New and Updated Pool & Spa Products: June 2013 737-5386

Inter-Fab now offers a winter cover to enclose its self-operable i-Lift pool lift. The cover was created to meet the growing demand for ways to protect, close and cover pool lifts at recreational aquatic facilities without having to remove the lift and store indoors, the company says. Made of tough, reinforced vinyl material, the cover is made to slip easily over the lift and snugly secure at the base with a built-in-elastic cord. The i-Lift cover also protects the unit from children who are tempted to play on the lift when not in use. Available for immediate shipment.

Delta UVDelta 889-8765

Reduce chloramines and sanitize semi-commercial pools with the new EL LITE UV sanitation system. Engineered and designed specifically for the disinfection of semi-commercial pools and spas, this low-pressure UV system offers an affordable solution for eradication of cryptosporidium, giardia, harmful pool and spa contaminants and chlorine by-products, the company says. The product is ideal for indoor pools, including low flow-rate pools found at hotels, motels, country clubs, fitness clubs and community pools and spas. 429-9273

The Salt & Swim 3C is Hayward’s new salt chlorinator that, thanks to technological advances, delivers cost savings of 50 percent over traditional chemical forms of chlorine while maximizing the owner’s comfort and convenience, the company says. Hayward reports that a single Salt & Swim 3C Cell produces 200 pounds of 100 percent pure available chlorine.

S.R. SmithS.R. 824-4387

S.R. Smith’s newest slide, the heliX, combines a patent-pending water delivery system with a generous 360-degree flume. The unique fountain feature at the top of the slide provides functionality and fun for sliders. Engineered for safety, the slide comes with an enclosed ladder and molded handgrips; it also meets the safety standards for pool slides set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition, the heliX is rotomolded from corrosion-resistant material that helps it withstand damage from salt chlorinator pools and other harsh climate conditions. 981-0262

Just in time for summer, Waterway offers 33-inch, non-slip spa steps made of durable UV-protected polypropylene with an 800-pound weight capacity. All parts are packaged for retail sale and easily snap together with no tools required. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, the steps are available in a wide range of colors, including Redwood, Bark, Cinnamon, Graphite, Coastal Gray and Charcoal.

Jack’s MagicJack’s 348-1656

From Jack’s Magic, The Magenta Stuff is an advanced stain-fighting and start-up product. Ideal for controlling plaster dust, metals and minerals, The Magenta Stuff will not yield phosphates and works in chlorine, bromine and salt systems alike. In addition, the product can also reduce existing scale buildup on tile, rock and other areas. Simply add the prescribed dose of Magenta to the pool or spa, let the water rise above a scaled area, and when the water level returns to “normal” a notable lessening of the scale will result, the company says.

Pen FabricatorsPen 359-5350

Service professionals looking to offer a winning pattern for replacement pool liners this season should check out Pen Fabricators’ new Bayview Slate tile with Diffusion floor. With its traditional tile border in rich blue and gray hues, the company says the pattern makes a great complement to today’s coping and deck treatments, and the floor pattern makes the pool water shimmer.

Latham Pool ProductsLatham Pool 833-3800

The Viking, Trilogy and Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pools from Latham Pool Products offer customers the widest range of models, colors and options in the industry, including inlaid and waterline tile, raised water features, tanning ledges, and vanishing edges. In addition, the company’s eight manufacturing locations helps save money on freight.

Laying CoolLaying 431-5256

Laying Cool introduces the Aqua Lounger, the first deck lounger of its kind to deliver a pool experience without the hassle. Made with high-density polyethylene, it works by simply attaching a standard garden hose to the back of the headrest. Once the water source is turned on, water slowly filters through the front of the headrest, cascades over the user’s shoulders and accumulates in the seat reservoir. The lounger supplies just enough water to hydrate the body, making sunbathing safer and more bearable, the company says.

PQN EnterprisesPQN 794-6475

PQN Enterprises introduces the next generation of in-spa audio speakers. The 3-inch wall-fitting SPA24 installs like other spa components without the need for additional hardware. With its protective threaded body design, SPA24 prevents direct contamination in rear of speaker. An internal audio-driven LED show is also included. 743-3750

The Sider-Proof FF-PR is a technologically advanced roll-on cement pool plaster for existing plaster, concrete and masonry surfaces. Packaged as a kit and easy to apply, the coating is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, hot tubs, chlorine and saltwater systems, waterfalls, fountains and concrete ponds. To use, roll it on and blade it smooth. 995-5327

SeaKlear is excited to announce the availability of three hot tub sanitizers as part of the SeaKlear Spa line of simple and easy-to-use spa water treatment solutions. The sanitizers include brominating tablets, sodium bromine and spa-sanitizing granules. Made from crab shells, not oil wells, these products are environmentally friendly so pool professionals can provide their customers with green treatment options, the company says.

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