New and Updated Pool & Spa Products: July 2013 542-7665

New from Deck-O-Seal is Deck-O-Drain, an easy-to-install, effective drainage system made of tough, long-lasting PVC. With a unique, non-directional design, Deck-O-Drain eliminates the need for right or left fittings; one attachment can be used for both by simply facing the product in the needed direction. A flat-contour profile allows the product to tightly fit against any wall, and no trenches are required. Ideal for use on pool decks, driveways, patios and anywhere water collects and needs to be carried away, the system resists wear and is non-corrosive, providing protection for both the deck and subgrade.

Hayward Pool ProductsHayward Pool 351-5400

Hayward Commercial Pool Products announces the launch of a new mobile app for PoolComm, its NSF-certified CAT Controllers wireless web-based control system for the commercial pool market. The PoolComm app, designed for iPhone and Android provides users with a more accessible, user-friendly way to view and dynamically control water quality, create compliance charts, audit tracking and view alarms fed from either their CAT 4000 or CAT 5000 controllers. This new app will allow pool operators to create pool and pump room survey reports and immediately send the information to their email, all within the app, the company says.

J&J ElectronicsJ&J 735-4553

J&J Electronics’ Color Splash LED Light Fixture is an energy-efficient full-fixture housing encased by 316 marine grade steel. Using the latest LED technology, the fixtures come pre-programmed with seven solid colors and five light shows. The fixture also offers multi-light synchronization for ease of use. Available in a polished or matte finish.

Pool PatchPool 588-4008

Sweep Fins are innovative, patent-pending wing attachments for automatic pool cleaners. The product comes equipped with a cluster of polyamide bristles on the underside designed to sweep the swimming pool surface while the suction cleaner operates. In addition to preventing surface stains and microorganism growth, Pool Patch says Sweep Fins are long-lasting and provide additional surface coverage and cleaning performance. 992-6837

CoverLogix now offers a product designed for service professionals: “Peel & Stick” Universal patch kits for safety covers. Made for mesh safety covers, the kits are designed to patch any hole under 3 inches in size. Perfect for covers that have experienced some wear and tear over the winter, patches can be used on both the top and bottom of the cover for better reinforcement, the company says. Patches are available in all mesh options.

Water TechWater 298-8800

Water Tech’s new Skimmer Vac is a hydraulic, easy-to-use manual device that, with just a few easy pumps, sucks out all debris from virtually any pool skimmer basket without having to remove the basket itself. Leaves, twigs, insects, rodents and other debris are instantly removed and sealed in a watertight compartment. The product protects the user from contact with the many health and environmental dangers that make their way into an otherwise clean and healthy pool, the company says. 737-5386

For homeowners who like the look of hand-laid, stacked stone in their poolscape, Inter-Fab is offering a new umbrella stand as a part of its Edgestone Series. The Edgestone Umbrella Stand is made of durable, rugged, lightweight polyurea and is compatible with standard-sized umbrella poles. It coordinates with the Edgestone water feature, diving base or slide to create a themed backyard oasis. The unit comes with four casters that allow the stand to be easily moved. Umbrella not included.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool 833-3800

Latham Pool Products introduces new, ultra-rigid polymer panels for faster, easier installation. The exclusive Graphex, Elite and Deluxe polymer panels reduce the warping and bowing due to thermal expansion experienced by traditional panels, making them easier to align for installation of coping and auto-covers, the company says.

Splash PoolsSplash 945-4999

Meet the Dolce Vita, the latest aboveground pool from Splash Pools. With an elegant, European-inspired design, it can blend into any landscape, while its modular assembly makes it ready for swimming in a matter of days, the company says. 889-8765

DeltaUV now offers its ES Series for residential pools. The ES Series, a low-pressure, high output clean light technology unit for improving air and water quality, is effective at reducing chloramine smells around indoor pools while simultaneously disinfecting pool water, the company says. The product is also an affordable and environmentally friendly way to eradicate cryptosporidium, giardia and other harmful contaminants. The ES series is easy to install and maintain and is an ideal product for pool professionals trying to up-sell customers looking to upgrade pool water sanitation and improve their swimming experience.

Merlin IndustriesMerlin 289-1836

Merlin Industries announces the addition of hinge handles to all sewn-hinge spa covers. The company says the new addition will make it easier for owners to remove and cover their hot tubs. Handles will be automatically added with no upcharge. 630-2456

New for 2013, the Skimmer Grille is now available in an eye-catching counter display that includes an assortment of 24 of the most popular AG models. Inground grilles are also available for peg display. 995-5327

SeaKlear now offers two eco-friendly products to keep swimming pools stain-free this season: Natural Stain Remover and Stain Prevention & Remover. SeaKlear’s all-natural stain remover offers a non-synthetic, all natural stain removal formula that is ideal for stain removal on steps, and its new professional strength stain prevention product prevents stains from occurring in the future. All products are made in the USA and guaranteed to help pool service professionals keep pools stain-free this season. 743-0449

APi announces they have rebranded their EZ SPA product line. APi’s once-a-week spa care line, EZ-3!, includes EZ SPA START, EZ SPA E-Z BOOST, and the newly-renamed EZ SPA TOTAL CARE. EZ SPA START is used at startup and each time the spa is filled. It treats the source water by removing metals, phosphates, scaling carbonates and organic debris to keep the water clear and stain and scale free. EZ SPA E-Z BOOST is a fast-dissolving granular formula that sanitizes and disinfects spa water at startup. Finally, EZ SPA TOTAL CARE is a multi-function granular blend that contains a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale and foam inhibitors, water conditioner, and balancers (pH, TA, and CH). 297-6937

AQUAPower is the first-ever skimmer housing upgrade with advanced pump flow technology that amplifies all pump skimming suctions no matter the pump size, speed or flow, the company says. AQUAPower’s universal design fits all pools and cleans and skims pools faster, which means shorter pump run times. AQUAPower can save users money on energy costs and restores lost suction from variable speed pump systems, the company adds. 976-5299

The Safedip is a digital chemistry reader designed to make pool measurements easier. To use, collect a water sample from the pool or spa with the onboard cup and press “start” for measurements — no test strips required. An indicator on the LED screen illuminates if the pool is safe to swim. The Safedip operates with AAA batteries and measures pH, free chlorine, salt, TDS, ORP and temperature, the company says.

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