New Pool And Spa Products For May 2012

Canadian General-Tower LimitedCanadian General-Tower 265-7872

One of Canadian General-Tower’s (CGT) most popular vinyl-liner patterns, Black Granite, is now the 2011 Golden Cylinder award winner for technical innovation. CGT met the standards for technical innovation because printing on a flexible vinyl substrate requires an enormous amount of work at the color separation stage, the company says. 995-5327

AquaPill introduces the AquaPill Phosphate 1500, which offers a patented, pre-measured chemical-release delivery system for removing phosphates that cause green, yellow and black algae in swimming pools, the company says. Simply pierce the round pill container with the tool provided, and drop the pill into the skimmer to automatically remove the phosphates that lead to algae.

Great American Merchandise and EventsGreat American Merchandise and 382-5988

GAME has updated the ePOOL Water Chemistry Monitoring System. Like the original ePOOL, it uses a floating sensor to continuously analyze the water’s chemical composition and then wirelessly relays sanitizer level, pH and water temperature. The improved version sends that information directly to any PC or Macintosh computer. The next generation ePOOL is even more convenient, the company says, because it can send email or text messages, such as “Your pool’s pH is high. Add 12 oz. of muriatic acid.” 359-5350

Pen-Fabricators has created a new multi-use bead for its aboveground pool liners. The new patent-pending product can be used as a standard “J” bead liner and also with standard bead liner, according to Pen-Fabricators. If the bead receiver is too large, just peel off the vinyl wedge lock and insert behind the liner bead to secure the bead in the track, the company says. 889-8765

DeltaUV offers the ES Series, a low-pressure, high-output clean light technology unit. This unit uses ultraviolet light to remove the smell of chlorine, help prevent red eyes, dry skin and damaged hair as well as destroy micro-organisms that cannot be killed by chlorine and salt systems, the company says.

Pentair Water Commercial and AquaticsPentair Water Commercial and 831-7133

Pentair Water Commercial and Aquatics offers a unique backwash controller that not only simplifies the backwash cycle of filtration systems equipped with diaphragm-style backwash valves, but also saves water and energy, the company says. This semi-automatic programmable backwash controller can backwash up to six filters in sequence via the integral multi-port pressure distribution valve, according to Pentair.

GLI Pool ProductsGLI Pool 448-2343

GLI Pool Products offers the Designer Series inground vinyl liners. This liner series was created through extensive market research directed toward consumers of the 21st century, the company says. Custom designed to complement a deck, coping or water feature—the Designer Series provides contemporary, detailed and elegant patterns specifically created to enhance a customer’s backyard oasis, according to GLI Pool Products.

Jacuzzi and SundanceJacuzzi and 606-7733

Jacuzzi and Sundance introduce their 2012 hot tub lines featuring the industry’s first UV-C water purification system, Clearray. The new system is a proven, reliable and safe disinfection system that makes the 2012 line virtually maintenance-free, the company says. Other benefits of Clearray include treatment of 99.9 percent of waterborne pathogens, eco-friendliness with up to 50 percent reduction in sanitizing chemical usage, and no harmful odors or byproducts produced, according to Jacuzzi and Sundance. 737-5386

Inter-Fab has created the color-coordinated Pool Spa Table, a table that mounts directly into the floor of pools and spas. This table is 30 inches round and supports a standard sized umbrella pole. The unit mounts in a six-inch bronze anchor, which is included with the product. The table assembles in minutes and is easily removed without tools, the company says.

Eco Blu Pool ComponentsEco Blu Pool 326-2581

Eco Blu introduces the iBall Velocity, a self-regulating return valve. The iBall Velocity saves on both energy and pool maintenance costs by creating optimal flow velocity at low pump speeds through its self-adjusting orifice, the company says. This valve can self-adjust to maintain return velocity as the filter becomes clogged with particulate matter causing reduction of overall flow, according to Eco Blu. Also, the iBall Velocity’s silicone valve design is safe for little fingers.

Hayward Pool ProductsHayward Pool 351-5400

Hayward introduces Salt & Swim, an affordable DIY solution for salt chlorination. Salt & Swim is a do-it-yourself installation with no gluing required so that pool owners can install it themselves in about 20 minutes, the company says. It’s available in a six-month version and a 12-month version, and both come with a control unit and salt cell.

National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF)National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) 540-9119

The Aquatic Play Feature (APF) online training course from the NSPF is now available in a new format. A Spanish version has also been launched. The new format offers better user interface, more interactivity, and easier navigation. The Spanish counterpart is a mirror of the English course. This course joins a growing portfolio of multi-lingual educational materials offered by the foundation. 770-3134

Borderlines introduces its new Pool Party Pak. Since 2001, Borderlines has provided over 15,000 aboveground and inground pool owners with instant pool makeovers using its patented, adhesive tile borders. Now using that same technology, Borderlines is offering an exciting line of pool party graphics designed to be easily installed (no need to drain the pool) and easily removed (without leaving a sticky mess behind).

Loop Loc, LtdLOOP-LOC, 562-5667

LOOP-LOC, Ltd. introduces Ultra-Loc II, a solid safety cover that has been re-engineered from the inside out. It’s made of exclusive 100 percent polypropylene material for unmatched strength and durability, the company says. Ultra-Loc II is lightweight with superior “bounce back” capability to eliminate ugly pockets of water and debris, and it drains quickly with optional mesh drainage panels, LOOP-LOC adds.

Woodstock PercussionWoodstock 422-4463

Woodstock Percussion introduces two new sets of windchimes to enhance the pool experience with soothing sounds: Gregorian Chimes Soprano in a black-finished ash wood and Chimes of Baja in bronzed anodized aluminum. Woodstock Percussion, maker of Woodstock Chimes and the Woodstock Music collection, says it is a leading manufacturer of precision-tuned windchimes, award-winning musical instruments and soothing home and garden décor.

W. R. MeadowsW. R. 542-7665

Deck-O-Seal, a division of W. R. Meadows offering a complete line of pool deck products, offers Deck-O-Shield Plus to seal and protect the porous surfaces of pool copings and decks. A premium-grade, ready-to-use, water-based sealer, Deck-O-Shield Plus protects surfaces such as decks, porches, patios and walkways around pools. Deck-O-Shield Plus provides increased resistance to spalling and pitting of porous stone and concrete surfaces caused by salt penetration and freeze-thaw cycles, the company says.

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