Giving Thanks Year-Round Can Help Business


Gratitude should not stop after Thanksgiving is over. In fact, we should be giving thanks all year-round, especially business owners. According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, showing gratitude can strengthen business relationships, extend goodwill and even re-establish one’s brand.

Here are ways employers can best say “thank you” to their customers and employees to benefit business.


Customers, new or old, help to shape business systems and operations. They are the heart of any business, so thanking them is never a bad idea. Nicole Wisniewski writes three ways business owners can thank their customers:

1. Send thank-you cards. In today’s high-tech world, paper thank-you notes stand out.

2. Offer a discount. A thank-you discount to current customers is a great way to show appreciation. Or offer a referral discount to current customers who provide a new client.

3. Offer a gift. Send a small gift to clients during the holidays to thank them for their business.


Thanking your staff can help them to be motivated and work harder, which keeps customers coming back for more. Plus, employees who feel appreciated and respected are more likely to cement long-term working relationships. Here are three ideas to thank employees:

1. Throw a party. Acknowledge employees’ accomplishments with a party full of their favorite foods.

2. Close early. Let everyone go home early before a holiday.

3. Give out bonuses. Even a small bonus during a busy time can be enough for employees to power through.

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