New Pool And Spa Products For January 2012

Aquatic AVAquatic 579-2782

Aquatic AV has released its new Digital Media Locker. A water- and dust-proof media locker, the AQ-DM-4 is compatible with iPods, MP3 players and FM radio. Its powerful built-in amplifier drives up to four external loudspeakers, plus a stereo RCA auxiliary output allows for external amplification to be used for extra power or zones. DSP EQ provides powerful sound sculpture for high-quality audio and EQ control, along with standard front/rear fade, balance and bass/treble control.

Imagine TileImagine 680-8453

Imagine Tile offers eco-friendly custom tiles. Two of the company's most popular tiles have been used in spas and health clubs across the country. Imagine Tile says its Water tile is strikingly realistic, capturing the play of light on water. This design is also available in a darker blue product called Pacific Blue. 737-5386

Inter-Fab says it is revolutionizing the diving board with its T7 Diving System, which combines style and functionality in one product. The 7-foot-long T7 has a 300-pound weight limit and offers a tip-end waterfall option to the diving board setup. Now consumers can enjoy the fun of a diving board with the beauty of a waterfall, Inter-Fab says. Plus the waterfall is available with two multi-colored optional lighting features β€” either LED or fiber optic. The T7 Diving System comes standard in Summit Gray, and can be upgraded to one of four other granite colors to match many pool deck treatments.

Baja ProductsBaja 845-2252

Baja designed the WhiteWaterXS series with total body hydrotherapy in mind. Baja says the series features eight seats with strategically placed jets to massage the stresses of life away, along with Baja's Extreme Sound System (BXS), Kleen H2O, Sealed Filtration System, Baja Smartub Technology, Maximum Spa Integrity, WeatherWrap Insulation and TurboStream.

Delta Ultraviolet CorporationDelta Ultraviolet 889-8765

DeltaUV introduces a product designed specifically to reduce chloramines and sanitize swimming pool water for commercial pools. Using the latest in low-pressure Clean Light Technology (CLT), the new ELP Series in HDPE is the perfect solution to reduce the unwanted smells, and eye and skin irritations caused by chloramines in highly corrosive water, the company says, and it is particularly effective for reducing the chloramines of indoor pools while simultaneously disinfecting pool water. This NSF-50- certified product is also an affordable and environmentally friendly way to eradicate cryptosporidium, giardia and other harmful contaminants, according to DeltaUV. 995-5327

SeaKlear offers a new product in the fight against algae β€” Yellow Klear for pools. This product works with chlorine to combat yellow and green algae and is especially effective against yellow or mustard algae, a powder-like algae that clings to wall, steps and corners. This product is simple and easy to use and is effective and reliable at removing stubborn yellow algae, says SeaKlear. 298-8800

WaterTech says its Blue Diamond Pro cleans up to 1,875 square feet spotless in four hours or less. Using the patented Aqua Smart system on the unit automatically changes the cleaning direction to systematically cover every centimeter of the pool β€” eliminating the additional hours required by other robotic cleaners that use conventional, random patterns, says WaterTech. Blue Diamond Pro comes with an infrared obstacle-detection system and a remote-control device for quick spot cleaning. The Blue Diamond Pro operates independently of the filter system, has an air sensor for beach-entry pools and ramps and can be changed from a "floor only" mode to a "floor/wall" mode at the touch of a button.

Canadian General-Tower LimitedCanadian General-Tower 265-7872

Canadian General Tower is now offering a distinctive new pattern called Lakota Aquarius β€” designed specifically for aboveground pool liners. This unique pattern uses a detailed mosaic that flows from top to bottom making it ideal for overlap above ground liners. The mixture of deep and light blue colors gives it great showroom appeal and the pattern creates a sparkle effect for above-ground pool water, the company says.

Pentair Water Commercial and AquaticsPentair Water Commercial and 831-7133

Pentair Water Commercial Pool and Aquatics introduces the EQ Series pump, which is perfect for waterfall applications, the company says. The new pump is available with a 1,750-rpm motor, making it great for low TDH, high-flow applications β€” up to 650 gpm with 5 horsepower. This high-performance, low-noise unit comes with Pentair's unique EQ Series closed impellers, which guarantee a longer motor life even under the stress of higher loads, the company says. The all-plastic construction of the pump is designed for maximum hydraulic performance and maximum corrosion resistance.

Caldera SpasCaldera 669-1881

Caldera Spas introduces the Vanto hot tub to the Vacanza series. Designed as a non-lounge hot tub, the Vanto is 84 inches square, comfortably seating seven adults. The Vanto features 35 jets trimmed in stainless-steel, plus the highly functional foot pod with four Euro jets. The two continuous-duty 1.5-horsepower jet pumps supply power to a mix of AdptaFlo, AdaptaSsage and Euro jets. The jet patterns in each seat provide the signature Caldera Spas Hot Tub Circuit Therapy option. LED lights are strategically placed around the spa, gently illuminating the water. 348-2600

Plastimayd has launched a new website designed to help dealers sell vinyl liners and safety covers to consumers. The new site focuses on simplifying the vinyl-liner pattern selection process for the homeowner by arranging patterns into three groupings that reflect the final result on the ambiance of the pool and patio space. With patterns grouped into "light & tranquil," "rich & vibrant," or "deep & dramatic" categories, the site makes it much easier for homeowners to choose a pattern for their pool by showing them how the liner pattern will influence their poolscape, Plastimayd says. The website also illustrates options for safety covers and how these, too, can be customized to complement any backyard.

Cal SpasCal 225-7727

Cal Spas has launched its new and improved Ultimate Fitness swim spa series. The Ultimate Fitness swim spas are designed to provide the best aquatic workout, such as treadmill swimming and strength training, while delivering unsurpassed results and health benefits. The updated swim spa series features four new models packed with innovative features, including contoured seating options, breathtaking LED Hydrostreamer waterfalls, LED lighting and a fitness bar for aquatic exercises. 704-7258

Pristiva says it has improved the packaging of its Primer product, with taller bottles and a child-resistant cap for extra safety. The bottles also display Pristiva's X2O icon to highlight the product's proprietary ingredients, as well as enhanced usage instructions and product benefits. There have been no changes to the formula or to the amount of Primer product in the new bottles, Pristiva says. Pristiva Primer is part of the Pristiva advanced two-step system for the care and maintenance of saltwater pools, and is formulated to provide a concentrated dose of ingredients to inhibit stains, scale and corrosion while protecting pool finishes and equipment.

La Motte CoLaMotte 344-3100

LaMotte introduces the ColorQ TesTabs PRO 9 handheld pool and spa photometer kit. The photometer directly measures nine tests, including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, copper and iron directly on a digital display. The photometer is easy to use and includes 100 instrument-grade TesTabs tablet reagents per test factor packaged in blister-style foil. The ColorQ eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations or use look-up tables, thus taking the guesswork out of poolside water analysis, says LaMotte.

Reboss AmericaReboss 363-1444

Reboss America offers its Reboss Awnings. These European-inspired composite engineered awnings are the first in the world that can withstand extreme weather conditions, the company says. They are ultra lightweight and come in three UV-resistant finishes. They can be joined together to form custom lengths. With these awnings, Reboss America says, there's no fading, tearing or replacing of fabric.

Great American Merchandise and Events (GAME)Great American Merchandise and Events (GAME) 382-5988

GAME introduces the SolarPRO XB2, the most inexpensive, cost-effective solar heater for aboveground pools, the company says. It works with pump and filter systems smaller than 34 hp, is easy to install and heats efficiently using free energy from the sun. Adapters for most aboveground pools are included, along with a protective ground sheet and a clear cover to improve efficiency by creating a greenhouse effect.

AquaChek Pool and Spa Test Strips, a Hach CompanyAquaChek Pool and Spa Test Strips, a Hach 278-2243

Hach Company/ETS, the manufacturer of AquaChek Pool & Spa Test Strips, is introducing the AquaChek Copper 3-in-1 Test Strip, uniquely designed for mineral purification systems. This new product makes it easy to monitor and control the levels of copper in pool and spa water. Copper 3-in-1 also measures for pH and total alkalinity levels, helping to prevent troublesome scaling and corrosion caused by unbalanced pH levels, Hach says.

AquaStar Pool ProductsAquaStar Pool 768-2717

AquaStar releases their 32-inch channel drain pinhole suction outlet cover and propeller sump. This product can convert a single drain up to 10-inches-round to an unblockable sump and cover, the company says. It has zero clearance and needs no additional sump, and is easy to install, according to AquaStar.

Hayward Commercial Pool ProductsHayward Commercial Pool 657-2287

Hayward Commercial Pool Products introduces a new Chemical Controller series, the HCC 1000 and HCC 1000 Complete Package. Both are single channel pH water chemistry-automation systems, Hayward says. The HCC 1000 is a pH only controller ensuring that pH is precisely maintained at the desired level to optimize chlorine effectiveness. The HCC 1000 series provides powerful technology in a simple, convenient package, the company says.

Latham InternationalLatham 833-3800

Latham International introduces their new Step 'N Lounge, which is made from a solid, thick co-extruded sheet of thermoplastic. Its one-piece design means it will not delaminate, corrode or puncture, and the 8-foot-radius fits into all vinyl liner radius pool designs, according to Latham. It features four raised, slip resistant treads that permit easy and safe entry into and out of the pool. The two side-by-side ergonomic lounges are an added benefit, the company says, offering two optional therapy jet locations each for a total spa experience.

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