2020 AQUA 100 Winner: DesRochers Backyard Pools & Spas

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"We tell our employees to act as if they own the store."

—Brooke Rossi
Owner, DesRochers Backyard Pools & Spas

Since its founding in 1982, DesRochers Backyard Pools & Spas has cemented itself as a top-tier retailer in the pool and spa industry.

The company's success results from the investment and time the DesRochers family puts into their employees, whether in their education, industry training or personal growth. The business culture is one of hard work, love and gratitude. Case in point: 10 employees wrote letters of recommendation for the company to include in its AQUA 100 application.

DesRochers encourages their employees to attend every business, PHTA course and networking event they can fit into their schedules. They also hand out scholarships to some workers still in college.

Employee suggestions are encouraged and taken seriously. "There has never been an idea, concern or decision I have voiced that wasn't completely considered, or more often implemented," says Mallory Bjekich-Wachowski, retail operations manager and employee of 14 years.

"This positive culture has not only created a family within the company walls, but it has also been the catalyst for a plethora of life-long customers who consistently visit the store to see the same faces they have grown to trust over the years," says Asa Sprunger, retail associate and intern.

At each one if its three locations, the staff at DesRochers Backyard Pools & Spas goes above and beyond to care for their customers. Not only do they offer free services when customers are going through hardships, they also celebrate their customers' milestones. For example, if a customer mentions a party or retirement, the team will send a note of congratulations. If a customer purchases equipment, a spa or makes a large chemical order, the managers handwrite thank-you cards.

The company also applies this personal touch to its social media, and has worked hard to develop a strong online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even YouTube, where the staff creates videos based on customer struggles and popular questions. "Due to our increasing digital presence, we often have customers recognize our key team members around town and comment about how helpful our YouTube videos have been," says Bjekich-Wachowski.

Bjekich-Wachowski has been told time and time again how lucky she is to work for the DesRochers. "It's very true," she says. "Their mentorship, expertise and guidance has been nothing short of life changing for me."

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