Can't-Miss Products at IPSPE 2013

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Going to Vegas for IPSPE 2013? Below are just some of the products you'll find on the show floor — take a look and go see them in person!

PleatcoPleatcowww.pleatco.comBooth 2422

At this year’s show, Pleatco will introduce the new Pleatco Advanced — the world’s most powerful, high performance filter cartridges for pools and spas, the company says. Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges feature a completely new uniformly bonded filtration media combined with Free Flow Core technology that drives super-charged cleaning performance. Pleatco Advanced cartridges are scientifically engineered and have been meticulously tested for more than 18 months by pool and spa professionals.

PoolifePoolifewww.poolife.comBooth 2632

Poolife is excited to introduce two powerful new stain prevention and removal tools: Poolife Stain Stop and Poolife Stain Lift. Stain Stop is a powerful sequestering agent that holds iron, manganese, copper and calcium in solution to stop them from reacting with other elements in the water; it also prevents staining, scale and rust on pool equipment, pipes and fittings. Stain Lift works to eliminate metallic stains quickly without testing the water or closing the pool. Its granular formulation is compatible with most types of pool surfaces; however, it is not intended for use on black plaster.

BioGuardBioGuardwww.bioguard.comBooth 3517

SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care from BioGuard addresses the challenges of salt cell generators and the impact of saline chlorination on water conditions. This “salt-specific” product line — which includes Scale Defender, Algae Remover, pH Reducer, SunShield Stabilizer, Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer, Cell Cleaner and Test Strips — includes everything pool owners need to keep their saltwater sparkling and protect their cell generator equipment and pool surfaces.

Cover ValetCover Valetwww.covervalet.comBooth 2824

Cover Valet offers a full line of spa accessories that now includes a cover lift specifically for swim spas. The Swim Spa edition of the Cover Caddy uses a piston to remove the often large, bulky covers found on many of today’s swim spas. A cover lifter is a vital part of the package that allows hot tub owners to enjoy their purchase, especially when that purchase is a swim spa, the company says.

MarquisMarquiswww.marquisspas.comBooth 4723

Marquis is excited to show off its MicroSilk Skin Care and ConstantClean water management technologies at IPSPE. MicroSilk delivers anti-aging therapy, removing impurities from the skin, while the ConstantClean water management system with SmartClean technology quickly restores water to pristine condition, the company says.

Oreq CorpOreq Corpwww.oreqcorp.comBooth 4138

Introducing the newest member of the Oreq family, Clear Spa 104°! This new product line is full of high quality, simple and effective spa products designed specifically to assist in maintaining a safe, healthy, enjoyable spa experience.

Natural ChemistryNatural Chemistrywww.naturalchemistry.comBooth 2623

Natural Chemistry is proud to release a new line of products exclusively formulated for pool professionals: the Pro Series. Whether you are part of a service company, an HMAC manager or take care of larger bodies of water, the Pro Series line helps you save time, money and headaches, the company says.

GLBGLBwww.GLBpool.comBooth 2632

GLB Generation is a form of brominating hydantoin for pools. When used as directed, GLB Generation provides the effectiveness of chlorine to disinfect water and keep it clean and clear — without the chlorine odor.

King TechnologyKing Technologywww.kingtechnology.comBooth 2318

FROG has a fresh, new message to convey its benefits to pool and spa owners: It’s all about the water. That means FROG is no longer selling minerals, but fresh mineral water. In addition, FROG offers a fresh product lineup with a business model that “refreshes success” every year by adding “fresh friends” through social media and providing “fresh defense” with a MAP policy to protect dealers, the company says.

Viking SpasViking Spaswww.vikingspas.comBooth 1722

Viking Spas introduces three brand new colors to its exclusive SoftTouch Slip Resistant surface. The new spa material is revolutionary in both safety and appearance, the company says. In addition, Viking is also introducing three new spas to further enhance a dealer’s offering in the $5,000 to $7,000 price category.

inSPArationinSPArationwww.insparation.comBooth 4223

InSPAration is excited to announce its new line of spa and bath aromatherapy products: Happy Hour, which offers your customers the chance to get together with friends and enjoy a therapeutic, aromatic “cocktail,” the company says. Available in liquid or the Crystal RX blend, Happy Hour “flavors” include Apple Spatini, Blue Hawaiian, Moonshine, Mojito, Merlot and Spaberry Daiquiri.

SilkBalanceSilkBalancewww.silkbalance.comBooth 2036

Dealers who sell SilkBalance, the premier spa water conditioner, see customer retention of more than 70 percent, generous margins, rebates and protected territories with full company sales support, the company says. Easy to use with a “shake and pour” application, SilkBalance is specially formulated to keep spa water in pristine condition without the chemical smell.

Premier Pools & SpasPremier Pools & Spaswww.ppas.comBooth 2637

Premier Pools & Spas is offering an opportunity for builders to take their business to new heights by becoming a licensee. The company invites builders to enjoy the benefits of being recognized as the country’s largest pool builder with a strong national brand, superior buying power, substantial rebates, sophisticated marketing materials and support, advanced internet marketing and free setup for ProEdge Build, a scheduling, job costing and lead management software.

Pool Covers, IncPool Covers, Inc.www.poolcoversinc.comBooth 1533

The Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is made to withstand the harshest elements and the toughest pets, making it a true safety cover, the company says. Covers are UL listed, meet ASTM safety standards and won’t absorb water or buckle under heavy loads. Custom shapes and sizes are available in a variety of colors.

Allied InnovationsAllied Innovationswww.alliedinnovations.comBooth 4933

Allied Innovations is your source of spa controls and replacement parts, including products from Len Gordon, Spa Builders, Brett Aqualine, Gecko, Aqua-Flo and more. Allied provides real-time pricing and inventory updates all day with convenient shopping online. Same-day shipments and freight programs are available. Stop by the booth for free tool giveaways, specials, new products and copies of the 2014-2015 catalogue.

Splash-A-Round Poolswww.splasharoundpools.comBooth 3942

The new Quik Swim pool from Splash-A-Round Pools was created to fill the gap between inexpensive inflatable pools and premium quality soft-sided pools. The Quik Swim pool — available in four new sizes for 2014 — incorporates quality material and premium design details at an entry-level price, making it a cash-and-carry model that enables you to compete with big box stores, the company says.

L.A. SpasL.A. Spaswww.laspas.comBooth 3523

At the L.A. Spas booth this year, you’ll find the all-new IN-FIT Exercise Pools on display. Watch aquatic athletes try out the IN-FIT or bring your swimsuit and give it a try yourself, the company says.

SpazazzSpazazzwww.spazazz.comBooth 4535

Spazazz is excited to share its new line of novelty crystals: His & Her Aromas. Offered in three opposite-themed aromas — Poker Night/Bunco Night = Play All Night, Break Up/Make Up = Fire & Ice and Work it In/Sweat it Out = Work Out — the new line is designed to inspire intimacy.

Magic PlasticsMagic Plasticswww.magicplastics.comBooth 4126

At the Magic Plastics booth, you’ll find the Retro Replacement Smart Check valve bodies. According to the company, the product is ideal for upgrading center-popped springs or older Swing Check Acme threaded valves, and there’s no need to purchase the entire valve assembly and discard the union fittings. Sold separately as a replacement body in 1- and 2-inch sizes, the company says the valve maintains the same full-flow design as the Smart Check valves.

DeltaUVDeltaUVwww.deltauv.comBooth 4736

Delta UV is displaying two new products at IPSPE: the New BlueLine UV Series, a new line of UV products to fit any size pool, and the new EL LITE UV designed specifically as an affordable sanitizing system for semi-commercial pools. Both products remove the smell of chlorine and help prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair while destroying microorganisms not destroyed by chlorine and salt systems. Made in the USA and easy to install and maintain, these products are ideal for up-selling customers, the company says.

Spa Parts PlusSpa Parts Pluswww.spaparts.comBooth 1118

PROLine spa filter cartridges from Spa Parts Plus are long lasting, durable and offered at highly competitive prices, the company says. The filters are compatible with nearly every major spa manufacturer, and with the company’s standard delivery program, filters can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. in two days.

Hydro-QuipHydro-Quipwww.hydroquip.comBooth 1832

Since 1982, Hydro-Quip has been designing and manufacturing spa controls and equipment for the spa and bath industry. Today, Hydro-Quip is the No. 1 supplier of retrofit spa controls and bath components to spa and pool distributors. As the only retro-fit spa control manufacturer supporting wholesale distribution, professionals have come to depend on Hydro-Quip for quality, selection and support, the company says.

Taylor TechnologiesTaylor Technologieswww.taylortechnologies.comBooth 3839

From the manufacturer of Taylor liquid test kits and sureTRACK test strips comes the TTi 2000 Colorimeter, a microprocessor-controlled direct-readout instrument that completely eliminates the subjectivity of visual color matching. The TTi 2000 takes the reading for you, showing the test result in a large, liquid-crystal display window.

AQUASALTAQUASALTwww.aquasalt.comBooth 3930

AQUASALT is produced using the evaporated food grade salt process in the two newest and most technologically advanced salt plants in the U.S., which yield the highest purity salt possible, the company says. The product is available for pool and spa chlorine generators. Visit the booth to learn more about AQUASALT, and visit AQUATIPS on the website for easy-to-understand guidance on saltwater pools.

Pegasus ProductsPegasus Productswww.pegasus-products.comBooth 4839

Since 1982, Pegasus Products has manufactured vinyl pool liners for inground and aboveground pools. They can craft custom liners for any pool regardless of shape or size. Drop by the booth to see their pattern options.

PristineBluePristineBluewww.pristineblue.comBooth 1005

PristineBlue is a chlorine-free, tasteless and odorless alternative to treat pool or spa water. It keeps water clean and clear and is gentle to eyes, skin, hair and equipment, the company says. PristineBlue is only available through authorized PristineBlue dealers.

LaticreteLaticretewww.laticrete.comBooth 907

HYDRO BAN is a thin, waterproofing, anti-fracture membrane that rapidly dries, allowing you to tile and flood test just two hours after the final cure. It’s also ideal for flood testing in cold temperatures and over mortar beds, the company adds. Backed by a lifetime system warranty, HYDRO BAN does not require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners and bonds directly to metal and PVC plumbing fixtures.

Wise SoftwareWise Softwarewww.wisesoftwareinc.comBooth 4040

Wise Software has been meeting the needs of service professionals since 1989. New from Wise is the Mobile Office Service and Pro Models, which help pool pros achieve mobility and organization. Print invoices, receipts and water analysis reports for your customers on the spot. Whether you’re making things happen from a complete rolling office or you seek a little front seat organization, Wise Software’s mobile office has you covered, the company says.

Waterway PlasticsWaterway Booth B601

Waterway’s new VSA-165 pump, a full variable speed pump (600-3450 RPM) that boasts 1.65 total hp, is now Energy Star rated, which means a wide range of rebate opportunities are available. This versatile, reliable pump features a state-of-the-art programmable timer with memory backup and keypad lock-out, the company says. The pump comes complete with 2-by-1½-inch FPT unions and a universal, adjustable, adaptable base, making it ideal for replacing existing pumps without plumbing changes.

RB Control SystemsRB Control Systemswww.rbcontrolsystems.comBooth 1319

RB Control Systems offers business management and point-of-sale software that allows you to increase your productivity at the checkout counter, on the construction site and on service routes. With its software, the company says you can strengthen customer relationships, improve inventory controls and become more profitable.

Tuff SpasTuff Spaswww.tuffspas.comBooth 4235

Tuff Spas is excited to reveal a new cover. Made from poly-ethylene — just like the spa shell — the covers are easy to open and close without the help of a cover lifter and won’t rot, sag or smell, the company says. And as a bonus, the cover turns into a shelf/bar when open. The cover features a lifetime warranty.

Horizon Spa & Pool PartsHorizon Spa & Pool Partswww.horizonparts.comBooth 2526

Horizon is providing more pool parts, more spa parts and more knowledge than ever before. Come visit Booth 2526 and learn what PARTSOLOGY is all about.

FinnleoFinnleowww.finnleo.comBooth 4317

The Finnleo S-Series Ultra-Low EMR/Low EF Far-Infrared saunas combine beautiful design with the highest level of comfort and safety. Using latest technologies, the Finnleo S-Series envelopes the bather in soft, gentle heat while virtually eliminating EMR and EF. To enhance the experience, the saunas also include touch screen controls and audio features.

Bullfrog SpasBullfrog Spaswww.bullfrogspas.comBooth 4017

The Bullfrog Spas Lineup has a surprising new design for 2013. The all-new A Series and R Series spas are the ultimate combination of sophisticated design and functionality. Personalization of jet therapy is easier than ever with the completely updated JetPak Therapy System. Standard features include a wood-free structure, menu driven controls, elegant LED lighting, stunning water features, spacious seating areas, and highly ergonomic mold design.

Pool Cover SpecialistsPool Cover Specialistswww.poolwatchdog.comBooth 2211

If your customers are looking for an additional layer of protection around their swimming pool, yard, or house, the Pool WatchDog has it all. After a simple, five-minute setup, the device wirelessly streams video 24/7 to a smartphone or PC — no additional fees or costs required — and sends texts and email to alert of potential danger. Pool WatchDog is weatherproof and features motion detection night vision and a multi-camera interface. Product displays are available.

EvosusEvosuswww.evosus.comBooth 2430

Evosus Business Management Software is a software program designed specifically for the pool industry that integrates every aspect of your business, including POS, inventory, service, accounting and marketing. New features include a customer loyalty program feature that makes it easy for pool and spa retailers to launch and manage a customer loyalty program, and a data backup and disaster recovery service, which is a proactive way for business owners to protect data and minimize interruption in business flow when data restoration is needed.

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