‘Pool Chasers’ Podcast Seeks to Inform and Entertain

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Two years ago, Tyler Rasmussen and Greg Villafana were two service guys with a dream of educating and inspiring other professionals in the pool business, and they decided podcasts were the way to do it. A podcast would allow service pros to learn while keeping their hands free for driving or cleaning pools or replacing filters.

“It allows them to work on their business, while working in their business as well,” says Villafana. “We found it difficult to find information when we started our business six years ago and wanted to make it easier for others to have access to some of the greatest minds in the industry. The podcast allows them to learn from the successes and failures of others and hopefully that will help them avoid making some of those same mistakes themselves.”

In less than two years, the “Pool Chasers” have produced nearly 50 podcasts covering a wide range of topics for pool and spa professionals. In that short span, the pair report that the response has been far greater than they ever expected.

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“The response has been amazing,” says Rasmussen. “We had a vision for the podcast and the community and it has exceeded most of those expectations. We are very honored to be the voice of this amazing community. We have received thousands of responses from people in all aspects of the industry telling us that the podcast has helped them in some shape or form. We take this role very seriously and each comment we get motivates us to continue to provide the best content possible. We do not take it for  granted and are very excited to see what the future holds for all the Pool Chasers out there.”

The project has been so successful that last December Rasmussen and Villafana quit working at their service jobs and now devote their efforts full time to producing the podcast. “Each podcast episode can take between 20-30 hours to produce,” Villafana explains. “This includes setting up the interview, studying, recording, editing, social media content, launching the episode and much more. It takes a lot of work to produce high quality audio, which we have been focused on from the start. It is our full-time job and we are dedicated to providing the best content possible.”

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