2019 AQUA 100 Winner: Nejame & Sons

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"We put a lot of effort and work into ensuring the best experience possible for our customers when they walk through our doors."
—Tom Nejame
Partner, Nejame & Sons

The story of Nejame & Sons is a classic American tale of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps and achieving the American Dream. It begins in 1921 when Thomas and Lillian Nejame opened a grocery store on a corner of South Street in Danbury, Conn. The store would fall on hard times during the Great Depression and, eventually, the food rationing of WWII, but the Nejame family — and the business — held on.

Through the years, as the needs of the family changed, so too did the company. The Nejames later pivoted to hardware, and finally, to the pool and spa industry.

Today, nearly 100 years and three generations later, Thomas, Edward Jr. and Gregory Nejame are business partners who serve thousands of families in New York and Connecticut. And it doesn't stop there.

"Our family's fourth generation is currently serving customers with the same passion as their ancestors," says Ed Nejame Jr., partner at Nejame & Sons.

Nejame & Sons is a storied part of the Danbury area, and has been profiled in several local publications. In addition, the company is known as an industry leader with dozens of honors from NESPA, NSPI and APSP.

Just as their parents and grandparents did, the Nejame brothers have made sure to evolve to stay current and profitable. They have adopted software to streamline operations and use on 3-D design renderings to impress clients. Drone footage and time lapses are screened on iPads during the sales process, and Facebook has become an essential marketing tool.

These advances aside, the Nejame brothers never lose sight of their family's past. On the wall of their water lab is the phrase credited to their father, Ed Nejame Sr.: "Take care of your customers and they will take care of you."


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