July 2015 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products

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What's new this month in pool and spa products? Check out an 8-person portable spa, a line of stairs and benches for vinyl-liner pools, a green way to drain pool water and more.

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Sensorex's SAM-1 Smart Aqua Meter is now globally compatible with Android devices. Already popular with Apple iPhone and iPad users, the SAM-1 measures and records pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature values. With the release of the Android app, Android smartphone and tablet users (version 4.0 and newer) can replace cumbersome test kits and instead use the Smart Aqua Meter for quick, accurate measurements in residential and commercial pools and spas.
www.smartaquameter.com | (714) 895-4344



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Fabcote offers two new products to its line up of stairs and benches for in-ground, vinyl-liner swimming pools: new straight and radius in-pool benches. These new benches provide a place to rest within the pool. Created to meet demand by consumers looking to stay in their pool while relaxing or remain close to children swimming. Available in a straight or a radius curve to match freeform shaped pools. Benches also feature hydrotherapy jets.
www.fabcote.com | (800) 815-6083



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Upward LLC
Upward LLC's patent-pending EcoPoolDrain Fountain is environmentally friendly, economical, easy-to-install and a fun way to drain swimming pool water. The U.S. and Canada prohibit draining pool water into pathways or waterways, but the EcoPoolDrain Fountain sprays water in the air like a sprinkler, so water is gently absorbed into the soil without erosion or entrance into waterways. The product self-drains to avoid attracting insects or rodents, the company says, and it can be used as needed or left intact year-round. Now with new, eye-catching packaging.
www.ecopooldrain.com | (908) 415-9060



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Cal Spas
Cal Spas introduces the reimagined Connect 851 Bench Spa, the most spacious 8-foot spa on the market, the company says. The new model reflects years of progress from the company's Connect 850 Bench Spa and Connect 836 Bench Spa, both of which were retired to allow room for additional upgraded products. The new model can seat up to six users and features 51 candy cane stainless-steel jets, large headrests for neck support, a curved LED cascade waterfall and more.
www.calspas.com | (800) 225-7727



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Pentair Commercial
Pentair Commercial is pleased to offer an online cost calculator to help pool professionals obtain estimated operational costs of running a facility's swimming pool equipment, as well as energy and/or operational savings that might result from installing energy-efficient products. The cost calculator asks for key data such as pool size, number of operational days per year, cost of electricity, turnover times and flow rate, making cost savings specific to each facility with calculations both for medium and long-term cost savings.



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MIDE Products
MIDE Products manufactures a line of aluminum slip-on pool accessory fence hooks. These heavy-duty hooks are great for hanging pool equipment like hoses and brushes, towels, toys and more, the company says. Made of solid aluminum with a baked-on powercoat finish, these hooks are sized to most fence and railing types including wood, vinyl, aluminum/steel and chain link. Installs in seconds, no tools or fasteners required. Five colors available. Manufactured in the USA.
www.mideproducts.com | (574) 326-3060



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PQN Audio
PQN Audio now offers the ECO line of ultra-slim audio speakers for spas. The ECO50 and ECO60 are 30w speakers that boast high-quality performance and longevity with an innovative Uni-Cone design, the company says. With a mounting depth of less than 1 inch, ECO's 5- and 6-inch speakers provide a lightweight, streamlined profile inside and out of spa cabinets. UV resistant.
www.spaspeaker.net | (805) 794-6475



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SeaKlear Rescue Klear blends the company's flagship Natural Clarifier with scum-fighting enzymes to take on the most serious cloudy water emergencies. SeaKlear Rescue Klear is ideal for cleanup after pool parties and weather-related disasters. Made from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients, Rescue Klear battles cloudy water with a combination of natural enzymes and SeaKlear's clarifying biopolymers. Two ounces treats 10,000 gallons.
www.seaklear.com | (866) 99-KLEAR



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Pen Fabricators
Pen Fabricators is excited to unveil a technological advancement in the welding of its pool liners with Clean Seam. Clean Seam uses a new technological twist on the conventional RF vulcanized welding traditionally used when crafting vinyl liners. With the new system, Pen Fabricators has eliminated the raised edge created by the welding process, which often catches and traps debris and algae. Not only is the seam smoother, but independent testing labs recently confirmed the seam is also 27 to 33 percent stronger than traditional welds used throughout the industry, the company says.
www.penfab.com | (800) 359-5350



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RicoRock now offers pool builders an improved system for installing structural grottos and small caves on pools. The new Component System uses lightweight boulder columns with a sandwich-type grotto lid that allows for custom design without intensive labor. The value of the engineered design is equal to or better than custom work at half the time and expense, the company says. Available for immediate shipment.
www.ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100

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