Selling the Safety Features of Fences and Pool Covers

photo of a pool with a glass fence
Aqua Vista Glass

In the swimming pool industry, there's a level of dedication and humanity that is somewhat rare in other lines of business. 

Professionals in this line of work are deeply invested in their customers, from keeping their water clean and clear to making sure they're safe in and around the pool. Luckily, the pool and spa industry boasts scores of safety products, and with that in mind, I’d like to talk a little about them, specifically, what to sell, how to sell it, and who to sell it to.

There are two safety features to really focus on when selling pools to new owners: covers and fencing. It’s where the money is, and it’s where customers tend to get a little particular. Anyone can sell a gadget or treatment that’ll make the water cleaner, or your decking less slippery, but bring up fencing and you start to tread on some interior design or construction toes. 


The benefits of a fence speak for themselves, but there are a few interesting things to talk over with customers. Glass fencing is easy to recommend as a non-climbable (good for those with kids), easily cleaned (good for those with pets) and easily maintained (good for busy families) alternative to aluminum or wood. They don’t require paint, they let in a lot more light than a thick-set wooden fence, and they keep out pesky animals that may sneak through the railings of a wooden or metal fence. 

If the customer is set on metal, it’s good to emphasize its durability. If the customer is interested in a wooden fence, talk about the material’s natural tones and the ease of alteration down the line. 

To a customer, a pool fence is a clunky obstruction around their house and yard, and oftentimes something they might be required to purchase, which lessens their excitement. 

To help overcome that mindset, you want to convince your customer that a pool fence is all about style — a fence is an addition to the backyard that will improve the look and atmosphere of their backyard while keeping it safe. Always keep samples on hand and make sure the customer sees as many as possible, as frequently as possible. To start, it’s always good to talk about how customizable a fence can be. Show off all the color options, and let your customer know they can be adjusted to their liking.

A fence is a big purchase, and you can’t force your customer into a purchase. However, you can inform him of all of the options available to make a fence an appealing backyard item.  

Pool Covers

photo of pool with cover
Elite Pool Covers

Selling pool covers can be a bit more complicated, largely because there are so many ways to go with your conversation. You can talk a cover as a way to protect children and wild animals, a way to make pool maintenance easier (by protecting it from falling leaves, outside toxins, evaporation, etc.) or simply from an aesthetic perspective — a well-chosen pool cover can make a pool look sophisticated when it isn’t in use. There are so many options that it may seem easy at first, but start by focusing on just one of your customer’s concerns so you don’t overwhelm them. 

If safety is the customer’s main concern, a rigid cover is the simplest and most obvious option. Furthermore, safety-conscious customers tend to like automated covers as it’s easier to cover the pool more frequently. However, be sure to explain the construction work that goes into such projects and be aware of any hiccups or obstacles that could occur with regards to the pool shape and decking. 

Customers who are motivated by easier maintenance have quite a few tempting options. Solar heated covers are growing more popular than ever, and I believe soon they’ll be what we’ll see in the majority of the market. There are also options like anchored safety covers, which do a good job of sealing tightly. Again, people who tend to not want to bother with maintenance probably don’t want to bother with hooked covering, and they might be happier with an automated cover, or even a simple roller option.

From a visual perspective, covers have a lot of offer. Clunky rollers can be hidden out of sight and covers come in a variety of colors to complement the home. Even customers on a budget can probably get away with a more durable cover with fewer points of installation, which is great to note when talking to customers who own freeform pools. 

Products, options, and even customers themselves vary wildly from place to place, but if you have a grasp of the basics and follow your intuition, success will come. It only takes a little time to familiarize yourself with the safety features your selling, and every customer wants a safe pool. All you have to do is know the options, present them well enough, and they’ll sell themselves!

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