New Climbing Wall A Perfect Addition To Pools

photo of aquatic climbing wall

A full body workout that's making a splash, literally

"It all started with a desire for more. More fun, more challenges, more experiences, more exploration, more accomplishments. That’s the AquaClimb philosophy and the inspiration behind our products." – from

AquaClimb is a new kind of climbing wall that comes right out of the water. All of AquaClimb’s walls are comprised of one-meter by one-meter modular panels stacked three or four panels high. The wall can be built as wide as desired, says Doug Cooke, director of sales.

AquaClimb provides a fun, full-body workout, and also helps promote an integral part of childhood development, risk assessment, according to the company website. Children can challenge themselves and experience the risk-taking thrill of rock climbing without ropes, but still with no real risk present, it says.

Of course climbing without ropes brings up the question of safety. AquaClimb has put in a lot of time, research and development to create a safe product. The wall starts in the water to keep people on the deck from climbing and prevent entrapment in guttering systems. It also leans in at a 15-degree angle so that the higher people climb the farther out over the water they are. Lastly, there is a safety panel at the top of the wall to prevent climbers from going over the top.

To find out more about AquaClimb, visit the website at

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