The 2010 state of the pool and spa industry

Soi 0510Periodically, a business must step back from the day-to-day demands of commerce and take a wider view, not just of its own fortunes but those of the entire enterprise, locally, regionally and nationally. It must stop and examine the greater context of the struggle - where are the currents headed and how strong are they? How are we different than our competitors? Is everyone seeing the same thing, or are companies in distant states fighting a completely different battle?

That time is now. In the pages that follow, we inaugurate a moment of self-analysis for the pool and spa industry. Several months ago, we directed an inquiry into the pressing topics and simple facts of life for builders, retailers and service people. We went to the people that actually deal with the everyday problems of building pools, selling spas and keeping them clean and in working order and just asked them about it. Then we assembled their comments and insights in print. Here we present them as clearly and attractively as we can.

It is incomplete. Although this state of the industry issue is made of your own words, ideas and the statistical realities of your business, it is intended merely as a point of departure for further, deeper discussion. Have a look at what your competitors and colleagues have said, and then have your own say. The floor is open.

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