New and Updated Spa and Pool Products: October 2013

Durasport SpasDurasport 787-6649

Durasport Spas introduces the Titan Hardcover for its most popular rotomolded spa: the G-2. Easy for an adult to open (but not a child), built to withstand all weather and tested to hold over 1,000 lbs., the cover keeps the spa clean, warm and ready to use, the company says. Covered by a lifetime warranty.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool 833-3800

Latham Pool Products’ vinyl-over-polymer and vinyl-over-steel steps help complete the look of your pool with a liner that covers the entire surface of the pool, including the step area. A variety of step, bench and liner patterns are available, allowing you to create pools with a great place to sit and relax, the company

King TechnologyKing 222-0169

FROG BAM, from the makers of FROG Mineral Products, is an algae preventative that doubles as an effective winterizer. The unique, low-copper based product stays in suspension for 90 days to keep algae at bay and make spring opening easier, the company says. While Frog Bam is compatible with Pool Frog equipment, it can also operate independently. One bottle handles up to 15,000 gallons.

Oreq CorpOreq 420-3255

The Pro X-Flex hose from Oreq Corp is spiral formed with a smooth inner core for high flow capacity. Available in exclusive colors, Pro X-Flex hoses are designed to coordinate with Oreq’s poles, brushes and rakes.

Jack’s MagicJack’s 348-1656

The Power Blue Cartridge and DE Filter Cleaner is a high-performing product that deep cleans greases, oils and dirt from filter grids — with no overnight soaking required, the company says. Just spray on wet cartridges or D.E. filter grids, let it sit for five minutes and spray off. The product is compatible with all water chemistry and will not harm grass or plants. 824-4387

New from S.R.Smith is the ML300, an ADA-compliant pool lift. With a 300 lb. lifting capacity and the LiftOperator control system (which features an ergonomically designed hand control), the ML300 is flange mounted and ideal for a wide range of pool applications, the company says. 99-COVER

CoverLogix is pleased to announce a new product designed specifically to extract hard to remove safety cover deck anchors. The anchor extractor extracts the anchor and the shell, meaning no more struggling to pull existing anchors out of the deck, the company says. 737-5386

Inter-Fab now offers the T7, a combination diving board/waterfall. The T7 is 7 feet long, has a 300 lb. weight limit and features a 10.25-inch waterfall at the tip of the board with two optional multicolor lighting features — either LED or fiber optic — for a stunning nighttime effect. The T7 can be installed on Type I (or larger) diving pools and is available standard in Summit Gray or upgraded to four other granite colors.

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