APSP Industry Summit: Totally Worth It

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Scott WebbLike a lot of people, we travel for business, and every year we decide what’s worth the time and expense and effort. There are far more events than we can attend, so we rate them all, somewhere between “no doubt/no choice, must attend” and “not even if it were held in the conference room here in the office on a slow day.”

A number of factors enter into this evaluation — value, cost, distance, convenience, or perhaps a favorite aunt or nephew living in the area.

Many people put the PSP Expo or Atlantic City or perhaps the local association chapter Christmas party at the top the list, but for my money, one of the best events in the pool and spa industry is the Industry Summit.

It’s hard for me to describe why I think it’s helpful — and I describe things for a living — but for starters, I would say that a good subset of the best people in the industry are there. Here, the word “best” means “care about the industry, have a proven record of success and innovation and are interested in becoming better at whatever they’re doing.”

From these people, I learn a great deal in off-hand chats over lunch or dinner or drinks.

The presentations and discussions are designed to help you improve your performance and especially, your understanding of the pool and spa industry — where it’s at, where it might be going and how you might plan to arrive in an upright position.

It’s an operational-value event, with good networking plus a chance to raise the periscope and look around at where we are as an industry. You’ll have to earn it this year, though — it’s in the sweltering heat of Fort Worth, August 18-20.

Scott Webb

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