New Pool And Spa Products For February 2013


Evosus Inc., manufacturer of business management software for pool and spa professionals, now offers the new Evosus Customer Loyalty Program as part of its software. The completely customizable software is designed to help retailers integrate loyalty cards/keychain tags with the program, allowing users to quickly find and track customers in their databases, the company says. 429-9273

The SharkVAC XL is Hayward’s new robotic pool cleaner, which cleans both pool floors and walls while using up to 94 percent less energy than traditional pressure cleaners. The cleaner is ideal for all residential pool surfaces — gunite, vinyl or fiberglass — up to 20 by 40 feet in size.

Premium LeisurePremium Leisurewww.premiumleisure.com1-877-237-8772

Premium Leisure is expanding its “Aquatica” fitness line with the introduction of the Aquatic X12. Scheduled for introduction at the Atlantic City Show, the Aquatica X12 joins previously introduced models Aquatica X14 and X10 to form an exciting and innovative aquatic fitness experience.

Sensorex’s new TX-3000 pH/mV transmitter monitors changes in pH or oxidation reduction potential and temperature for more accurate disinfection control in commercial pools, spas and aquatic attractions, the company says. The TX-3000’s data can be used to regulate chemical injection pumps to ensure proper sanitizer levels. The line-powered TX-3000 has a dual output design, with an output for pH or ORP readings and another for temperature measurement, eliminating the need for a separate temperature transmitter. A push-button interact makes programming easy, and the unit can be password protected for secure installations, the company says.

Only Alpha Pool ProductsOnly Alpha Pool 637-0141

Only Alpha Pool Products, which manufactures building materials, announces the Alpha Evolution System. The system utilizes chemically-etched, fiber-reinforced composite walls, evolution bracing system and a specially-formulated adhesive gasket system that allows for a liner-less application. The Alpha Evolution can be tiled if desired and coated with a variety of finishing methods instead of using a vinyl liner, giving independent contractors and project managers the ability to build commercial pools and pools for homeowners who don’t want a vinyl liner.

Delta UVDelta UVwww.deltauv.com866-889-8765

The new BlueLine UV Series by Delta UV offers a new look for its line of UV products that fit any size pool. Made in the USA, the BlueLine series uses Clean Light technology to remove the smell of chlorine, help prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair; it also destroys microorganisms not destroyed by chlorine and salt systems, the company says.

Aqua Creek ProductsAqua Creek 687-3552

Aqua Creek Products has released the new Pro Pool-XR, a variant of the Original Pool Pro Pool Lift that boasts an additional 10 inches of reach to clear wide gutters and spa benches while requiring minimal deck space. This extended reach can also clear an 8-inch-by-8-inch curb or wall, making it ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas, the company says. The Pro Pool-XR is verified by an independent third party to be ADA compliant, the company says.


Inter-Fab, manufacturers of slides, diving boards, rails, games and pool water features, has launched the new BYOS 2 Custom Slide — a second generation modular system that enables builders to create customized water park-style slides for residential pools. The new BYOS 2 water slide is wider, deeper and delivers more water than the original BYOS slide, the company says. The system is available in seven colors with seven section choices sections that can be combined into endless configurations. For builders who wish to incorporate slides into handcrafted rock-work or concrete formations, this system is ideal, the company says. Visit the website to see installation video and product images.

Pentair Aquatic SystemsPentair Aquatic Systemswww.pentaircommercial.com800-831-7133

New from Pentair Aquatic Systems is the Acu Drive XS Variable Frequency Drive. Designed to save energy, space, costs and time, the unit increases pump performance and encourages energy savings of up to 98 percent, the company says. With minimal payback time, the Acu Drive XS automatically optimizes energy usage and offers a built-in display that shows the time remaining until the drive pays for itself. Visit to the company’s website to calculate your cost savings.

Splash-A-Round PoolsSplash-A-Round 980- 7709

The new Quik Swim pool from Splash-A-Round Pools is designed to fill the gap between inexpensive inflatable pools and premium quality soft-sided pools, the company says. Priced at an entry-level pool price, the Quik Swim is a cash-and-carry product that enables you to compete with big box stores, the company says. The pool measures 10 by 18 feet, and is 4 feet high.

United SpasUnited 282-1117

The T8 topside is United Spas’ new flagship topside. The T8 boasts a large, four-digit LED display and United Spas’ new patent-pending Spa-Touch switching technology. The new T8 topsides pair with United Spas’ series electronic control boxes to create a control system that can be installed and configured for almost any hot tub equipment, the company says. 995-5327

SeaKlear recently unveiled what it says is a revolutionary new product line for treating swimming pool and hot tub water. Called Mighty Pods, these products contain powerful, environmentally friendly SeaKlear water treatment products encapsulated in an easy-to-use, convenient water-soluble film, meaning the pods dissolve in water in just minutes. Mighty Pods will be available in two forms. Weekly Pool Care Mighty Pods are ideal for preventing the three most common pool water issues: cloudy water, phosphate control, and scummy build-up. And the Cloudy Pool Cure Mighty Pods clear up extremely cloudy water caused by heavy bather loads and other “pool emergencies,” the company says. Each pod treats up to 15,000 gallons of water and requires no measuring.

Water TechWater Techwww.watertechcorp.com800-298-8800

Water Tech offers Pool Blaster MAX, a hand-held, battery-operated, cordless, rechargeable pool vacuum ideal for pool cleanings between service calls, the company says. The unit features a high-volume internal filter pump, an on-board filter bag and a rechargeable power pack. Dirt and debris is stored in a removable bag that is easy to empty, and the device comes with a wall-mounting feature for grab-and-go convenience, the company says. The Pool Blaster Max can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach, cleaning large areas with its removable 10 3/4” inch vacuum head or spot cleaning when the vacuum head is detached.

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