Game On: Top 10 Pool Games

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Photo courtesy Inter-Fab
Photo courtesy Inter-Fab

1. Marco Polo — Blind Man's Bluff in a pool. Named after a 13th century Italian explorer who, after months of shambling down the hot, dusty Silk Road, needed a refreshing dip more than anyone. No peeking!

2. Pool Volleyball — Even more fun than regular volleyball because you stay cool and can dive without hurting yourself. Just watch out for that spike coming at your nose.

3. Chicken Fight! — Bareback slap wrestling in the shallow end. Ordinarily, it's hard to hold a full-size chicken fighter on your back. In the pool, bouyancy makes this possible.

4. Pool Basketball — The pool is the great equalizer here. A pool basketball player with a decent 3-point shot can beat Lebron James. (Might need a buddy hanging out behind the backboard.)

5. Human Whirlpool — Best in a small round aboveground. You walk in circles until you get a current going, then lie on your back and ride! Poor man's lazy river.

6. Sharks and Minnows — Great game if you have enough sharks and minnows. It's really just tag with a few caveats — but tag is the most classic game of all!

7. Cannonball! — The goal of competitive diving is to slip noiselessly into the water, like a dime into a pool of oil, without creating so much as a ripple. That's not what we want here.

8. Handstand Contest — See No. 3. This is really just another game enabled by buoyancy. Most people can't do a sustained handstand on dry land. In the pool, it's easy.

9. Best Belly Flop — Diving style competition for those who like a good sharp slap in the gut.

10. Treasure Hunt — Throw pennies into the deep end and watch the kids go after 'em. Want to up the ante? Try silver dollars!

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