Aladdin Equipment Celebrates 70 years and 3 Generations

My grandma Lindy on the right, 1962 retail store.
My grandma Lindy on the right, 1962 retail store.

The trio: My mom Lindy (left), grandfather Buddy (middle), grandma Lindy (right).The trio: My mom Lindy (left), grandfather Buddy (middle), grandma Lindy (right).

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Aladdin Swimming Pool Service Company of Bell Gardens, Calif., was started in 1950 by Buddy and Lindy Combest. What started as one man with a net and pole became the largest service company in the area with over 7,500 residential and commercial pools.

In 1955, Aladdin opened its first retail store in Bell Gardens, which later grew to 15 locations. Throughout its history in service and retail, one problem remained constant for Aladdin: the lack of quality replacement parts that could be acquired in a timely manner.

Carrie Collins, Vice President.Carrie Collins, Vice President.

In 1963, Aladdin Equipment Company was born in Huntington Beach, Calif., and first produced baskets before moving into O-rings and gaskets. Not only did Aladdin make the parts, the company also established the basket, O-ring and gasket numbering system that is now the industry standard.

In 1979, Buddy was replaced by his daughter, Lindy Smith. Lindy moved the company across the country to Sarasota in 1989 with 23 semis, four flatbed trucks and eight families. Now, in 2019, Lindy's daughter Carrie is taking over.

Aladdin Equipment Co. early factory, 1973.Aladdin Equipment Co. early factory, 1973.

Aladdin has created many new products, a lot of which are industry standards today, including baskets, E-Z SCOOP®s, GO-KIT®s, Magic Lube®, O-rings and gaskets, PRO Boxes, etc. Aladdin was also one of the first to start bagging and bar coding pool and spa industry replacement parts, which lead to private labeling. Aladdin's website now has a searchable cross-reference tool, allowing for anyone to find the part they are looking for in seconds.

When you need pool and spa replacement parts, think Aladdin Equipment Company. Quality parts and service for 70 years.


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