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Bullfrog Spas recently released Design Studio, an online configurator that allows consumers to create a live 3-D spa model unique to them right from their mobile or desktop devices. The program replaces the company's former configurator, SpaDesign.

"We made major improvements in this new configurator," says Jake Ricks, director of marketing at Bullfrog Spas, "with the big one being the use of 3-D technologies. The user can produce a 3-D model that is photo-real, can rotate the spa and view it from all angles."

Because consumers now live in a digital age, Bullfrog Spas sees the vast majority of its traffic through the company's website, so it was important to create a program that functions much better on mobile devices than the previous experience.


Design Studio gives consumers the ability to configure key features of their spa, starting with the spa model. They can choose their luxury class (high, mid-range or entry-level), person capacity and if they want lounge seats. Next, the user moves to the spa's surface offerings, with options for a solid or marble finish, standard or premium cabinets.

After the aesthetic fits the user's style, they then move on to step four: JetPacks. Consumers can choose from 16 different JetPacks, from deep relief to rain shower to neck massage. They can even customize the color of each JetPack as it is placed into the 3-D spa on the screen. Accessories are available at the end.

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With the spa configured to their liking, they enter some basic contact information to receive an MSRP price quote. "The MSRP price on the spa they configure, that is pretty unique to us in our industry," says Ricks. "The feedback on providing a starting price point has been very positive."


After the user has designed their spa, the information is passed on to a local dealer, who then has the unique opportunity to follow-up.

"It has definitely increased the number of leads we are generating in drastic margins," says Ricks. "Contrary to the leads dealers often get from manufacturers, these leads are very high-quality, and our dealers are able to close at a very high rate."

Since the program's start-up date in April, Ricks says that dealers with a finely-tuned lead management process are closing, on average, at a rate as high as 40%.


As the technology for 3-D functionality continues to get better, the Bullfrog Spas team will make adjustments to the software. They also plan to update the configurator to allow homeowners to place their spa model directly in their backyard through the use of augmented reality. The company will also create a dedicated version just for dealers.

“We don’t think that the configurator will ever replace shopping in-store,” says Ricks. “It is a nice bridge between getting some basic information online and the actual in-store experience.”

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