New Pool And Spa Products For April 2012

Great American Merchandise and EventsGreat American Merchandise and 382-5988

GAME introduces two new chlorinators with solar powered lights. They collect and store solar energy all day and glow in rotating colors of red, green and blue come nightfall, adding ambiance to the evening poolscape, the company says. The chlorinator comes in two shapes, Derby Duck and an eight-inch frosted globe; has solar-powered rechargeable batteries and sensors; and holds three-inch chlorine tablets.

Pentair Water pool and spaPentair Water pool and 831-7133

Pentair introduces the new ScreenLogic2 for control of key functions of your pool and spa using the IntelliTouch control system or EasyTouch. According to Pentair, the revolutionary ScreenLogic2 series of interfaces enable operation of IntelliTouch and EasyTouch through a combination of multifunctional controllers including an in-wall touch screen, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and PCs. 995-5327

The AquaPill SolarPill is designed to help homeowners minimize heat loss in their swimming pools. The SolarPill forms a harmless, ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the water's surface to reduce loss of heat and chemicals by preventing water evaporation, the company says. The product's patented delivery system gradually releases the formula into the circulation system to allow for optimum coverage, according to AquaPill. 331-0349

Amerec introduces the T100 Touch Control, a sleek control panel designed for use in high-moisture environments and featuring touch screen technology. Co-developed by Amerec and European designers, the dark glass display panel and soft glowing lights of the T100 Touch Control provide a contemporary look.

Canadian General- TowerCanadian General- 265-7872

Canadian General-Tower (CGT) has unveiled its new Tower Collection, a complete line of house patterns for service professionals installing vinyl liners. These stock patterns reflect the latest in the colors and designs demanded by homeowners, according to CGT. The patterns are available through liner fabricators, which can be found with CGT's fabricator locator. 205-4520

ControlOMatic offers its new Pool Warden β€” a single or dual pool water chemical controller with the ability to measure pH, ORP, temperature and flow. The single pool model includes three output relays and the dual pool model includes six. The unit is easy to set up for various chemical control applications, including salt systems, cal-hypo suction side, acid, base, heaters and more, the company says. 995-5327

SeaKlear is introducing an improved Natural Clarifier. This product is 25 percent stronger than SeaKlear's popular clarifier β€” which naturally clarifies cloudy pool water, removes excess oils and lotions to prevent scum, and improves filter efficiency by suspending particles on the filter media surface without clogging, making filters quicker and easier to clean, the company says. 553-5320

CoverLogix offers its popular GUARDALL self-draining mesh in a new tan color. This long-lasting micro weave fabric is abrasion resistant and has the highest tear strength in its class, the company says. It filters debris and dirt while allowing water to freely drain through the mesh, according to CoverLogix.

Waterway PlasticsWaterway 772-5387

Waterway introduces Premium Spa Steps. These 33-inch non-slip treads are made of UV-protected polypropylene and have an 800-pound weight capacity. Assembly is easy and the steps are available in multiple colors, including Redwood, Bark, Cinnamon, Graphite, Coastal Gray and Charcoal.

W. R. MeadowsW. R. 825-5976

W. R. Meadows introduces Deck-O-Seal. Deck-O-Seal is a two-part, polysulfide-based self-leveling joint sealant. It is used for caulking and sealing joints subject to concrete movement to provide a firm, flexible, weather-tight seal. Ideal for sealing joints on swimming pool decks, Deck-O-Seal is applicable for both interior and exterior use. 553-5320

VynAll introduces a new interactive online tool designed to help consumers select a vinyl-liner pattern based on how it will make their pool water look. Liner patterns are displayed by grouping them in terms of "color tones." This program helps consumers narrow down their choices while getting a better feel for how a pattern will influence the overall color scheme of their backyard, the company says.

Loop Loc, LtdLOOP-LOC, 562-5667

LOOP-LOC introduces Mykonos with Blue Beach Pebble Bottom, Lotus with Sand Pebble Bottom and Bimini Isle with Marine Sparkle Bottom as the newest elegant patterns of LOOP-LOC Luxury Liners β€” the first designer inground pool liners built with legendary LOOP-LOC quality, beauty and fit, the company says. LOOP-LOC now has 15 exclusive patterns, available in 20 and 28 mil thicknesses. 889-8765

DeltaUV has brought the cleansing effects of Clean Light Technology to spas with its new EA Spa Series. The new series uses powerful UV-C ray lamps to destroy microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast and mold, the company says. The EA Series makes spa maintenance simple while drastically reducing chemical use and eliminating nasty chlorine smells, irritated skin and eyes and damaged hair, according to DeltaUV. 815-6083

Fabcote announces its new Ultimate Pool, available as aboveground, semi-inground or inground. This package pool is made of 14-gauge galvanized powder coated steel, which gives the pool construction unmatched strength, according to Fabcote. Designed for easy selling, this pool can be used in virtually any backyard as an elegant upgrade from the traditional aboveground pool, the company says. 737-5386

Inter-Fab announces a complete library of training videos for pool professionals to access online 24/7 from the company website. In addition to having installation help videos for all of its products, Inter-Fab also offers useful videos on changing out rails, waterfall scribing and a water "stub up" installation, the company says.

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