New and Updated Spa and Pool Products: September 2013

Beluga Pool SolutionsBeluga Pool 627-6911

You know that when a garden hose sits in the sun for even a short time, the water is warm when you turn it on. Beluga Pool Solutions took that logic and applied it to their new product, a device that can direct water from your pool’s filtering system through a garden hose to heat any size pool with solar energy.

Canadian General TowerCanadian General 265-7872

Canadian General Tower has expanded its 2013 collection of vinyl liners with the Somerset design, which features a braided tile border that intertwines surfaces and tones to give the poolscape a natural, earthy look. Placed together with floral ceramic tiles, this trendsetting design and detail will bring life to any swimming pool, the company says. 737-5386

Inter-Fab has created the Edgestone Jump and Splash. By day, it serves as a jumping platform for the entire family, and by night, the waterfall creates an elegant waterfeature, the company says. Made of durable, yet lightweight polyuria, the unit includes a 10.25-inch Edgewater waterfall with two optional lighted Edgewater Waterfalls. Available in either LED or fiber optic and in a brownstone or graystone color scheme.

Confer PlasticsConfer 635-3213

The Curve Inground Step System from Confer Plastics was developed for most inground pools built without steps. Built in the USA, the system features easy-to-assemble, all-plastic construction and the durability that Confer Plastics is known for, the company says. Two models are available: the base unit and the full Curve Step System (pictured). Aboveground models are available as well.

Spec Chem DirectSpec Chem 277-3143

Spec Chem Direct, a chemical manufacturer that sells its products exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers, is now offering a powerful, eco-friendly product called 3 Month Algaecide that is designed to both kill and prevent blue, green, black and mustard algae. Using the Spec Chem 3 Month Algaecide as a regular part of the winterizing process can keep algae at bay during the winter or will simply ensure an algae-free pool after a two-week vacation, the company says. One quart treats 20,000 gallons. 831-7133

Pentair Commercial Aquatics has created a simple solution for pool professionals who want to replace Amerlite incandescent bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED lights. The new AmerBrite LED Lamp allows users to switch out their old Amerlite incandescent bulbs without the hassle and cost of replacing the existing Amerlite light fixture, the company says, offering pool owners improved illumination with an energy saving bonus. The product is available in 300, 400 or 500 watt equivalencies and both 120V and 12V versions. The UL- and cUL-certified LED lamp only uses 34 to 51 watts of power.

Paramount Pool and Spa SystemsParamount Pool and Spa 893-7607

Paramount Pool and Spa Systems has partnered with Solar Pool Technologies to offer the Solar-Breeze solar-powered robotic surface skimmer. The Solar-Breeze is the only solar-powered robot designed to clean swimming pools, the company says, and does so by removing dust, debris and organic material from the pool’s surface before it decays and sinks to the bottom. In addition, the product has an on-board chlorine dispenser so it can sanitize while skimming.

BioSafe SystemsBioSafe 273-3088

BioSafe Systems announces GreenCleanMAX, an environmentally responsible, organic-certified algae treatment that utilizes sustainable peroxygen chemistry. GreenCleanMAX is an alternative to products that utilize copper, chlorine or other harsh chemistries to control and prevent different types of algae, slime molds and water molds, the company says. The product is available in granular form (2.5, 8, 20, and 50 lbs.), as a tablet (3, 8, 20 lbs.) and as an oxidizer treatment (16 or 32 fl. oz.). 348-2600

Sun damage and an improper chemical balance can shorten the life of a vinyl liner. UltraMayd, from Pastimayd, is a specially-formulated vinyl designed to help battle those challenges, the company says. UltraMayd, developed in North America, is now available in five of the top-selling liner designs.

Jack’s MagicJack’s 348-1656

The Filter Fiber Stuff is a biodegradable, high performing and safe alternative to DE. It usually requires about three filter runs to fully condition pool water because The Filter Fiber Stuff filters down to 2 microns while DE filters down to 4 to 5 microns, the company says. Just 36 ounces will charge a 60 square foot DE filter, and once water is conditioned to 2 microns, filter runs will be greatly extended — users report going months between backwashes, the company says. The Filter Fiber Stuff also works as a top coat in cartridge and sand filters. 635-0296

H2flow introduces the Eco-Flow-E Aquatic Variable Frequency Drive. The Eco-Flow-E combines functionality, quality and reliability to provide the user with an unparalleled VFD experience, the company says. Fully configured for the pool and spa industry, Eco-Flow-E offers constant flow, a rugged NEMA 12 construction and a unique aquatic controller to ensure complete optimization of pool pumps, the company says. The product is designed for 3-phase pumps up to 40 hp and single-phase supplied pumps up to 15 hp.

Almost Heaven SaunasAlmost Heaven 355-3050

Almost Heaven Saunas is pleased to announce new Sauna Scents. Simply place a few droplets of one of the four scents — eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint and tea tree — in water and sprinkle the mixture over the hot rocks to create an inviting aromatic steam that enhances the sauna experience, the company says. 889-8765

DeltaUV has brought the cleansing effects of Clean Light UV Technology to clean spa and hot tub water. The new Spa Series uses powerful UV-C lamps to destroy microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast and mold — items that aren’t always eradicated with traditional chlorine and salt systems — while simplifying spa ownership, reducing chemical use and eliminating chlorine odors, irritated skin and damaged hair, the company says. The product is compatible with all filter types and spa coatings.

Pen FabricatorsPen 359-5350

Pen Fabricators is now offering new textures and printed vinyl material for safer vinyl-covered features on pool liners. Due to increased demand for steps that are safer while still blending with the pool liner, the company has added six floor patterns that are available in textured vinyl for steps, benches, swim-outs and sundecks. The new textured material is available in Aquarius, Blue Mosaic, Ice Blue, Pebblestone and both blue and white versions of their Diffusion design. 992-6837

CoverLogix is offering new colors for both its solid safety covers in 2013. Created to meet the demands of today’s backyard décor while also keeping pools safe, the CoverLogix 1000 V solid vinyl safety cover is now available in tan and gray in addition to its popular blue and green colors. 407-9964

Whitefly infestations have recently become a growing concern in South Florida and other markets, as their excrement degrades the appearance of pool areas, interferes with filter operation and decreases sanitizer effectiveness. APi says it has a simple solution for cloudy, green water due to whitefly infestation: After thoroughly cleaning the filter and shocking the pool, apply a bottle of REVIVE! and after 48 hours, thoroughly clean the filter and skimmer basket. Some vacuuming may be necessary. To maintain clear water, apply 8 oz. of REVIVE! and clean the filter every two weeks.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool 833-3800

Latham Pool Products’ package pools are built with corrosion-resistant galvanized steel panels or ultra-rigid polymer panels for faster, easier installation, the company says. In addition, the patent-pending Ultra-Seam process, now standard on every Latham vinyl liner, makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. And Latham package pools come with ICC-ES Certification, ensuring that they meet all building codes.

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