7 Tips for Spa Cover and Lifter Sales

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When someone is considering a hot tub purchase, they're really focused on that lovely idea of relaxing in some steamy water. But as a retailer, it's your job to help your customers make the entire hot tub experience a relaxing one. In that respect, a hot tub cover or lifter is a priority. After all — how can a customer enjoy a hot tub after a wrestling match with a waterlogged cover?

We asked spa cover and lifter manufacturers to pass along their best sales advice to retailers. Here's what they said:

1. Display Them in the Showroom

"Dealers can really do themselves a huge service by installing cover lifters on their floor model spas. Oftentimes, removing and stowing large/bulky spa covers is viewed as the most cumbersome part about using the hot tub. Showing cover lifters can be a great way to not only put a buyer's mind at ease, but get them even more excited about their purchase."

— J.J. Bennett, Head of Shipping/Domestic Sales | Cover Valet

2. Make Them Part of the Experience

"Treat a cover/lifter as a much needed part of the spa experience. If you purchase a hybrid vehicle, but do not charge the electric pack, you will never get the best value out of your purchase. The same goes for purchasing a hot tub without a cover/lifter."

— Amanda Evans, Sales & Marketing Coordinator | PDC Spas

3. Target the Customer's Needs

"Often, covers and lifters are managed under the service department. Taking the time to understand the needs of each individual customer so that you can help them select the products that are right for their lifestyle, home and life situation can make the difference between selling more of these products or less of them. For example, does a customer have difficulty removing and replacing the cover? Would they benefit more from year round use of the hot tub, but are reluctant to use throughout the frigid winter and scorching summer sun?"

— James McClure, Director of Sales | Covana

4. Be Proactive About Accessories

"Since swim spas are seeing a major growth in sales, my best advice is to not do what most dealers do, which is hide the cover and hope the question on covers doesn't get asked. The result is often a disenchanted customer requesting you to remove the delivered swim spa, asking for a free lifter solution at your cost or simply remaining disenchanted and speaking poorly of you later. Or worse, you never create the sale because of the age-old mistake in closing a deal: the customer had an objection that they never raised and your sales presentation never addressed."

— Andy Tournas, President | Hot Tub Products

5. Offer Upgrades

"This can range from upgraded foam options, which are great for snow load or other extreme climate areas to cleaner and conditioner to protect a new cover and extend the life of the product."

— Sue Ann Sousa, Vice President of Sales | Sunstar Spa Covers

6. Include Them Online

"A strong presence for these products on your website is more important than ever. Make sure to highlight the products on your home page, with one-click navigation. We find most dealers bury these aftermarket products deep in the website. Embedding a video of the installed product on the home page is key to making more sales."

— James McClure

7. Tie it to a Spa Sale

"It's important to include the best lifter system in the price for each spa you are selling, especially swim spas. If they buy the swim spa at the quoted price, you'll have a happy customer that will rely on your advice on all other aftermarket products in the future, helping you build better customer relations and add profits. If you need to drop the price, it becomes an easy option to eliminate without damaging your profit margin. If they buy the swim spa at the discounted price without the lifter, it becomes an easy upgrade when you schedule a delivery or years later when they need a new cover. Best of all, you will have demonstrated to the customer that you care more about them buying the right product than just making the sale."

— Andy Tournas

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