Hot Tub + Hammock = Total Relaxation

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For decades, consumers have faced an agonizing choice: Whether to swing in the gentle breezes of summer in a hammock? Or slip into the hot relaxing waters of a spa.

Thankfully, that ordeal is finally over. For now there's the HydroHammock — a hammock that lets you soak in the sweet melting waters of a spa while suspended above the ground. It's a go-anywhere hot tub haven! Mostly. Well, to some extent.

The HydroHammock is a sealed hammock made from high-tensile fabric that will hold two full-size adults and up to 50 gallons of hot water, which may not sound like all that much but is ample to provide a full immersion experience.

You stretch the HydroHammock between two appropriate stanchions — perhaps trees, perhaps boulders along either side of a raging river, then you fill it with water and hop in. That's all there is to it.

Making the water spa-hot can be something of a challenge, however. If you have a convenient source such as a hot water tap, that's great. Otherwise, you are going to have to improvise something using kettles and a campfire, or you may want to purchase the optional portable heating/filtration/recirculation system, which heats water from any source, such as a garden hose or perhaps a nearby lake or river, and keeps the water hot and recirculating while you soak.

Like many of the offbeat and unusual items found in the pages of Waterfront, The HydroHammock is being promoted on Kickstarter. The single-layer HydroHammock 1 is listed at a pledge level of $280, and the double-layer HydroHammock 2 starts at $390. Portable heating/filtration/recirculation system sold separately for $920.

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