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SipnoodleFor too long, pool owners have struggled with a problem — one so crippling, people don’t even really talk about it. Ever.

We’ll just lay it all out there: It’s simply too hard to drink anything while swimming.

Think about it: between maintaining your balance on a pool float and making sure your drink doesn’t slosh into the perfectly calibrated waters below, staying hydrated while swimming is a dangerous enterprise — until now.

Saving the day for millions nationwide is Cameron Parker, inventor of the Sip-N-Oodle. The Sip-N-Oodle is your average pool noodle outfitted with a chamber that holds up to 16 oz. of refreshment. On one end is a straw and a bite valve, which keeps your beverage contained when you’re not drinking. It also means the device can be fully submerged without contaminating the pool water or losing a single sip of your drink. 

There’s just one catch: the Sip-N-Oodle isn’t available to purchase…yet. Parker is bravely campaigning to make his dream product a reality with an Indiegogo campaign. According to the details of his campaign, he needs $15,000 to accomplish two things: order parts (the manufacturers are all set up and ready to go) and secure a booth at November’s International Pool, Spa and Patio Show in Las Vegas to meet retailers and spread the gospel of the Sip-N-Oodle.

Take a look at his campaign video below. (We suggest you skip ahead to 1:20 when things really get going.) Parker welcomes donations of any size — but if you donate $10 or more, you’ll receive a Sip-N-Oodle of your very own. 

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