2020 AQUA 100 Winner: Splash Pool & Spa

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"The core philosophies of Splash Pool & Spa are tied to exceptional customer service and a fun experience from start to finish and beyond."

β€”Emily Carlson
Marketing Director, Splash Pool & Spa

The staff at Splash Pool & Spa believes in the FUN approach.

"Fun is at the core of what we do," says Emily Carlson, marketing director at Splash Pool & Spa. The company not only incorporates fun into its showroom β€” giant pool floats hang from the store's ceiling, for example β€” but has created a F.U.N. acronym that is at the core of its business strategy.

"F" stands for futuristic and free-thinking. "We aren't bound by assumptions or the past methods of our competitors," explains Carlson. "We are focused on who we are as a company."

"U" is for unrelenting β€” the staff is unrelenting in providing the best customer service and experience to their customers.

"N" is short for not boring. "We add excitement in our products and services to others from start to finish," says Carlson. "We aim to be memorable."

The store's atmosphere puts customers at ease. "We wanted the store to feel open, bright and even day spa-like," says Carlson. In doing so, the company developed a "real-life" theme: Each hot tub in its showroom is staged to portray different lifestyles, environments and moments spent in the backyard.

The store also takes a spa-like approach with its chemicals by displaying them as a salon would shampoo or conditioner. "We've had visitors tell us, 'Those don't even look like chemicals,'" says Carlson. "We didn't want chemicals to be an obvious feature in the store, because they can be a touchy subject (but they're also very necessary for proper maintenance)."

Splash Pool & Spa doesn't market by way of discounts and endless promotions. Instead, the company promotes the incorporation of FUN into the lives of those that engage with its brand. "We also emphasize our knowledgeable staff and long-standing expertise," explains Carlson. "And we highlight our customers and why they worked with Splash Pool & Spa."

The store has even incorporated a Splash Lane Rewards Program to help build a loyal customer base that drives recurring revenue and engagement. For every purchase made in- store, a rewards member earns Splash Cash (redeemable at the end of each quarter).

To meet demand, the company has plans to open a second location in the future. But true to Owner and President Weston Darling's business strategy, the expansion will be slow and calculated. "Owning a building that meets all of our operational needs while still providing a unique retail experience is definitely in the plan," he says.

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