2019 AQUA 100 Winner: My Aquatic Services

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"If we have made one person's day better, we have succeeded. If we bring one family together, we have succeeded. If we can ease someone's pain, we have succeeded."
—Troy Derheim
Owner, My Aquatic Services

My Aquatic Services is a full-service pool and spa company with big dreams. For proof, look no further than their motto: "Making Your Community Dreams a Reality." "We create lifelong relationships by finding solutions, providing support and enhancing our consumers' lifestyles," Derheim says.

On a business level, that starts with above-and-beyond customer service. For example, My Aquatic Services has a 24-hour helpline for those in need of immediate advice — and with the Midwest's harsh winters, such problems can and will arise.

"This extension of our service provides customers with peace of mind, knowing we are always there for them," Derheim says.

Derheim is also someone who puts his money where is mouth is. My Aquatic Services donates to, and is a member of, dozens of local organizations, nonprofits and charities. In his AQUA 100 application, he listed more than 60 organizations he has helped support, from local baseball teams and schools to the American Cancer Society.

"We love to give back to those that make us a successful business," he says. "Our future goals include the continuation of our commitment to community involvement."

Derheim is also taking matters into his own hands by starting his own nonprofit, Aquatics Empowered, which is intended to help rural communities gain access to aquatic therapy. Ultimately, he envisions Aquatics Empowered will become a platform to connect those who live in underserved communities with facility owners and other aquatics professionals, and learn more about how they can bring aquatic therapy to their area.

"The nonprofit will decrease drownings, help small communities retain residents by providing a reason for families to stay, increase life longevity through minimal impact exercise, rehabilitate old and young and elevate quality of life," he says.

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