Let’s Get (Aqua)Physical

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A new workout trend is taking over Europe: FloatFit, a class that requires participants to conduct their usual workout routine on water. Or, to put it more precisely, on top of the water.

The company behind FloatFit classes is AquaPhysical, which invented and sells the AquaBase, an inflatable exercise mat used to float on the water. FloatFit classes use the mats in the water to help improve core strength and balance — as you might expect, balance can be tricky, and falling into the pool is par for the course.

FloatFit classes premiered in July 2015 and have since expanded from London to the rest of Europe, with Hamburg, Germany and Budapest, Hungary now offering classes.

Interested Americans may not have to wait very long to try it themselves. Instructor training is already taking place, and New York City's TMPL Gym already offers classes based on FloatFit principals.

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