A Showroom With No Salespeople?

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An employee-free mattress store has us wondering — is the hot tub industry next?
Imagine a showroom of expensive goods — and no employees in sight.

It might sound crazy, but a chain of furniture stores is hoping to put the idea to the test in the form of three employee-free mattress showrooms in the Milwaukee, Wis., area. 

The chain, Penny Mustard, is keeping quiet on the plans so far, except for revealing the name of the concept: The “HASSLEss Mattress.”

According to industry experts, the reasoning is simple: People would rather not have a salesperson following their every step in the store — not to mention watching them test out a mattress. Should customers have questions, they needn’t ask someone — they can just turn to a computer kiosk and read up on the product features. And if they want to make a purchase, they can do that too, all without the pressure of a sales rep on hand. 

(And, by the way, the stores would open and close electronically and be carefully monitored with security cameras to prevent thieves.)

We bring this up because, like mattresses, hot tubs are high-dollar products that usually require an in-person visit, some heavy consideration and even a test soak. Could an employee-free hot tub showroom be the wave of the future? Would customers be more comfortable shopping for a hot tub without anyone else around? 

Comment below with your thoughts. 

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