New Pool And Spa Products For March 2012

AquaChek Pool & Spa Test Strips, a Hach CompanyAquaChek Pool & Spa Test Strips, a Hach 278-2243

AquaChek Spa is a six-in-one test strip developed specifically for testing in the hot tub. The new 15-second dip-and-read AquaChek Spa test strip includes tests for six chemistries: total chlorine, total bromine, free chlorine, total alkalinity, pH and total hardness. This test strip is fast, easy to use and accurate, the company says.

CoverLogix Safety CoversCoverLogix Safety 553-5320

CoverLogix is pleased to offer its new 9000MX safety cover, which uses the latest technology to create the strongest self-draining mesh material safety cover on the market, the company says. The new 9000MX comes standard with heavy-duty suspension springs and is backed by a 20-year warranty. It also offers practically 100 percent UV protection, so water gets through but light does not, inhibiting algae growth, CoverLogix says. 737-5386

Fitness Technologies introduces the UwaterHD3X Camera. This is the first full day, eight-hour 100 percent waterproof action camera on the market, according to the company. The Uwater3X Action Camera Line provides full HD video up to 60-frames-per-second, says Fitness Technologies.

Alford Pool Leveling SystemAlford Pool Leveling System(731) 287-8777

The Alford Pool Leveling System is the only precise way to level a modular pool, the company says. Using the newly patented system, it takes only minutes to level pool walls or vinyl over steel steps, and requires only one hand, one man and no physical labor, according to Alford. The system also eliminates the need for shims and allows for better concrete coverage under panels, adding a professional appearance to early phases of construction.

SeaKlear SpaSeaKlear 995-5327

SeaKlear Spa is now offering Alkalinity Up, a specially formulated compound used to increase the total alkalinity in spa water, helping to prevent corrosion of metals and etching of surfaces, according to the company. Alkalinity Up also eliminates pH "bounce" and helps maintain pH at the proper level, SeaKlear says.

Finnleo Sauna & SteamFinnleo Sauna & 346-6536

Finnleo introduces the sleek T1 Touch Screen Sauna Control. Co-developed by Finnleo and European designers, the sleek dark glass display panel and soft glowing lights of the T1 Touch Screen Sauna Control provide a contemporary look that fits well with high-end bathrooms and saunas, according to Finnleo. Touch-screen operation provides easy control of sauna temperature and time settings and the large T1 screen displays sauna temperature and time of day. 348-2600

Plastimayd LLC has added a vinyl-liner pattern Crown Mosaic, which imitates the high-end look of a French Riviera swimming pool. The pattern uses warm gold, cream and taupe colors with accents of rich blue to create a design that will make pools look like they are located in a coastal village on the French Riviera, Plastimayd says.

Cal SpaCal 225-7727

Cal Spas introduces the Genesis Rotomold Spa Series. This innovative hot tub lineup, designed to offer low maintenance for consumers, consists of a six-foot spa, a round spa and two seven-foot spas. The new rotomold line will feature up to 40 massage therapy jets and can be upgraded with decorative panels and LED lighting. 737-5386

Inter-Fab, manufacturer of slides, diving boards, rails, games and unique pool water features, has created a new way to build slides for residential inground swimming pools. The Build Your Own Slide (BYOS) product is the perfect choice for pool builders looking for unique ways to create big profits on swimming pool jobs, Inter-Fab says, with two styles to choose from – BYOS 1 with 10 different pieces to chose from and BYOS 2 with wider and deeper slide components and seven available pieces to choose from. 815-6083

FABCOTE, manufacturer of stainless steel rails, ladders and inground spas, is now offering a new insert, which converts its popular Sunmate Spillway spa into a fun zone for kids. The new insert is designed to turn the spa into a wading pool for children, right at the edge of the pool, the company says. Ideal for pool owners with small children, the insert was created to meet the growing demand by consumers for a safe, optional play area for smaller children, FABCOTE adds. 235-5103

Evosus, makers of Evosus Business Management Software, a fully integrated software program designed specifically for the pool and spa industry, has just released Version 6.1. The new version offers many new innovative built-in controls to help pool and spa professionals stay ahead of the competition, the company says. Version 6.1 focuses on advanced inventory management enhancements and vendor integrations.

JG Martin Enterprises, LLCJG Martin Enterprises, 361-8456

JG Martin Enterprises introduces the TorqueKey. The new TorqueKey can be easily turned with channel locks or with a screwdriver using the holes on the center of either side. Unlike plastic models currently available, the carbon steel construction of this key is less susceptible to warping or breaking, according to JG Martin Enterprises. The TorqueKey is zinc coated to resist rust. 205-4520

ControlOMatic is pleased to announce the availability of ColorChlor, a new spa chlorine generator that supplies spas with continuous chlorine generation and also offers a dazzling underwater light show for spa users. ColorChlor combines 10 levels of continuous chlorine production to keep spa water clean and clear and makes chlorine on a six hour cycle, the company says. It is designed for spas up to 600 gallons, and the unit can produce up to 15 grams of chlorine per day, ControlOMatic adds. 831-7133

Acu-Trol, a division of Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics, is excited to offer a software package that allows pool professionals to view the status of their controller online, 24/7. This powerful software allows the user to view the pH, ORP, PPM, temperature and flow of a body of water at any time, the company says. The online software also tells the user the time and date that the data was last collected and can chart the pH and chlorine levels to get a quick snapshot of chemical danger zones of a spa or pool, Acu-Trol adds.

Pentair WaterPool & SpaPentair WaterPool & 831-7133

The new and improved Kreepy Krauly Kruiser features a silent flapper design, which creates kinetic energy that powers the Kruiser around the pool. The powerful vacuum action and extra-wide mouth capture large and small debris for spotless cleaning, Pentair says.

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