Vocal About Being Local


Every year as the holidays approach the airwaves are awash with ads touting sales and special hours at the world’s retailing giants. But smarter shoppers know going to Best Buy isn’t the best idea of you really care about your community, and that Target isn’t what to aim for if you want to keep your money circulating locally. People do care about these things, but they need a little prompting to look beyond the media blitz and patronize the mom-and-pop stores that make up shrinking share of holiday sales.

We came across a piece in Entrepreneur that offers advice on making the most of Small Business Saturday, an event created by American Express to shine a spotlight on the little guys at a time when the big guys are trying to crowd them off the stage. Here’s to hoping the idea catches on and that shoppers realize how they spend their money can be as important as how much of it they spend.

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