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It’s August, and the end of the pool season is near. That means it’s once again time to consider the products and tools needed to make closing a breeze — and opening in the spring just as painless.

We asked manufacturers to gather their new and best-selling winterizing products for you to browse. From keeping your customer’s pool safe (and attractive) over the winter months to keeping the water clean and equipment functional, there are a slew of products available to make hibernation a little easier.

G&P ToolsG&P 431-6998

The Pool Winterizer from G&P Tools saves time and protects liners from damaging exposure, the company says. The product is also ideal for conserving water, as there’s no need to lower the water level. To use, attach the product to the return, open the cap to clear the lines, replace the cap, turn the Winterizer cap down into pool and you’re done in half the time. Note: The Pool Winterizer cannot be used in areas where more than 8 inches of ice may form in pool. 445-2059

To make closing in the winter easier for customers, Advantis offers the GLB Pool Closing Kit. Unlike many kits, the GLB Pool Closing Kit has three components: Oxy-Brite, a non-chlorine shock oxidizer; Algimycin Winter algaecide; and Sequa-Sol sequestering agent to provide mineral protection from scaling and staining during the winter months. The kit is compatible with ozone, chlorine and bromine sanitizers, and works with saltwater pools as well. 407-9964

APi’s multitasking E-Z POOL product is not only an easy water care program, it is also a highly effective winterizing program, the company says. Pools closed with E-Z POOL typically open faster, cleaner and clearer, allowing users to swim in their pool sooner than with traditional methods. Just a single application (a 5 lb. pail treats up to 20,000 gallons) and 30 minutes of circulation are all that is required prior to closing — no pre-balancing, post-balancing, or additional chemicals required. Suitable for pools maintained with E-Z POOL, traditional chlorine and saltwater.

Marketing World Pool ProductsMarketing World Pool 655-8941

Winterizing with the Ultra Gizzmo makes it possible to blow filter lines clear without lowering the pool water level, the company says. That means you conserve water, which prolongs the life of the pool cover while protecting the environment from chemical waste.

The Cover CompanyThe Cover 707-1122

The Cover Company provides high-quality safety covers with heavy-duty springs with locking pieces for quick installation. Tough-to-fit water features including waterfalls, walls and other obstacles are handled with ease. Builders looking for a quote can fax or email a drawing.

Periodic ProductsPeriodic 900-1213

CuLator Winter Closer eliminates 1.5ppm total dissolved metals (copper, manganese, and iron) from pool and spa water. CuLator adds no phosphates, is non-toxic, and works in fresh and saltwater. To use, simply place a pre-measured flow-through bag in the skimmer. As water passes over, metals are permanently trapped inside. After use, the bag can be disposed of. Made in the USA, each Winter Closer treats pools up to 20,000 gallons and helps prevent metal staining all season. 859-7946

The Arctic Blue Winter Kit from BioGuard contains everything needed to prevent algae growth during winter months. The kit is available in two sizes, for pools up to 12,000 gallons and up to 24,000 gallons. The kit includes Arctic Blue Algae Protector, Arctic Blue Shock, a Winterization Guide and valuable coupons. 348-2600

Plastimayd’s Space Arena offers an affordable enclosure for swimming pools so consumers can extend their swimming seasons — meaning extended-season profits for pool pros. This air-inflated dome has transparent, straight walls, providing a spacious interior with full deck use. The low-maintenance, low-energy system uses a continuously operating, 110-volt variable speed blower with operating costs less than a 100-watt light bulb.

Pen FabricatorsPen Fabricatorswww.penfab.com800-359-5350

Manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials, the CleanLine strapless solid winter safety cover has no straps across its length and width and absolutely no stitching anywhere, providing an attractive, clean look that is one-third lighter than traditional solid safety covers. The company also says CleanLine covers are easier to install — with freeform pools requiring 10 to 15 percent fewer springs and anchors than traditional covers — and meet all ASTM safety requirements. 737-5386

Inter-Fab now offers a winter cover to enclose its self-operable i-Lift pool lift. The cover was created to meet the growing demand for ways to protect, close and cover pool lifts at recreational aquatic facilities without having to remove the lift and store indoors, the company says. Made of tough, reinforced vinyl material, the cover is made to slip easily over the lift and snugly secure at the base with a built-in elastic cord. The i-Lift cover also protects the unit from children who are tempted to play on the lift when not in use. Available for immediate shipment. 514-3370

The Pool Winter Guard & Spring Starter is a concentration of environmentally safe enzymes formulated to create and maintain sparkling, clean, healthy water, the company says. When closing, the product, formulated to work in cold water all winter long, preserves pool liners and finishes while reducing stains and the need to acid wash in the spring. In spring, the product works fast to clean up organic contamination and unpleasant odors while lifting water lines caused over the winter months. 99-COVER

The new 9000MX winter safety cover from Coverlogix combines strong, self-draining mesh material with heavy-duty suspension springs and is backed by a 20-year warranty. The 9000MX material offers practically 100 percent UV protection — so water gets through but light does not — inhibiting algae growth so pool openings are easier and cleaner, the company says. Available in an exclusive designer pattern, CoverLogix covers are custom made in six days with quotes within one hour. In addition, the new Xtreme padding is also available to protect covers from chafing. 995-5327

SeaKlear is proud to introduce the industry’s first Closing to Opening kit. Simple and effective, the Closing to Opening kit offers unparalleled results helping to maintain crystal clear, algae-free water by staying active through the long fall and winter months, then super-charging water in the spring to make openings a breeze. For start-ups, just flip it around to “Openings to Closings.”

Spec Chem DirectSpec Chem 277-3143

Spec Chem Direct, a chemical manufacturer that sells its products exclusively to brick-and-mortar dealers, is now offering its powerful PhosZyme product to help professionals close pools this winter. This phosphate/oil/organic waste removal product is designed to maintain phosphates below 200ppb and digests oil and organics to ensure crystal clear water while pools are closed, the company says. Winterizing dosage is 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons of water. 630-2456

The new-and-improved Skimmer Plug seals better than ever, providing the most affordable and reliable method to winterize or service any vinyl AG or IG skimmer, the company says. There’s no need to change the existing faceplate — the Skimmer Plug fits the skimmer opening with no tools required. Counter displays hold 24 of the most popular sizes. LOC-LOOP

With “IMAGE-LOC,” LOOP-LOC’s revolutionary way to measure covers, all you need is one person with a camera to achieve highly accurate cover measurements. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have measurements in 10 to 15 minutes — no A-B measuring process needed.

Anderson ManufacturingAnderson 348-1316

The Winter Duck Plug from Anderson Manufacturing enables plumbing lines to be blown out without lowering the water level. The plug screws into standard 1½-inch threaded fittings and includes a patented “duck-bill” valve that allows a large flow of air and water to be blown out of the lines while preventing pool water from getting back in. A plastic safety cap can be snapped into place after lines are blown for added security. With the Winter Duck Plug, only one person is required to winterize plumbing lines. 448-2343

With GLI Pool Products’ new Cover Doctors program, safety cover repair and replacement is easy. The company says it offers the fastest turnaround times in the industry, and the service is available year-round with no inconvenient deadlines.

Meyco ProductsMeyco 446-3926

Weighing 50 percent less than a typical solid safety cover, the special weave in Meyco’s RuggedMesh allows water to drain from the surface while filtering out finer particles and blocking pool-damaging sunlight. The result: a cleaner pool with less maintenance, the company says. Available in three new colors: blue, mocha and grey.

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