2017 Vinyl Liner Patterns: Sparkle, Mosaics and Pebbles

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What’s new in the vinyl liner world? A lot, in fact. Take a look at this year’s new and bestselling liners and you’ll find everything from rustic mosaic looks and geometric patterns to designs that literally sparkle.

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LOOP-LOC is poised to reignite the revolution it created when it debuted the exclusive PearlEssence line with an exciting new addition: Shimmering SeaWaves. It's the first fully embossed vinyl liner infused with iridescent inks that glitter and sparkle. Shimmering SeaWaves is a lively, playful pattern that's quite simply invigorating just to look at. Add a fresh, new look and feel to any backyard oasis with this brilliant addition to the LOOP-LOC line.
looploc.com | (800) LOC-LOOP



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Tara Liners
Homeowners love customizing their pool's new liner pattern with Tara's tile options. A popular trend right now is the no-tile option, which gives the pool a clean look, similar to gunite finishes. Tara's tan pebble patterns (pictured) are excellent examples of this option. Tara offers two tile-free patterns, so this popular look comes at no extra charge. All of Tara's patterns are made from vinyl produced in the United States, which offers superior performance and durability. They also come with a 20-year warranty that provides five years of full-replacement coverage at no extra charge.
taraliners.com | 256-725- 2500



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Pegasus Products
Pegasus Products' new Luminous pattern was inspired by the look of hand-laid tile and stone for a contemporary look your customers will love. The pattern features a modern palette of earthy blues flanked by a textured grey "stone" that complements the pool's surroundings and gives the water a bright blue hue. All Pegasus liners are made from virgin vinyl with inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae. These and other additives are designed to increase the life of the liner by increasing resistance to chemicals, decreasing brittleness and improving resistance to punctures.
pegasus-products.com | (908) 707-1122



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McEwen Industries
Homeowners with discriminating tastes will line up to have this elegant pattern installed in their pools. Old-world architectural details and beautiful stonework will automatically bring a sophisticated look to the backyard. Whether you are working with simple concrete or bluestone decking, this liner will complete the look of the pool. This full-27-mil liner is another McEwen exclusive.
mcewenindustries.com | (704) 365-8070



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Garrett Liners
Garrett Vinyl Liners add classic beauty and a modern flair to any pool. All liners are custom designed and manufactured to fit "just right" from vinyl made only in the U.S. and Canada. Garrett's 2017 liner collection is filled with traditional, bold, modern patterns that allow your customers to express their personal style and enhance the beauty of their backyard, the company says.
garrettliners.com | (800) 222-3650



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Latham Pool Products
Latham Pool Products, a leading manufacturer of pool supplies, announces an expanded pattern offering for 2017. All new patterns feature Latham's exclusive Ultra-Seam technology, which makes vinyl liner floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. Also new for 2017 is Latham's new 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. (For details, visit lathampool.com/satisfactionguarantee.) Finally, Latham introduces a new homeowner rebate program designed to help you sell more liners and covers. Qualifying liner/safety cover purchases are eligible for a $200 rebate.
lathampool.com | (800) 833-3800



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GLI is excited to introduce Madison into its Deep Blue Sea Collection. Whether you want to create the perfect nautical backdrop or emulate an aquatic experience, typically reserved for private yacht passengers, you will love this beautiful oceanic option. Take a plunge into the deep blue sea with this sparkling selection, just one of the many offered in GLI's collection.
glipoolproducts.com | (800) 448-2343



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Merlin Industries
With 40 patterns available along with additional solid and patterned options, Merlin has a vinyl liner that will enhance any new pool project — or bring life back into an existing poolscape. With a variety of styles printed on different colors of vinyl, Merlin has a liner to complement any backyard. Included in the 2017 collection are 5 Aqua-Max patterns (two of which are pictured) — a truly pool-owner-friendly vinyl liner with 20 percent higher UV resistance and 25 percent longer life expectancy than standard liners. The company is introducing 16 new patterns for 2017.
merlinindustries.com | (800) 289-1836



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Imperial Pools
Imperial Pools introduces its Napa Estates/Brilliant Bahama interior pool finish. The exclusive Imperial pattern is set on an electric blue base film, giving poolwater a deep, dark blue appearance. This is complemented by a beautiful, Italian-style mosaic pattern, depicted in a captivating range of blue hues. Available in 20 and 27 mil.
imperialpools.com | (518) 786-1200



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Ocean Blue Water Products
Ocean Blue has always been a leader in innovative pool liner design — for proof, just take a look at its Boulder Beach, Stoney Bay, Crystal Diamond and Crystal Wave patterns. Made from virgin vinyl, all of Ocean Blue's exclusive liner designs feature vibrant colors and incredible detail. Extremely durable, these liners are fade-, scratch- and wrinkle-resistant, and UV inhibitors provide additional protection against damage from sunlight, bacteria and chemicals. Each liner comes with a full 15-year warranty, and reinforced packaging ensures it will arrive damage free.
oceanbluewaterproducts.com | (866) 533-2583



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Crafted from a thick, 60 mil, custom-textured, reinforced PVC material, the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell offers an effective solution to solve problems such as leaks, rough concrete and structural cracks in the renovation of residential pools. The material is applied on-site to make pools watertight. Works effectively on pools constructed of concrete, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. Durable, flexible, low-maintenance and watertight, this product provides a textured, nonabrasive, slip-resistant surface that is pore-free for ease of maintenance.
renosys.com |(800) 783-7005



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Pen Fabricators
Pen Fabricators, manufacturers of custom and replacement vinyl swimming pool liners and pool covers, is offering a new one-of-a-kind vinyl pool liner pattern for 2017: Granada Tile with Barbados floor. Printed on a brilliant blue background, this unique pattern uses classic overlays to create a modern look based on traditional tile designs. The new material will gives pools a modern feel and richly colored water.
www.penfab.com | (800) 359- 5350



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Renegade Royal uses delicate artistry and inks to create an amazingly intricate tile border for swimming pools. The tile border is combined with an equally impressive, life-like pebble floor that uses the latest in 3-D printing technology to give the vinyl liner the look of a true pebble bottom pool. Designed for builders and installers of vinyl swimming pool liners, the Renegade Royal will help sell more pool liners and make more profit on each installation.
i2m.us.com | (800) 242-3909


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