January 2015 New and Updated Spa & Pool Products

Bio-Active Bio-Activewww.bioactivenow.com(312) 852-9888

BiOWiSH Technologies and Bio-Active Products have partnered to release Bio-Active Cyanuric Acid Reducer. The product works by reducing levels of cyanuric acid in swimming pools, maintaining the efficacy of chlorine and other sanitizing products. As a result, pool owners don’t need to drain as often, which saves time, money and water. All natural, nontoxic.

EvosusEvosuswww.evosus.com(866) 235-5103

The new version of Evosus, 6.3, contains several new features including the ability to view real-time item availability at SCP and Superior Pool Products, a seamless integration with WaterLink Datamate 10 by LaMotte, the ability to import budgets into Evosus and a quick and easy credit card reconciliation process. Also new is the Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service, a proactive way to safeguard business data and ensure minimal interruption in business flow when data restoration is needed.

Marquis SpasMarquis Spaswww.marquisspas.com(800) 275-0888

New from Marquis is a line of Aquatic Training Vessels, an exciting new way for dealers to make more swim spa sales. Check out Booth #1907 at the Pool & Spa Show to see them in person and take advantage of the company’s new dealer incentives.

Wise SoftwareWise Softwarewww.wisesoftwareinc.com(800) 805-9473

The Pool Program 8 was reimagined and built from the ground up. It boasts a new user experience that simplifies your daily activities, packed with new and enhanced features such as drag and drop routing, customer management, service tracking and simplified recurring billing.

U.S. SilicaU.S. Silicawww.pool-sand.com800-345-6170

U.S. Silica introduces MysticBlue antimicrobial-treated pool filter sand. This advanced product features an antimicrobial coating that prevents algae growth and inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew in the sand filter bed, which improves filtration and keeps water clean, clear and fresh.

Pool & Spa Aqua CombsPool & Spa Aqua Combswww.aquacomb.com(941) 922-7786

Aqua Combs are the only cartridge filter cleaning devices that restore filters to like-new state and water-flow rate. They can remove marcite dust, desert dust, dog hair, bugs, leaves, etc., and do so in three to five minutes using less than five gallons of water. Aqua Combs are available in two styles: Pool (blue), for deep pleated filters (1 1⁄2 inches to 2 1⁄2 inches); and Spa (green) for shallow pleated filters (3⁄4 inch to 1 1⁄2 inches). They are made in the USA from high grade plastic that won’t corrode when exposed to pool chemicals.

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