Take Cover: 2014 Spa Cover Roundup

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Spa covers are an integral part of hot tub ownership, but they’re not a guaranteed sale. Sometimes you have to think a little outside the box with your sales tactics, like Dave Doornink at Oregon Hot Tub, Beaverton, Ore.

Doornink, the company’s marketing manager, noticed the store got a lot of calls about hot tub covers, but obtaining dimensions for the order was a recurring problem. It required the customer to perform a few measurements, and as we all know, customers make mistakes.

So Doornink made a video about how to measure for a hot tub cover and posted it to YouTube. This is how the staff uses it:

• Say a customer calls and is interested in a hot tub cover. If the store doesn’t carry what the customer needs, the staff member gets the ball rolling by offering to order one and asking for dimensions.

• The store’s employee says, “We actually have a YouTube video that shows how to measure your spa for a cover. Would you like me to send that to you?”

• The customer provides his email address and the coordinator sends the YouTube video. The customer’s email address is then kept on file.

Frequently, the customer calls back with the details needed to order the cover. At some point in the conversation, the coordinator mentions the company’s email newsletter: “We have specials from time to time, would you like to be added to our list and we’ll send them to you? We don’t send out a lot, just once or twice a month to let you know about the new specials.”

If the customer agrees, the email address is added to the database for future marketing emails.

If you have the resources, give that (or another customer instruction video) a try and let us know how it went. In the meantime, check out this roundup of spa covers from a bevy of manufacturers.

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Merlin IndustriesMerlin Industrieswww.merlinindustries.com(800) 289-1836

Merlin Industries gives spa owners the luxury of choice with their Custom Spa Covers. Merlin offers five different grades of covers, including Ultra fiberglass reinforced covers and Thermo-light floating spa covers (pictured here.) Covers come in 13 different colors of marine-grade vinyl. Each cover has heat seals to lock in heat and help lower spa operating costs. Merlin now also manufactures and ships spa covers from their Chamblee, Georgia plant.

The Cover CompanyThe Cover Companywww.coverlon.com(908) 707-1122

The Cover Company’s hot tub covers are available in eight colors. Featuring double-stitched, marine-grade vinyl, each foam core is reinforced with a galvanized steel channel. Covers are custom made to your specifications and are available with a variety of upgrades and options. Quick ship times and competitive prices are available.

AccuLok Hot Tub CoversAccuLok Hot Tub Coverswww.acculokhottubcovers.com(888) 666-4011

AccuLok’s design traps escaping heat with a 7-inch seamless heat shield at the cover fold, minimizing heat loss and saving operating costs. The company says its cover offers a 400-percent-improved water vapor barrier and includes a 7-year warranty.

Blue Water Spa CoversBlue Water Spa Coverswww.bluewaterspacovers.com(800) 321-4694

Blue Water Spa Covers has been working strictly with dealers for 22 years and has held high quality standards since opening in 1991. The company only uses high-density foam and 28-oz. marine-grade vinyl, and all covers exceed ASTM safety standards. Covers come complete with matching reinforced cover handles and child-proof locking tie-downs that are double stitched for added strength. Blue Water Spa Covers offers a 5-year non-prorated warranty.

Spa CoversSpaCovers.comwww.SpaCovers.com(800) 781-8154

SpaCovers.com is known for producing hard-to-duplicate covers in all shapes, including speaker hoods, oversized and multi-panel covers, the company says. Production times are fast, next day service is available and all covers are cut with an Autometrix table to make reorders easy.

A&B AccessoriesA&B Accessorieswww.aandbaccessories.com(800) 637-0609

The Easy Slider from A&B Accessories has been on the market for 26 years, providing an easy way for homeowners to remove their spa covers. To use, spa owners simply fold the cover once and glide it back onto the arms of the Easy Slider. The shelf helps extend the life of spa covers and is color-matched to all spa skirts, the company says. Now available for swim spas, too.

Leisure ConceptsLeisure Conceptswww.leisureconcepts.com(800) 469-2428

Stylishly beautiful and built to last, Smartop by Leisure Concepts provides your business a covmpetitive edge by further differentiating your spas from those offered by other stores, the company says. Made of rigid, hard-shell polymer, Smartop boasts an 800-lb. load strength. Not only is the Smartop visually and structurally unique, but it also allows your business increased profit opportunity versus vinyl cover sales, the company adds. Smartop is UL listed and meets ASTM safety standards.

Cover ValetCover Valetwww.covervalet.com(800) 730-7727

Some swim spa cover lifters stand the cover up in the air, blocking potential views on two sides. Cover Valet’s Swim Spa Cover Caddy solves that problem by allowing the cover(s) to drop completely out of view, in most cases. The powerful gas piston adds to the ease of operation and the undermount design allows the product to be installed without screwing into the spa cabinet, the company says.

SPAccessoriesSPAccessorieswww.888spalift.com(888) SPA-LIFT

SPAccessories is excited to announce its new Cover Roller Swim Spa Kit. The patented roller design makes cover removal easy, and because the system doesn’t include bars or hinges, spa owners will see less wear and tear on their cover’s hinge. The kit comes entirely pre-assembled and maintenance free. Six cover roller arms are included in the kit and can be mounted anywhere on the swim spa perimeter.

Hot Spring SpasHot Spring Spaswww.hotspring.com(800) 999-4688

Hot Spring Spas pioneered the first rigid, vinyl cover, creating a higher standard for energy efficiency, the company says. Each cover is UL classified for safety, custom-fit and built with superior construction, including 24-points of internal reinforcement. The new Gleam model integrates cover safety latches with the exterior sconce lighting for convenience and style. The patented Hot Spring retractable cover removal system makes access quick and easy, and works for nearly any application.

CovanaCovanawww.covana.com(855) 777-1335

The completely automated Covana is raised and lowered with a key switch, saving spa owners the trouble of lifting the cover manually, the company says. The insulating value of the Covana is higher than a standard cover as it hermetically seals the spa, keeping heat and energy in. In addition to easy operation, the Covana protects against harsh weather and UV rays. Optional retractable screens offer peace and privacy.

Core CoversCore Coverswww.corecovers.com(949) 471-0410

Core Covers is a state of the art hot tub cover manufacturing company serving clients from locations in Allentown, Pa., and San Diego, Calif. The company uses automation for all material cutting, yielding consistent quality and efficiency. Core Covers produces more than 100,000 covers per year for the industry’s most respected brands and retailers.

Be-LiteBe-Litewww.be-lite.com(707) 864-8919

The Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is made to withstand the harshest elements and the toughest pets, making it a true safety cover, the company says. Covers are UL listed, meet ASTM safety standards and won’t absorb water or buckle under heavy loads. Each cover is custom made with a variety of colors available.

Strong SpasStrong Spaswww.strongspas.com(800) STRONG-9

The Innovative Titan HardCover by Strong Spas is available for all three spa lines: Premium Acrylic, Elite Acrylic and Durasport rotationally-molded Spas. The covers are easy for adults to open, but not children, making them a great way to keep families safe while also keeping tubs clean, hot and ready to use. Insulated with high-density closed-cell foam, the Titan HardCovers are tested to hold more than 1,000 lbs. Covered by lifetime warranty.

CoverplayCoverplaywww.coverplay.com(800) 520-5202

With decades of water-soaked foam spa covers stressing America’s landfills, Coverplay created an alternative. Airframe doesn’t hold water and features the patented, energy-saving “Angle of Compression” single hinge to create an airtight seal while allowing easier access to the spa. In addition to saving your customers money by lowering energy costs, Airframe is designed to be fully-recyclable.

Byron OriginalsByron Originalswww.stepnstow.com(800) 745-1472

Ultralift, from Byron Originals, is your single SKU solution that offers patented slide mounting brackets and top, side or deck mount versatility to fit nearly any size spa, including swim spas. Optional items include hydraulic assist and undermount plate.

Auto Spa CoverAuto Spa Coverwww.autospacover.com805-226-5030

The ASC-2 Auto Spa Cover System utilizes a remote control for opening and closing the cover, making it easy for homeowners to use their cover, the company says. Specifically designed for those who have trouble lifting heavy spa covers, the ASC-2 opens automatically at the touch of a button.

Sunstar Spa CoversSunstar Spa Coverswww.sunstarcovers.com(800) 438-8677

Sunstar Spa Covers is the only cover company with N-ergy fit technology, which provides a tailor-fit seal for minimal heat loss — making it ideal for long-term energy savings, the company says. Three distribution points in California, Illinois and Massachusetts help keep freight affordable for all customers.

Spa SlipSpa Slipwww.spaslip.com(303) 441-5651

Spa Slip is a decorative, protective slipcover that attaches to your insulating hard cover, giving it a second skin designed to extend the life of a hard cover. Spa Slip is an instant upgrade and transforms an eyesore into an attractive centerpiece of the backyard, the company says.

Olympic Spa CoversOlympic Spa Covers[email protected](800)-229-3300

Olympic Spa Covers has been manufacturing quality spa covers for 32 years. The company makes virtually all shapes and sizes of standard spa covers, and its specialty is difficult-to-make custom spa covers.

Hot Tub ProductsHot Tub Productswww.vacusealcoverlift.com(860) 469-2580

The VacuSeal Cover/Lifter opens internally in one motion and when closed, it vacuum seals the cover to the spa, making it both energy efficient and simple to operate. Available in both vinyl and sunbrella, the cover easily converts into a canopy. The patented VacuSeal Lifter always returns the cover to its exact original position, making it ideal for swim spas as well.

CoverLogixCoverLogixwww.coverlogix.com(855) 992-6837

As custom inground spas grow in popularity, customers are increasingly looking for a custom-made cover that will protect their investment, protect their family and block debris. CoverLogix, a Latham family brand, manufactures custom safety covers that seamlessly provide that barrier and result in a more stylish backyard environment, the company says. Visit the website for material selections.

Caldera SpasCaldera Spaswww.calderaspas.com(800) 669-1881

Caldera’s custom-fit spa covers and cover lifters offer pure comfort, performance and style, the company says. Four cover lifters, including the ProLift, ProLift II, ProLift III and ProfLift IV, enhance ease of use and extend cover life. The series offers consumers an option for most applications.

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