February New and Updated Pool and Spa Products

DeltaUVDeltaUVwww.deltauv.com(866) 889-8765

DeltaUV, which specializes in ultraviolet technology in North America, has brought the cleansing effects of Clean Light UV Technology to spa and hot tub water. The new EZ Spa Series uses powerful UV-C ray lamps to destroy microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast and mold — the items that aren’t always eradicated with traditional chlorine and bromine — while reducing chemical use and eliminating chlorine odors, the company says.

Inter-FabInter-Fabwww.inter-fab.com(800) 737-5386

Inter-Fab introduces a new line in the Build Your Own Slide series: the Garden Ride Series. This new series offers three smaller slide models with a simple, two-piece design. Available in 7-foot, 10-foot and 15-foot lengths, the Garden Ride slides are ideal for builders who seek to create custom slides for smaller backyards. The slides are available in nine colors, including six granite upgrades, to coordinate with your customer’s backyard décor. Visit the Inter-Fab website to see a video installation and photo gallery.

ControlOMaticControlOMaticwww.controlomatic.com(530) 205-4520

ControlOMatic is pleased to announce the availability of TechniChlor, a new chlorine generator that supplies spas with continuous, around-the-clock chlorine without separate buttons, control boxes, or timers. In addition, TechniChlor offers a “boost mode” that is controlled by a system of simple ‘taps.’ If users simply ‘tap’ the device when exiting the spa, the device goes into “boost mode” and will operate three times longer than normal — meaning there’s no need to shock spa water after every use. The system is ideal for existing spas and hot tubs as no spa modifications are required, the company says.

Conger ConceptsConger Conceptswww.congerconcepts.com(805) 235-4586

Conger Concepts has released a line of pool service carts designed with the service technician in mind, the company says. With a powder-coat custom finish and tires that protect your customer’s deck and walkways, the carts can be upgraded with a variety of optional features, such as a hose rack, vac head receiver, waterproof net and pole cups. Additional accessories may be viewed on the website.

PlastimaydPlastimaydwww.plastimayd.com(800) 348-2600

Plastimayd has expanded its textured vinyl material for vinyl-covered steps on pool liners in 2014 with 50 percent more patterns, including seven printed options and four solid color options. Due to increased demand for steps that are safer, yet ‘blend’ with the pool liner, Plastimayd’s textured Posi-Trac material is an ideal choice for steps, benches, swimouts and sundecks, the company says.

ASA ElectronicsASA Electronicswww.asaelectronics.com(800) 688-3135

New from ASA Electronics is the PoolView Voyager ToughCam, a digital wireless surveillance system that helps homeowners monitor their outdoor property. The Voyager PoolView system can simultaneously monitor up to four different areas of a backyard. Footage can be streamed to a smartphone, tablet or the included monitor with docking station. (The device is iPhone/iPod/Android compatible.) Features include an expansive 1000-foot viewing range, night vision, built-in DVR, alarm clock and email alerts.

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