Winter is Coming: 2016 Winterizing Product Roundup

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As "Game of Thrones" famously proclaimed, "winter is coming." And while summer is still in full swing, winter is indeed on the way for the pool and spa industry as well — and that means it's time for industry pros to prepare for winterizing.

For many, that means talking to customers about winter pool covers. Start early if you can — now that winterizing season is here, cover manufacturers are in their high season, meaning orders can take a little more time to fulfill. (Starting early also means you can spread out the work on your end, which can prevent the long days that come with winterizing season.)

Of course, proper winterizing doesn't end with the pool cover. The water can be treated to prevent staining and scaling, plumbing can be evacuated and skimmers sealed off, just to name a few. While there can be a lot involved in a pool closing, there are dozens of products available to help make it go quickly — while also ensuring a smooth opening come spring. Below, you can take a look at just a sampling of the winterizing products on the market right now:


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Anchor Industries
Anchor introduces a super-strong solid vinyl replacement upgrade for competitors' "cross web" style or grid pattern solid vinyl and mesh covers. This 14 oz. coated vinyl wears longer than laminated vinyl, the company says, and is mildew resistant and easy to clean. No cross webbing eliminates stitching for superior strength. Spring-loaded tensioning pulls tight for a smooth look. Tension paddles tested over 3,400 pounds of tensile strength. Limited 10-year warranty. | (812) 867-2421



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Merlin Industries
Merlin says its standard mesh – Dura Mesh II – has the best combination of sunlight shading, abrasion resistance, tear strength, and burst strength of any other standard mesh cover on the market. In addition, Merlin says its patented SmartMesh safety cover changed the direction of the safety cover industry when it became the first and only mesh material to provide 100 percent shade from sunlight and offer 40- micron filtration of debris. Less sunlight and less debris mean less algae growth during the off-season and quicker, easier springtime openings. | (800) 289-1836



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Jack's Magic
Jack's Magic's The Magenta Stuff protects pool surfaces against staining and scaling all winter long. This fast-acting, long-lasting sequestrate controls metals and plaster dust, making it an ideal winterizing product for established pools and newly plastered pools. With a formula 50 percent stronger than leading products, The Magenta Stuff is highly effective in all pool sanitizer systems including salt (chlorine) generator systems. | (727) 536-4500



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Ocean Blue Water Products
Ocean Blue Water Products offers two models of electric winter cover pumps: the Cover Pump 350 and the Automatic Cover Pump 350. These cover pumps help maintain proper pool cover water levels by pumping water off at a rate of 350 gallons per hour. The Automatic cover pump powers on and off automatically when water levels get too high or too low. The cover pumps are completely submersible, clog resistant and with only one moving part, are easy to maintain. Each pump comes with a standard garden hose fitting and an extra-long 25-foot power cord. | (866) 533-BLUE



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LOOP-LOC Safety Swimming Pool Covers are the only pool covers strong enough to stand up to just about anything Mother Nature has to offer, says the manufacturer. LOOP-LOC's covers are built super strong with high-quality materials and superior workmanship, the company says. Securely anchored into the deck, a LOOP-LOC safety cover puts an unbreakable "lock" on a customer's pool. The company's exclusive computer-aided design ensures a perfect fit for any shape or size of pool. Covers exceed ASTM standards and are UL-certified. | (800) 562-5667



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Imperial Pools Distribution
Imperial Pools Distribution now offers its BASOC Elements Closing Kit, premeasured for easy application. The kits are packaged to treat 15,000 or 30,000 gallons of water, and are designed for all pool types and all chlorine systems, including salt generators. Compatible with virtually any chemical brand. BASOC Elements is part of Imperial's overall chemical program, which offers chemicals, merchandising and training. | (800) 444-9977



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Starting this year, all GLI Safety Covers will be branded with a laser-etched, stainless-steel tag with the option of including your company's contact information on custom safety covers. Personalize up to four lines of information, specifically tailored for your business. No more lost sales or service when homeowners move; the new owners will be able to easily find where the cover came from and when a cover was made. Plus, these tags will include the covers born-on-date and a re-order number for GLI's design team to use as a reference for future replacements. | (800) 448-2343



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The Skimmer Plug has quickly become the top choice for winterizing above- and inground skimmers, the company says. The patented Skimmer Plug fits OEM skimmers without the need to replace the original faceplate and serves as a replacement for Aquador or SkimSaver Lid'L Seal snap-on lids. No tools are required, and there's no need to lower the water level — simply insert the plug into skimmer opening to create a watertight seal, guaranteed. Models available to fit most every vinyl or fiberglass skimmer. | (800) 630-2456



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McEwen Industries
McEwen Safety Covers can be custom built to fit any size or shape pool, and can accommodate any custom features the pool may have. McEwen offers three types of material, with Super Solid being the strongest, yet lightest material on the market, the company says. Super Solid is offered in green, blue and tan colors. McEwen offers quick and accurate quotes as well as effortless anchor matching. | (704) 365-8070



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Available in five different models, the SkimSaver Lid'L Seal fits the most popular standard and wide-mouth aboveground and inground skimmers. The Lid'L Seal allows you to drain your skimmer, not your pool, protecting metal pool walls from corrosion year round. In addition, the recessed lid design prevents shifting ice from removing the lid and causing costly freeze damage to the skimmer. The optional Skimmer Guard is available for use during the summer season as well. | (941) 371-3732



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Latham Pool Products
The new Latham 9000MX series safety cover is 20 percent stronger than any other cover on the market, the company says. Backed with a 25-year warranty, Latham safety covers provide the peace of mind that a pool is not only protected against accidental intrusion, but is also protected against all that nature can dish out. Every cover includes heavy-duty hardware for installation and is backed by Latham and its 60 years of experience. | (800) 833-3800



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Raised spas and multi-level pools present their own unique challenges. Meyco's custom Step Cut design hugs every corner for a custom fit without any unsightly gap fillers for a clean, professional, aesthetically pleasing look when the pool is closed for the winter months, the company says. No more struggling with messy up-and-over applications. Meyco's Step Cut design fits securely in front and around each step and around multi-level hardscapes to eliminate cover wear and tear from rubbing against rough edges. Plus, the patented Polyguard barrier means no gapping, which prevents leaves and debris from sneaking in. | (800) 446-3926



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Tara Manufacturing
Ordering safety covers and accessories is easy with Tara's online order system, Tara 24/7. You can get quotes instantly, place orders any time of day and track your orders right to your door. Register a free account at Strong and durable, Tara Safety Covers come with heavy-duty single coil springs at no extra charge. Additional features include free custom labels that link your company to the safety covers you install. Tara also offers your customers a free storage pouch to protect their safety cover bag all winter. It ships at no charge when they register their warranty. | (256) 725-2500



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SeaKlear's new winterizing kit contains everything your customers need for an easy pool closing in one easy-to-merchandise box. The kit includes SeaKlear Free & Klear, a three-in-one product that removes phosphates, eliminates oil and controls scum; SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention & Remover; and SeaKlear Metal Klear to prevent metals from staining surfaces. In the spring, simply flip the box around for a Spring Start Up kit. Each kit treats up to 20,000 gallons. | (866) 995-5327



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Marketing World Pool Products
Winterizing with the Ultra Gizzmo makes it possible to blow filter lines clear without lowering the pool water level, the company says. That means you conserve water, which prolongs the life of the pool cover while protecting the environment from chemical waste. | (802) 655-8941



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Solid or mesh, custom or standard, WaterWarden covers by SmartPool are constructed from the highest quality laminated PVC or durable woven recreational PP fabrics. SmartPool combines the latest in automated computerized cutting technology with old-world craftsmanship in the production of every WaterWarden cover. All covers are triple stitched with full strapping throughout the top and bottom of the cover. In addition, all covers are U.V.-protected, mildew-resistant and temperature-proofed to minus 40 degrees. Stock covers (136 to choose from) ship within 24 hours or less and custom covers within three business days. | (732) 730-9880



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Garrett Safety Covers
Garrett Safety Covers offer unmatched performance, protection and peace of mind. Made of the highest-quality materials and featuring a triple-stitched, double-webbing system, your custom fit safety cover withstands harsh weather conditions and provides a tamper-resistant barrier to protect children, pets and wildlife from the dangers of an unsecured pool. All hardware is made in the USA of non-corrosive brass and stainless steel. Available in 12 styles and colors. | (800) 222-3650



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G&P Tools offers the Kreepy Krauly Valve & Fitting Tool Set. This two-piece tool set easily pops out even the tightest regulator valve and is designed to drop into the spikes, giving professionals the ability to turn the fitting out. In addition, the long handle allows hands to stay above the opening, making turning easier. | (573) 431-6998



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Natural Chemistry
Pool Magic + Phosfree is designed to make pool closings faster and easier, which helps pool professionals reduce costs by saving time during the winterizing season. The product uses naturally based enzymes to break down leftover non-living waste from the pool season and reduce off-season scum lines. Pool Magic +Phosfree also removes problem-causing phosphates. | (800) 753-1233



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The Cover Company
The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with "E-Z adjust" locking pieces for quick installation. For extra durability they use Tenara thread made by Gortex in high stress points. Tough-to-fit water features, including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles, are handled with ease. The Cover Company asks that builders looking for a quote should fax or email a drawing. | (908) 707-1122



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Pen Fabricators
Pen Fabricators' Heavy-Duty Water Bags are ideal for weighing down and maintaining winter cover placement. The bags are offered in both 8-foot and 10-foot lengths and measure 12 inches wide; single and double spouts are available and feature a large, 1 ½ inch spout for easy filling. Water bags can also be used in the spring during vinyl liner installations on steps, sun decks and other specialty pool liner sections, the company says. Available for immediate shipment. | (800) 359-5350



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RicoRock, makers of cast concrete rock for use in waterfalls, stairs, decks and landscaping applications, now provides threaded inserts for eye-bolts and cables to secure safety covers to waterfalls, grottos and rocks made by the company. These inserts are custom placed at the factory, making it easy for future safety cover installation. Inserts can also be drilled into surrounding deck and coping as needed. Rico Rock designed these to ensure the best, most secure placement of eye-bolts and cables for safety covers without worrying about causing damage to rock treatment. | (888) 717-3100



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Fox Pool Corporation
The Fox Lock-In Cover System allows the cover to lock into Fox's exclusive Foxite II Coping for a neater appearance. No water bags are required. With 20-mil vinyl sidewalls for extra strength and 12-mil vinyl across the pool, this three-year limited warranty cover will keep your customer's pool protected all winter long. In addition, the Fox system will cut heating costs, keep pools cleaner and cut down on chemical usage by reducing evaporation. | (800) 723-1011



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Little Giant
The Little Giant APCP-1700 pool cover pump is designed and certified specifically to be used on pool covers. The pump's unique design gives added stability, while its weight is ideal for attracting water. A side discharge allows for optimal water removal and provides less of a risk for kinks in the hose. The built-in handle makes it easier to carry and place on the cover, and the integrated float switch automatically activates in approximately 2 inches of water. The APCP-1700 can move up to 1700 gallons per hour and comes with an adapter that fits all standard garden houses. | (800) 701-789



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Protect your swimming pool in the winter with the complete CMP line of winterizing accessories for both inground and aboveground pools. The company's line of products includes winterizing tubes, assorted plugs and the easy-to-use Leaf Trap. For extra savings, don't miss out on the annual winter product early buy for CMP customers and distributors. | (800) 733-9060



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Spec Chem Direct
Spec Chem Direct offers a powerful new four-month algaecide — the first of its kind — for the winterizing of pools. This commercial-strength product prevents all types of algae blooms, acts fast and lasts longer than traditional algaecides, the company says. The no-foam formula allows swimmers to jump in in the pool right after treatment without waiting. Available for immediate shipment to brick-and-mortar dealers throughout the U.S. | (253) 277-3143



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Anderson Manufacturing
Delivering 670 watts of power, the Big Blue blower is strong enough to evacuate main drains and multiple return lines in seconds, the company says. The familiar "no-frills" design with an upgraded Ametek motor ensures that Big Blue will be appreciated by those familiar with early model "Mighty Vac" blowers. This blower is approved for use with Winter Duck Plugs and is an essential tool for increasingly popular "no drain" winterizations, in which the water level is kept above the return fittings. Blower fitting accepts standard 1 1/2-inch vacuum hose with a locking pin and also includes an adaptor for 1 1/2-inch pipe. | (800) 348-1316



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Water Tech
Water Tech's Pool Blaster Skimmer Vac is a hydraulic, easy-to-use manual device that effortlessly removes and pumps out debris from virtually any pool skimmer basket, protecting hands from contact with leaves, twigs, insects, rodents and other "untouchables." Ideal for use when closing pools or throughout the winter when pools are open but not in use, debris is instantly removed and sealed in a watertight compartment without the need to remove the basket itself. | (800) 298-8800



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ProTeam offers a simple, one-step product to help protect pool surfaces from staining and scaling over the winter. The new-and-improved formula features ProTeam Sub-Zero Crystals for added protection against common winterizing problems and provides added water softeners that make pool openings easier. Treats up to 15,000 gallons with a single application. | (800) 333-0400



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Frank Wall Enterprises
The 3.0 HP Cyclone is one of the most powerful blower/vac on the market today, the company says. The Cyclone's powerful two-stage motor can generate a sealed pressure of water lift and an open flow of 130 cfm, which is more than enough power to winterize a 9-foot-deep pool or suck back a liner on a cold spring day. A completely redesigned plastic housing offers a 4-inch inlet with protective filter screen and a standard 1 1/2-inch threaded outlet to allow for multiple PVC fittings. | (800) 488-9146



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When your customers know how to care for their pool through the winter, they'll be delighted with how easy pool opening is in the spring. Unlike many kits, the GLB Pool Closing Kit has three components: Oxy-Brite non-chlorine shock oxidizer, Algimycin winter2, algaecide and Sequa-Sol sequestering agent. | (800) 445-2059



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The Pool Pillow Pal
The Pool Pillow Pal is a device that connects an air pillow to the winter pool cover and keeps it securely centered all winter long without ropes or ties. No more struggling to center the pillow and no more guessing how much rope to use — just attach the specially designed patches and you're done.



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Aqua Group
Aqua Group introduces the Bungee Plug, the only blow-out plug you'll ever need, the company says. When pressure is applied, the Bungee strap stretches to allow water or air to flow freely. When pressure is relieved, the bungee strap instantly retreats and seals with a unique triple O-ring seal. The technology is so reliable, it can even be used as a hydrostatic relief valve at any depth or a multi-directional return fitting. | (800) 492-9563


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