Pattern Pleasures: Vinyl Liners Product Roundup

The pool building process offers an exciting array of choices for a homeowner. There’s the size and shape; inground or above; features like slides, diving boards and baja shelves. Another big choice for homeowners: the vinyl-liner pattern that will define their pool.

Every year, manufacturers reveal their latest collections of patterns that are just as different as the homeowners they’re intended for. From playful dolphins to mosaic inspirations, subtle color schemes to the bright and the bold, each liner offers a different personality for the pool at hand. Here, we take a look at this year’s newest offerings.

Pegasus ProductsPegasus Products
(908) 707-1122

Pegasus Products is excited to reveal its new pattern, Argyle Slate, which features an attractive tile border in a variety of neutral tones. All Pegasus liners are made from virgin vinyl with inhibitors for mildew, mold and algae. These and other additives are designed to increase the life of the liner by increasing resistance to chemicals, decreasing brittleness and improving resistance to punctures.

GLI Pool ProductsGLI Pool Products
(800) 448-2343

The Designer Series, exclusively available from GLI Pool Products, features natural-looking patterns that mimic the popular stone textures and colors of marble, granite, travertine and slate, the company says. Two new patterns for the 2015 season include Durango (shown) and Rio. Each high-quality designer pattern is also available with matching Sure-Step textured floor for added traction on pool steps.

Pen FabricatorsPen Fabricators
(800) 359-5350

For the 2015 season, Pen Fabricators announces its new Hampton design, which features an intricate design of small tiles in blue and grey hues that give pools a three-dimensional look that imitates hand-laid tile. Combined with Pen Fabricator’s Water wall and floor design, this design will make pool water sparkle with a realistic tile and gunite look and feel. Available in Overlap, Beaded Pro style or Dura Grade.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool Products
(800) 833-3800

Latham Pool Products’ exclusive Ultra-Seam process makes its vinyl liner floor seams stronger and nearly invisible, the company says. New for 2015, Latham will be applying its patent-pending Ultra-Seam process to all vertical wall closures as well. Ultra-Seam enhances the look of whichever liner pattern your customer chooses, because the seams will be virtually invisible above the waterline.

Tara LinersTara Liners
(256) 725-2500

Dolphin Island is the newest addition to Tara’s vinyl-liner collection. The liner, available in full 20 mil, features a stylized dolphin design in the tile that repeats 16 inches below in the wall of the pattern. Tara’s liners are made only from 100 percent North American virgin vinyl. Also new for 2015: All liners carry a 20-year warranty with five years of full replacement coverage.

(800) LOC-LOOP

The PearlEssence line is LOOP-LOC’s latest collection of exclusive vinyl liner patterns. Luminous Soul (shown here), Moonstone, Opalescent Blues, and Platinum Onyx patterns are infused with iridescent inks to make them shimmer and sparkle — transforming any pool into a glittering oasis. LOOP-LOC offers 30 patterns, including 18 exclusives.

McEwen IndustriesMcEwen Industries
(704) 365-8070

McAlpine is one of McEwen’s six new in-ground liner patterns featuring a unique combination of modern and traditional designs. The stone border with silver etching coordinates well with light colored decks, while the dazzling floor creates a crystal clear look that accentuates any pool. Available in 27 mil.

Pocono Pool ProductsPocono Pool Products
(581) 283-1023 for samples.

Pocono Pool Products is a custom liner fabricator offering a broad array of patterns in 20 and 28 mil virgin vinyl. Featured pattern is Siesta Tile with Diffusion Print.

(800) 348-2600

The new Santiago Tile with Sandstone floor features a classic mosaic that interlaces to create the look of hand-laid tile. Using rich tones of blue combined with warm tan and sand colors in the pebble floor, this pattern blends perfectly with today’s deck treatments, popular rock waterfalls and landscaping accents. Available in both 28 and 20 mil thickness.

(800) 553-5320

VynAll will offer the Delphi Tranquility pattern again in 2015. Designed to give pools a medium shade of blue water, the new Delphi border was inspired by the classic architecture of Europe and has been paired with VynAll’s popular Tranquility floor pattern. Available in 28 and 20 mil thickness with matching Posi-Trac textured step material.

(800) 289-1836

With 37 patterns available along with other solid and patterned options, Merlin has a liner that will enhance any new pool project or bring life back into an existing poolscape. Complete with a variety of shades and styles printed on several different colors of vinyl material, Merlin has a liner for any backyard oasis. Included in its lineup are four Aqua-Max patterns for a truly pool-owner-friendly vinyl liner. The company is introducing eight new designer patterns for 2015.

Dover Vinyl ProductsDover Vinyl Products
(732) 244-1444

Dover Vinyl Products’ R.F. die Electric Seaming Process molecularly fuses two pieces together to form one piece. This process, along with the company’s unique seaming techniques, creates the company’s signature SMOOTH SEAM vinyl liner. SMOOTH SEAM makes seams hard to see and even harder to feel, while also preventing dirt and debris from collecting on seams.

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