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Yesterday was Memorial Day. It’s a day when we should have taken a little time to reflect upon the sacrifices that so many in our military have made to keep us safe and free. We should remember the Revolutionary War, which was the basis for the founding of our great country; the War Between the States that began righting the wrongs of past generations; the First World War, the war to end all wars; World War Two, a true global conflict which actually saved the world from the domination of socialistic and militaristic madmen, and all of the wars and conflicts in which we found ourselves and still find ourselves engaged.

Fortunately, there always seems to be those willing to lay their lives and futures on the line to keep America free and strong. After all, we are the "home of the brave."

Thank God for these men and women, past and present. Thank God!

What we don’t know . . .

Most schools no longer teach American history with honor and pride. How do we know this? Anyone with a son or daughter in school has seen it firsthand, and the general public knows it from independent educational surveys. For example, a survey referenced in Education World showed that while 98% of college seniors identified Snoop Dogg as a rapper, only 23% could identify James Madison as the “Father of the Constitution."  

According to the Center for Survey Research and Analysis (CSRA), the survey results demonstrate that "little more than half of college seniors know general information about American democracy and the Constitution," and most "do not know specifics about major wars the United States participated in." Perhaps most troubling is that no significant differences were found between the responses of history majors and those of students pursuing other academic majors.

Why understanding American history is so important

An understanding of who we are and why helps us recognize the ploys of those who would demean or even misrepresent our unique, exceptional American spirit. It appears that many, even some of our elected leaders, desire to either apologize for American greatness or actually distort the facts that have made us such a morally, financially and overwhelmingly great and powerful nation.

So, what does this have to do with business?

Quite a lot, actually. If we do not understand the facts of our history, it is easy to become misled and misdirected about the business principles that made America great. We were founded as a nation of supreme innovators and fiercely independent workers. We developed in national stature and financial wealth because we earned it the "old fashioned way"; we risked our capital then worked hard to make it provide benefits for others and therefore ourselves. We created our own opportunities and we took advantage of them. We earned it.

Memorial Day and Independent Business

Just as the reason for Memorial Day has become convoluted through a lack of teaching and awareness of our history, so has the perception of our business history been equally distorted. To those of you who are business owners I say, “Yes, you did do it”. You risked your capital (that’s your own money and security) to build a business because you believed that you had a better way; a vision that only you could bring to fruition. You employed people and provided wealth for families other than your own. You propelled your efforts, desires and hard work into success. By doing so you also helped to grow a country into a powerful nation of pacesetters and doers. Thank you for your independent spirit and commitment to excellence.         

Thanks also to those who work hard to make it all happen; those who reject the idea that government was designed to assure the support and comfort of its subjects (and subjects is the right word for this type of analysis). It was not. Our government was founded on the Capitalistic philosophies of dedication and hard work, which are so despoiled by many of the more ‘enlightened’ college professors, news reporters and government officials of today.

America was not founded on Socialistic principles. Socialism, Communism and all of the other isms have not worked, long-term, for any country anywhere in the world and will certainly not work here. Don’t believe it? Please read on. . .

Think we’re a young country? Think again!

Sure, in terms of longevity, we’re junior when compared to Europe and the Eastern nations. Even though this is true, consider that America created the longest continually operating form of government in the world. That’s right; the governmental principles on which America was founded are still operating while every other nation on the globe has changed its form of government over the same period of time – every one! Our Constitution works; and works well.

We’re successful, because Capitalism works. Profit is not a bad word. It is not something of which to be ashamed. Profit motivates. It creates jobs and wealth. Long-term handouts do not and never will propel a country to prominence. Apologizing for our greatness, demeaning our successes and providing too many socialistic programs will only damage us and our future.

Americans are not arrogant, as some politicians and intelligentsia enjoy repeating. Rather we are confident in our abilities. The differences are continually misunderstood by those who have never had to earn their own way in the business sector. Many have only received their livelihoods through the public sector. They are takers and not providers. 

Happy belated Memorial Day

We are a great country; great, because we are a great people. Great, because of those willing to die to keep us free. Great, because of our Constitution and our continuing desire to work hard to create our own successes. We still have the opportunity to succeed based upon a strong work ethic. Don’t let the sacrifices of those who gave so much to assure our freedom go to waste. Don’t allow a lack of historical truth to cloud your vision of the American Dream or how to achieve it.

Dream on . . .

Keep the American dream alive in your heart. It survives as long as you keep it there. And resist those who would destroy it.

Yes, I realize that this simple message will reduce the size of my audience as a writer and perhaps the length of this mailing list. Whenever I mention God or the Constitution this happens. So be it. I rarely allow myself to rant politically or wax philosophically. It’s bad for business; I realize that. Even so; no apologies here. God bless America and God bless you and yours.

Good sales, 


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