Rebranding Your Business For Success

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The author, Tara Onthank.

It takes more than luck to keep a 40-year-old family business afloat. At Rising Sun Pools & Spas, my siblings and I take pride in the hard work we've done to identify the formula for success to not only keep the business afloat, but thriving. To that end, we always put in our best effort, provide excellent customer service and act as a community steward. 

However, there are times when it takes more than that. Sometimes, you need to reinvent your business to continue to succeed. After seeing what our peers in the pool and spa space were doing to stay current, my siblings and I realized that the appearance of our retail store and marketing efforts did not meet the expectations of what we wanted to present to clients. We needed to step up our efforts to continue to provide industry leadership and the best pool and spa services possible.

So that's exactly what we did. Here is what we learned throughout the rebranding of Rising Sun Pools & Spas that may help you in your own revitalization efforts: 

Form Partnerships With Rebranding Experts

Before any major undertaking, engage with experts who specialize in meeting client rebranding and renovation needs. Consider web designers, architects and contractors who have previous experience in pool retail. These professionals can take the idea of “we need to update our business” and turn it into a to-do list for web content creation, landscaping, interior retail design and more.

Focus On Feel

514 Rsps Renovations
A look at what the store now looks like.

How do you want your customers to feel when they walk into your store? People will be more inspired to create their dream pool if they are greeted by a bright, professionally decorated, well laid-out retail space where they can easily interact with staff to make their dreams a reality. You want a store that exudes professionalism and is bright and accessible, with a retail area that provides a vision of the perfect lazy summer afternoon by the pool. 

For many, the actual physical rebranding is the biggest undertaking. Consider working with a retail consultant who can help you determine floor layout and product placement, as well as the positioning of consultation spaces. After moving items around for a smoother flow, we had a clearer vision of how to achieve the desired customer experience and hope to increase toy and accessory sales as a result. 

Meet Customers Where They Are

514 Store After Rising Sun01
The store now has a modern feel with an emphasis on the pool lifestyle.

If you really want to draw customers to your store, you must consider extending your rebranding efforts to your website. The best sites are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are informative and educational for visitors. Working with someone who understands your vision and has the ability to translate that into an excellent website pays innumerable benefits. Communicate your business needs, the expectations of your customers, and what products and photos are most eye-catching. When customers walk in the door after viewing your website, they should have an idea of what they want and what they can afford. Through the rebranding, you should strive to create empowered customers who will spend more time on your website and provide further leads to grow your business. Because of our rebranding, website traffic has increased significantly and has led to more customers coming in-store with an idea of their budget and exactly what they want. 

Rebranding is not a simple undertaking. It is important that all owners and staff be on board to make your efforts work. We started our rebranding prior to Christmas, with renovations completed in March. Though some behind-the-scenes areas are still in the works, the time and effort put into this rebranding have paid off in the way we view our store and an increased commitment to our customers. 

When considering rebranding your business, don’t be afraid of change. Seek out the right people and listen to their advice. It may cost a bit to get everything started, but your return on investment will position your business for sustainable success and highly satisfied customers. 

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