March 2014 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products 833-3800

Tired of visible floor seams detracting from the look for your pool? Vinyl liners made with Latham Pool Products’ exclusive Ultra-Seam process have floor seams that are stronger and virtually invisible, the company says.

Pentair Commercial AquaticsPentair Commercial 831-7133

Pentair Commercial Aquatics has added a new version of its AquaTRAM line of pool access lifts for inground pools: the AquaTRAM 90. The new lift is anchored directly into the deck with the Quickset Dual Wedge anchor socket — meaning the lift is removable without tools. The unit offers dual flip-up armrests that provide easy and safe access, a comfortable seat with adjustable lap belt, footrest and easy-to-operate controls. The lift has a 300 lb. lifting capacity and features a rechargeable battery-powered operating system. Various options are available to meet ADA requirements.

Cal SpasCal 225-7727

Cal Spas is pleased to announce the Velocity Spa, a new innovation in professional hydrotherapy. Exclusive features include high performance pumps, a Bio Clean 100 percent filtration system, titanium heating system and the Variable Velocity System, which stimulates blood circulation and joint mobility. Other features include variable speed control and 51 stainless steel pumps strategically placed to target every muscle in the body. Seats are designed for personalization, as each user can manage water pressure intensity. The Velocity Spa comes in two models, the V-700DL and the V-800L — both of which feature a relaxing waterfall and LED lighting system. 504-8641 x. 222

The InnovaClear from Innovaplas is the industry’s only UL-certified UV water purification system for aboveground pools, the company says. The system keeps pool water clean and healthy while reducing the use of chemicals by up to 80 percent. Because it is non-corrosive, InnovaClear is suitable for all types of aboveground pools.

Water TechWater 298-8800

The Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom is now even stronger, allowing users to clean spas, hot tubs and aboveground pools in a fraction of the time, the company says. With its optional micro filter bags, the Aqua Broom removes sand, silt and algae. Since the Aqua Broom operates on five D-cell batteries, there’s no need to prime pumps or attach hoses — users simply turn it on, place it in the pool or spa and start cleaning.

Pool PatchPool 588-4008

New from Pool Patch is the DEBRIS Z, a clean and dry way to empty debris-filled skimmer baskets. Using innovative technology and a patent-pending design, the DEBRIS Z features a convenient easy-grip handle that extends from the skimmer so the user doesn’t come into contact with the water and waste. Then, with a push of a button, the skimmer basket empties. 815-6083

Fabcote, manufacturer of stainless steel and powder coated rails, ladders and in ground spas, is pleased to offer its Sunmate spa in both a round and a square shape. The Sunmate spa is available with the option of 12 or 25 jets in either 85-inch-round or 84-inch-square dimensions. All spas are 34 inches deep with dual adjustable air controls, a 360-degree vortex skimmer, built-in filtration and a diverter valve for whirlpool action. The Sunmate spa features an embossed wave detail on the interior and is available in either a white or gray color. 348-2600

Plastimayd has released an interactive, online tool to better engage customers and make it easier for pool pros to make sales, the company says. This tool displays vinyl liner patterns by grouping them in terms of color tones — light blue, medium blue or dark blue. The customer can get a feel for how a pattern will blend with the overall color scheme of his or her backyard, and even see how their selections appear in an actual pool. To try the new Pattern Selector and Visualizer, visit the company website.

Spec Chem DirectSpec Chem 443-0082

Spec Chem Direct, the chemical manufacturer dedicated to selling its products exclusively direct to brick and mortar dealers, is now offering a powerful, eco-friendly clarifier that clears 10,000 gallons of water with just 1 oz. of product. This product is all natural, made from crab shells and manufactured in Washington state. The product flocs oils and contaminants that make pool water cloudy. Compatible with all sanitizer systems and available for immediate shipment directly to pool professionals.

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