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It seems like only yesterday that pool season opened — and after that long winter, it really does feel like yesterday — but it’s time to consider stocking your shelves and steeling yourselves for closing time. Take a look at just some of your winterizing options, from chemical treatments to plumbing help:

Anderson ManufacturingAnderson 348-1316

The Winter Duck Plug from Anderson Manufacturing enables plumbing lines to be blown out without lowering the water level. The plug screws into standard 1 ½-inch threaded fittings and includes a patented “duck-bill” valve that allows large volumes of air and water to be blown out of the lines but does not allow pool water back in. A plastic safety cap can be snapped into place after lines are blown for added security. With the Winter Duck Plug, one person is sufficient to winterize plumbing lines.

Pen FabricatorsPen 359-5350

Pen Fabricators’ Heavy-Duty Water Bags are ideal for weighing down and maintaining placement of winter covers. The bags are offered in both 8-foot and 10-foot lengths and measure 12 inches wide; single and double spouts are available and feature a large, 1 ½ inch spout for easy filling. Water bags can also be used in the spring during vinyl liner installations on steps, sun decks and other specialty pool liner sections, the company says. Available for immediate shipment. 445-2059

When your customers know how to care for their pool through the winter, they’ll be delighted with how easy pool opening is in the spring. Unlike many kits, the GLB Pool Closing Kit has three components: Oxy-Brite non-chlorine shock oxidizer, Algimycin winter algaecide and Sequa-Sol sequestering agent. 407-9964

APi’s multitasking E-Z POOL product is not only an easy water care program, it is also a highly effective winterizing program. Pools closed with E-Z POOL typically open faster, cleaner and clearer, allowing users to swim in their pool sooner than with traditional methods. Just a single application (a 5-lb. pail treats up to 20,000 gallons) and 30 minutes of circulation are all that is required prior to closing — no pre-balancing, post-balancing, or additional chemicals required. Suitable for pools maintained with E-Z POOL, traditional chlorine and saltwater. 737-5386

Inter-Fab offers a winter cover to enclose its self-operable i-Lift pool lift. The cover was created to meet the growing demand for ways to protect, close and cover pool lifts at recreational aquatic facilities without having to remove the lift and store indoors. Made of tough, reinforced vinyl material, the cover is made to slip easily over the lift and snugly secure at the base with a built-in elastic cord. The i-Lift cover also protects the unit from children who are tempted to play on the lift when not in use. Available for immediate shipment. 348-2600

Plastimayd’s Space Arena offers an affordable enclosure for swimming pools so consumers can extend their swimming seasons — meaning extended-season profits for pool pros. This air-inflated dome has transparent, straight walls, providing a spacious interior with full deck use. The low-maintenance, low-energy system uses a continuously operating, 110-volt variable speed blower with operating costs less than a 100-watt light bulb.

Gladon CompanyGladon

Gladon’s Winter Cover Wrap is designed to secure winter covers on aboveground pools — no water jugs or weights necessary. Made from a specially formulated blue stretch film, the wrap seals pools to block wind, dirt and UV rays, making it a great way to prolong the life of your customer’s pool cover. Each roll has convenient handles for easy application, and works well in tandem with Gladon’s Cover Clips. 859-7946

The Arctic Blue Winter Kit from BioGuard contains everything needed to prevent algae growth during winter months. The kit is available in two sizes, one for pools up to 12,000 gallons and another for pools up to 24,000 gallons. The kit includes Arctic Blue Algae Protector, Arctic Blue Shock, a winterization guide and valuable coupons.

Marketing World Pool ProductsMarketing World Pool 655-8941

Winterizing with the Ultra Gizzmo makes it possible to blow filter lines clear without lowering the pool water level, the company says. That means you conserve water, which prolongs the life of the pool cover while protecting the environment from chemical waste. 630-2456

The Skimmer Plug from SimPoolTec offers the most simple and affordable method for servicing and winterizing both aboveground and inground skimmers, the company says. The only patent-pending Skimmer Plug fits OEM skimmers without the need to replace the original skimmer faceplate and serves as a replacement lid for all specialty faceplates. No tools are required, simply insert the water-tight plug into skimmer opening and it “fits like a cork in a bottle,” the company says. Made in the U.S.A.

Spec Chem DirectSpec Chem 277-3143

Spec Chem Direct, based in Kent, Wash., the chemical manufacturer dedicated to selling its products exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers, is now offering PhosZyme to help pool pros close pools this winter. This phosphate/oil/organic waste removal product is designed to maintain phosphates below 200 ppb and digests oil and organics to ensure crystal clear, algae-free water while pools are closed. Winterizing dosage is 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons of water. Available for immediate shipment. 995-5327

SeaKlear’s new winterizing kit contains everything your customers need for an easy pool closing in one easy-to-merchandise box. The box includes SeaKlear Free & Klear, a three-in-one product that removes phosphates, eliminates oil and controls scum; SeaKlear 90-day Algae Prevention & Remover; and SeaKlear Metal Klear to prevent metals from staining surfaces. In the spring, simply flip the box around for a Spring Start Up kit. Each kit treats up to 20,000 gallons. 500-7670

Aquador is the original snap-on skimmer closure system. It uses a proven snap-on lid that covers the entire faceplate with a secure, watertight seal. The faceplate consists of UV- and chemical-resistant plastic, and also withstands temperatures down to minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Because you don’t need to drain water to winterize or service the filter, Aquador saves time, money and water. Available in all eight popular OEM sizes.

Imperial PoolsImperial 444-9977

Imperial Pools Distribution is now offering its Winter Elements Closing Kit. Available in both chlorine and non-chlorine options, each package treats 15,000 or 30,000 gallons of water and is designed for all pool types and chlorine systems, including salt generators. Each kit is premeasured for easy application and is compatible with virtually any chemical brand. Winter Elements is part of Imperial’s overall BASOC Elements Chemical Program, which offers chemicals, merchandising and training.

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