All You Can Heat: 2020 Saunas Product Focus

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Consumers the world over are hungry for the health benefits of saunas. As you look to acquire or diversify your line, take a look at these models from industry leading manufacturers.



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Dundalk LeisureCraft Inc
The Premium Panoramic View Clear Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna comes with an acrylic bubble back wall that allows users to enjoy the view of their landscape from inside the sauna. This unique sauna feels spacious, and the views add to the relaxation users experience when in the sauna. This sauna is made with 1 1/2-inch cedar boards and stainless steel hardware to ensure many years of service, the company says. Add the Signature package for a premium look, which includes a built-in floor, premium benches with an arch seat, cedar slats between the bench and the floor, built-in backrest for better comfort and a premium bench on the porch (if a porch is selected). | (888) 923-9813



Jjj 420 Aq Finnleo Sm

Finnleo's new SaunaLogic2 Control, which the company says is North America's first sauna control with worldwide mobile capabilities, works with Finnleo's popular Himalaya rock-tower heater and the classic Designer heater. With the SaunaLogic2 mobile app, an Apple and Android device becomes a second control. The control system is also ready for use with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Operating a sauna has never been easier and more relaxing. | (800)346-6536



4 M 419 Aq Nordic Sm

Nordic Sauna
With new and modern sauna designs, it's not just about the heat of the room β€” it's about creating a multi-sensory experience. When users have the ability to adjust and change multiple factors in the sauna, they are able to create the ultimate individualized escape. Since saunas are now a focal point in homes, hotels and wellness centers, don't settle for an out-of-the-box solution. | 800-4-SAUNAS



Pf Sauna Finlandia Sm

The Cilindro heater is the electric version of Finlandia's Legend wood-burning stove. A massive amount of stones are visible from the front, and water can be ladled from the top or splashed on the front to produce humidity. Cilindro can be used with the Xenio Digital Control or F2T wall control and FX contactor. | (800) 354-3342


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