2020 AQUA 100 Winner: Spartan Pool & Patio

Photos by Jenna Gordon
Photos by Jenna Gordon

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"We want to encourage all of our team members to become trainers and leaders in our company as we grow."

—Jordan Demeter
Co-Owner, Spartan Pool & Patio

"We invest heavily in our team members," says Jordan Demeter, co-owner of Spartan Pool & Patio. Demeter started the company with his stepbrother, Sam Stroud, in 2008 after spending years working alongside their grandfather, Don Demeter, building pools in the Oklahoma City area.

The brothers practice an "open book management style" where employees are taught the basics of the business. "We provide books, one-on-one coaching, weekly training in our team huddles and other events to teach everyone 'the numbers' and what they mean," says Demeter.

Upon hire, employees are also cross trained in the company's construction, retail, remodel, service and maintenance departments to receive a well-rounded education. "By doing this, we are encouraging everyone, regardless of job title, to take hold of the 'rope' and pull together in the same direction," says Demeter.

And when there is success, the team shares in the reward through a unique bonus program. "If we win as a company, we share in those profits as a team," explains Demeter. "If we lose, or don't meet our goals, we don't give bonuses out."

This method has been transformative for company culture, helping employees to grow closer together and to fight for each other's successes. "We are a family, and it shows," says Demeter.

Teamwork is also seen first hand in Spartan Pool & Patio's showroom, which underwent a recent renovation. What's unique about the remodel? — The Spartan team did all the work, start to finish. "It was a very rewarding, team-building experience," says Demeter.

Jordan and Sam have plans to acquire additional businesses in the near future and would like to see their current employees step into ownership roles when they do. "We have always viewed our business as a way to build leaders," says Jordan.

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