge a novice or elite swimmer with the press of a button. Available in three models.
masterspas.com | (260) 436-9100



Jjj 920 Aq Maa Xspas Sm

Made for users who want the features of the Vita Spa 700 Series with the seating arrangement and footwell of the Grand, the Riviera provides consumers with an option that doesn't require compromise. The Riviera includes 61 jets, enhanced Whitewater Seat with Paraspinal Jets, a neck relief station with a contoured neck pillow, Quad Aurora Cascade jets and rotator cuff jets. Featuring a redesigned contoured rail and cool-down step seat with optional Champagne Air injectors.
vitaspa.com | 800-367-4286



Eee 920 Aq Pd Cspas Sm

PDC Spas
Luxury Series by PDC Spas offers five models featuring digital touchscreen control, LED lighting, cascading waterspouts and the company's Accenture contrasting cabinet design. The Luxury Series offers a variety of seat styles, including sculpted lounges and armrests. Each model delivers a custom massage with up to 71 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, 73 oxygen therapy jets, diverter and air controls. The water care system utilizes pressure-side filtration, ozone and UV-C. Made in the U.S. and backed by a 35-year warranty.
pdcspas.com | (800) 451-1420



Ddd 920 Aq Nordic Hot Tubs Sm

Nordic Hot Tubs
Nordic Hot Tubs are handcrafted with therapy in mind and offer five strategic price levels for all consumers. Features include Nordic's Dual Therapy System, a relaxing combination of direct pressure massage and true whirlpool therapy. Made in the U.S. Dealer opportunities are available.
nordichottubs.com | (616) 940-4036



Oyy 920 Aq Coast Spas Sm

Coast Spas
Released for 2020, Coast Spas' Purfikt features a modern design and patented infinity edge. Dual 24-inch fusion waterfalls spill into a large open seating area with two lounging seats that look out over the wide negative edge. Flush, stainless steel ringed massage jets line the bathing area. Air and water adjustment controls are all hidden from view, with the only visible spa control being the color touchscreen panel. The exterior comes in a wood or rattan finish, and a wide ring of programmable vibrant light surrounds the base of the spa.
coastspas.com | (604) 514-8111



Ovv 920 Aq Artesian Sm

Artesian Spas
The Artesian Elite line of hydrotherapy spas delivers the latest in technological advances. Each Artesian Elite spa features progressive water purification options, H2O PowerFlow Jets and total user control. The patented DirectFlow Personal Control System uses individual seat pumps to allow users to control their personal massage pressure while reducing energy consumption. Additional water features and LED lighting included.
artesianspas.com | (800) 817-7727



Ooz 919 Aq Diamond Spas Sm

Diamond Spas
Diamond Spas introduces the Monarch portable stainless steel spa, which seats five to six people. The spa is fabricated with bench seating and removable panels for easy spa maintenance. Panel options are ipe, stainless steel, copper or no panels. The Monarch meets CEC and ANSI/APSP-14 energy efficiency certifications. The company has been shipping worldwide since 1996.
diamondspas.com | (800) 951-7727



Ojj 919 Aq Nespa Tiled Spas Sm

Nespa Tiled Spas
Nespa Tiled Spas are for the discriminating customer that wants beauty and elegance to reflect their lifestyle and their home. Each spa is custom built and tiled by highly skilled artisans, the company says. A wide array of finishes are available from mosaic glass to porcelain and natural stone. Available as movables or portables, including auto cover options.
tiledspas.com | (530) 534-9910



Iii 920 Aq Arctic Spas Sm

Arctic Spas
Arctic Spas credits its success to innovative engineering, customer service, employee dedication and its dealer network. The company's team strives to find innovative solutions to make the hot tub experience easy, fun and unforgettable. Technological advancements, such as its Spa Boy automated salt water system, help monitor and maintain ideal spa water conditions, making hot tubbing easy for customers.
articspas.com | (800) 309-1744



1 G 920 Aq Sm

Sundance Spas
The Sundance Splash Series was designed to bring more families together. These models feature adjustable two-toned jets, stainless steel details, LED lighting, an LED-lit water fountain and comfort pillows. Splash spas are crafted from unibody construction, supportive full foam insulation and tough Syncrylic material. The 120-volt Plug n' Play models are easy to install and move as needed.
sundancespas.com | (800) 883-7727



1 H 920 Aq Sm

The Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection features a range of models fit for in-place swimming, resistance exercising, or sitting in ergonomic seats with jets placed to match key muscles used to swim. All spas include a WaterWatch fitness tracking accessory to capture and analyze performance, as well as four optimal hydromassage options.
jacuzzi.com | (866) 234-7727



Onn 919 Aq Wellis Sm

Wellis puts its focus on quality and innovation. The Wellis CityLine Spas combine a modern look with conventional values. These spa models have two to seven seating places, each with different massage systems and tested jet positions approved by physiotherapists. The new CityLine Milan Hot Tub is a perfect family spa. It combines durability, ergonomics and energy-efficiency in one product. It has two reclining places, one captain seat and two regular seats — including a waterfall, two fountain jets, aromatic therapy and a 2.1 HiFi system as part of the standard equipment.



Endless Pools Sm

Endless Pools
Endless Pools Fitness Systems offer nine swim spa models across three distinctive categories.The systems combine the original Endless Pools Swim Machine with an optional underwater treadmill. The laminar current is variable and is wider than the user's body and deeper than their stroke, simulating an open-water swim. SwimCross Exercise Systems feature an airless four-jet current for smooth, variable resistance that far exceeds other jetted swim spas, the company says. RecSport Recreation Systems offer the ideal space for exercise and play for the entire family at an affordable price.
endlesspools.com | (888) 599-8793



Ooy 919 Aq Caldera Spas Sm

Caldera Spas
Until now, salt systems have been expensive, complicated and hard to manage, says Caldera Spas. The company says its FreshWater Salt System has revolutionized the industry by making water care simple, intuitive and affordable, so dealers can sell more hot tubs. Its unique and patent-pending salt system keeps water fresh and clean up to three times longer than traditional water care and is available on all new Utopia Series and Paradise Series Spas. It is a simple, clean and fresh way to hot tub.
calderaspas.com | (760) 802-4803


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