Pentair Scores a Touchdown with the Minnesota Vikings

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If you've gone to Minneapolis to watch the Vikings play at the U.S. Bank Stadium, you may have noticed something familiar: Pentair logos.

The partnership between Pentair and the Vikings started on the ground floor. As a Founding Partner and Official Sustainable Water Partner of the Minnesota Vikings, Pentair works to minimize bottled water use at the stadium and educate visitors about Pentair's water technology in an effort to address global water scarcity and quality issues.

The company filters water from the nearby Mississippi River, not only for the stadium, but also for more than 500,000 residents in the surrounding metropolitan community.

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Part of the stadium presence is the Pentair Living Wall. Located on the Lower Level Concourse, the wall educates fans on Pentair's Aquaponics Technology, a way to grow organic produce by utilizing nutrients provided in fi sh waste. This way of urban farming, when done correctly, uses a fraction of the water needed in traditional farming methods.

The Wall is made up of 545 plants, varying from mixes of basil, mint and lettuce to pothos pearls and jade. The herbs are from St. Paul-based Urban Organics and stand alongside transparent LCD light box screens that share information on Aquaponics. An impressive 112 gallons of water are recirculated (with help from the Pentair UV Sterilizer EU25U) approximately once an hour. Though not for consumption, the wall is a great educational tool and demonstrates sustainability in an urban environment.

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