November 2019 New Products

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Looking to see what's new this month in products? From a no-drill anchoring system to a new pool measuring device, we've got you covered below.



5 Z 1019 Aq Cmp Sm

CMP offers a replacement for 280-style cleaner bags, one of the most popular pool cleaner bags on the market, the company says. The bag's heavy-duty snap closure and flap design makes it easy to empty and prevents clogging. The snaps will not break like zippers or wear out like Velcro. They perform well and are readily available. CMP offers a complete line of replacement parts that meet factory standards quality. Components are stocked for the most popular pressure-side and suction-side cleaners. | (800) 733-9060



6 C 1019 Aq Pentair Sm

Pentair's new Aurora 3800 single stage end suction commercial pump offers capacities of up to 4200 GPM, making it ideal for waterparks. This quiet, smooth running pump offers a back pull-out design that simplifies disassembly and a power frame providing maximum interchangeability for flexible coupled, horizontally mounted applications. Rear support foot simplifies coupling alignment. Precision cast with dynamically balanced, enclosed impellers and is hydrostatically tested at the factory to guarantee casting and seal integrity. | (800) 831-7133



5 H 719 Aq Loop Loc Sm

LOOP-LOC is excited to introduce DECK-LOC, a no-drill anchoring system for composite decks. Now users can install a pool cover on composite decking without drilling a single hole. DECK-LOC anchors secure in seconds by simply turning the clamps until they lock under the deck boards. Removing them for storage is just as easy, leaving the pool deck pristine and unscarred β€” because the only hole in a customer's deck should be their pool, the company says. DECK-LOC is made from corrosion-resistant, 316 marine-grade stainless steel. | (800) LOC-LOOP



6 E 1019 Aq Tara Manufacturing Sm

Tara Manufacturing
Tara Manufacturing announces the Tara Laser II, a new pool measuring device that can measure a pool perimeter in as little as 3 1/2 minutes. It uses two powerful lasers to automatically scan the perimeter of a pool with up to 1/4 inch accuracy. The laser unit is placed on a tripod in the center of the pool and runs a 360-degree scan of the perimeter. Depending on the speed of the scan, the laser can measure up to 2,000 points in a single scan. It is controlled via an app that works on iOS devices. The app allows the user to level the laser, adjust the scan speed, monitor the scan and send the completed measurements and order information directly to Tara. | (866) 725-8272



6 A 1019 Aq Hydro Ther Hot Tubs Sm

HydroTher Hot Tubs
Since 1990, HydroTher Hot Tubs has been providing quality commercial hot tubs and mechanical packages. Manufactured from ultra-thick, one-piece acrylic, these fiberglass-reinforced hot tubs are designed to withstand the demands of heavily-used commercial installations. Five distinct models and sizes accommodate all installations and requirements. With the unique self-cleaning floor, wide-mouth skimmer and automatic water level controller, maintenance and cleaning are virtually effortless, the company says. Multiple safety suction fittings provide maximum circulation and safety. HydroTher Hot Tubs are shipped pre-plumbed and all piping is labeled for easy connection. | (800) 891-5811



6 D 1019 Aq Ramuc Specialty Pool Coatings Sm

Ramuc Specialty Pool Coatings
Ramuc's Type A2 premium rubber paint restores and upgrades previously painted and chlorinated rubber and synthetic rubber painted pools. Designed especially for VOC restricted areas, this self-priming product is easy to apply by roller or airless spray. The product's high-gloss finish makes it easy to clean. Formulated specifically to provide excellent hiding, coverage and protection β€” making pools look like new, the company says. Available in four colors: blue, white, grey and black for accents. It can also be used with Skid-Tex to create a non-slip finish on steps and shallow end areas. | (800) 745-6756



5 Y 1019 Aq Cal Flame Sm

Cal Flame
Cal Flame fireplaces provide a focal point for each outdoor living space and are handmade in the U.S. with functionality in mind, the company says. The fireplaces are built with a 26-gauge galvanized steel frame, chimney and protective cap that varies in length and shape depending on the model, as well as a 36-inch wide firebox with a stone arch. Its stainless-steel burner emits 55,000 BTUs of heat and comes standard with a battery-powered electronic ignition with an on/off switch. Fuel the fireplace throughout the evening with liquid propane or natural gas, eliminating the use of matches or wires. | (800) 225-7727



6 B 1019 Aq Natural Chemistry Sm

Natural Chemistry
Natural Chemistry is pleased to announce a new product known as Spa Stain and Scale. This new product protects spas from the damaging effects of scale buildup and staining due to excessive calcium, iron, copper and other minerals. It works without the use of phosphates or harsh acids. Spa Stain and Scale also works to prevent scale from forming on salt generator cells to help maintain optimum performance. Spa Stain and Scale is a part of Natural Chemistry's new, high-end line of spa water care. | (800) 753-1233



5 X 1019 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. is pleased to offer Invis-A-Rope on all of its automatic pool covers. Unlike the industry's white and multi-colored ropes, the powerful Invis-A-Rope is made from shadow gray fibers that blend and hide inside its low-profile track. Consumers cannot see the rope from as close as 4 feet away, making it ten times less visible than competitor's ropes, the company says. Invis-A-Rope comes with a five-year warranty when purchased with a new system. Made in the U.S. | (800) 878-5789



Ovv 1119 Aq Skimbot Sm

Skimbot is a new pool cleaner that uses stored energy from the sun to automatically remove leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils and other debris from a pool's surface. Skimbot runs continuously through the day and night in a variety of pools to remove 90% of floating surface debris before they sink and decay. With Bluetooth integrating capabilities, not only can users control the robot manually using an Android or iOS device, but they also can check pool temperature, battery status, charging wattage and usage settings. Reduce your carbon footprint and wear and tear on other pool equipment.



Oqq 1119 Aq Cal Spas Sm

Cal Spas
Cal Spas introduces a brand new spa model, the Escape EC-740. The Escape EC-740 is a 7-foot spa, complete with 40 exclusive Velocity jets. It seats up to six adults and is available in lounge or bench-style seating. Its Touch1 control panel is fully-colored and intuitive for an easy user experience. It also comes with a curved cascade LED waterfall, Y-pillows and a perimeter LED light package, among many more features. The pressure-treated cabinet frame comes in mahogany, smoke and mist. Additional items and accessories are available. | (800) CAL-SPAS



Oss 1119 Aq Outdoor Great Room Company Sm

Outdoor GreatRoom Company
The Axel Gas Fire Pit Table features an all-around, charcoal powder-coated steel construction. This unique design encompasses the popular elements of a rustic, industrial design with a simplistic, modern approach. The 16-inch Round Crystal Fire Burner is UL listed for safety and quality. It includes clear glass gems (lava rock and fire media sold separately) and a burner cover for a functional coffee table when the burner is not in use. An access door conceals a standard 20-pound liquid propane tank (setup for liquid propane but can be converted to natural gas with the included conversion kit). Glass wind guard, protection cover and other accessories sold separately. | (866) 303-4028



Ott 1119 Aq Pool Coolers Sm

Pool Coolers
The heavy-duty safety pool cover double coil spring from Pool Coolers is designed from strong, 8-gauge wire that securely holds pool safety covers in place throughout the winter. It is made from 304 noncorrosive-grade, rust-resistant stainless steel, to be used with extra stainless steel D-type bracket, to ensure heavy-duty tightening with rubber straps and trims and finally into brass anchors and concrete decks. | 281-633-0109



Ouu 1119 Aq Pool Water Purification Products Sm

Pool Water Purification Products
STILL-H2O is a chemical-free, engineered, continuous flow water conditioner designed to eliminate salt-based water softeners, under-sink reverse osmosis drinking water systems and contaminated pool refill water. The company says, "Your water softener backwashes large quantities of salt brine to the sewer...or it doesn't. Your under-sink, RO drinking water system wastes large quantities of source water...or it doesn't. Your swimming pool, refill system contaminates your pool water...or it doesn't. If your things do, try ours. It doesn't." | (928) 230-8343



Orr 1119 Aq Sta Rburst Sm

O-Ryan Industries
O'Ryan Industries, a leader in manufacturing superior lighting for spas and pools since 1981, offers the STARburst color changing system. At the touch of a button, set the light for one of six gorgeous colors or allow the STARburst to gradually move from one color to the next. Available in a 10 LED Sync (an ideal companion for smaller spas and jetted bathtubs) and a 28 LED Sync (perfect for larger spas and aboveground pool systems). | (800) 426-4311



Oww 1119 Aq Thursday Pools Sm

Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools now offers the Thursday Pools Wet Tour. The new marketing tool is a series of videos in which consumers can see actual people sitting, standing, swimming and playing in the pool, viewed from underwater. The Wet Tour features a typical family ranging in height from just under 4 feet to just over 6 six feet tall. This tool is designed to help close pool sales and to make consumers comfortable with how it will feel inside their future pool. | (877) 929-POOL



Oxx 1119 Aq Black Oak Foundry Sm

Black Oak Foundry
Black Oak Foundry's newest addition to its line of top-quality brass, bronze and copper water features is the Short Square Scupper. Cast from bronze, this scupper features a brass plate set inside the scupper that diverts the water to the bottom of the feature and creates a flat layer of water while hiding the water feed in the rear. It provides a solid contemporary look that's sure to impress. Available with a brass back plate β€” or without for a more compact look. | (949) 305-7372



Okk 1119 Aq Sm

Waterway's new Micro Jet offers the most versatile jetting system with an endless variety of options, the company says. Designed for both lower cost and ease of installation, along with multiple body and color choices, this micro-sized jet can be used as a water feature or an air injector with an amazing performance. And, with LED and stainless steel versions, it's up to your imagination to discover the endless usages. | (805) 981-0262


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