Meet Kover Kritters: Fun Covers for APCs

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photo of the Kover Kritter

Automatic pool cleaners are great, but there’s just one problem: they could be cuter. 

Luckily, we’re close to solving this problem thanks to the Kover Kritter. Created by Kiley Matthews, Kover Kritters fulfill a simple purpose: To make APCs look fun and friendly. Not only do the Kritters add a healthy splash of fun to an already fun industry, Matthews says they help skiddish children enjoy the pool when the APC is in use. 


To use, the homeowner detaches the hose from the APC, slips on the Kritter — Matthews estimates her Kritters are compatible with 80 percent of APCs — and re-attaches the hose. The APC can then be tossed in the pool as usual, now with a friendlier face. (Check out the demo on the right.)

The prototype, seen on the right, is "Ollie the Octopus." Other Kritters are in development as well, including a turtle, a goldfish, a frog and a sea urchin. In the same way people love choosing a phone case to fit their personality, they can now do the same with their APC. 

However, these Kritters aren’t quite available yet. Matthews is running a Kickstarter to help her product reach production, and so far, she’s raised more than $23,000 toward her goal of $45,000. 

Check out the Kickstarter here. 

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