New Pool And Spa Products For July 2011 553-5320

VynAll's new Chesapeake vinyl-liner pattern is printed on a medium-blue base color, and features an intricate, interlaced weaving of small mosaic tiles that flow continuously around the border of the pool perimeter. The pattern is accented with touches of light and dark taupe and sand-colored accents to match the latest in deck treatment and patio décor, says VynAll. Paired with a classic Gemstone floor pattern, VynAll says the pattern makes water sparkle.

Salvo Pool ProductsSalvo Pool 668-4202

The Green Machine Solar Pool Heater heats your customer's pool for about $10 per month (based on a $0.14 kilowatt-hour) without any solar panels by using the excess heat in the home's attic. The high-efficiency, cupro-nickel heat exchanger and energy-efficient fan allow for quiet operation with outputs in excess of 100,000 Btu per hour, Salvo says.

Lucite InternationalLucite 424-4464

Lucite International's dynamic new Serenity Series spa colors are the latest evolution in the company's fashion-forward design portfolio. Taking on the effect of four-color marble, Waterfall Blue, Mountain Mint Green and Whisper Gray offer a cool, calming color palette to soothe the senses and the soul, says Lucite. 292-0020

Sunlighten introduces the new mPulse sauna. The company says this is the world's first full-spectrum infrared sauna that gives consumers the ability to adjust the sauna's settings from near-infrared light that aids in pain and muscle relief, to mid-infrared light that assists in fat burning and weight loss, to far-infrared light that deepens the core sweat and is detoxifying for the whole body.

Meese Orbitron Dunne CoMeese Orbitron Dunne 772-7659

A new set from décor product developer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. combines a 42-inch-tall highboy table and two cylindrical 30-inch-tall bar stools that may be illuminated in either red, white, blue or green. Shining light rays through the table and stools from low-voltage, battery-powered LED lights hidden inside the translucent furniture, and the new lightable highboy bar set lends contemporary flair and modern ambiance to exhibitions, trade shows and other events. Developed for both indoor and outdoor placement, the highboy table and bar stools are rotationally molded from 100 percent waterproof polyethylene for long-term outdoor installation.

Regal SpasRegal 684-6667

Regal Spas says it has reinvented the massaging process and its benefits to hot tub users. The company says its patented massagers rub fingers, knead knuckles and rejuvenate the bodies and souls of hot tub bathers, simulating the massage given by a professional masseuse. This direct-contact, all-over massage in hot water can only be experienced in a Regal Spa, the company says. 995-5327

SeaKlear now offers two products specifically designed to clear and prevent metal stains in swimming pools. Metal Klear prevents metal staining and helps clear discolored water caused by high metals, making it ideal for salt-system pools, says SeaKlear. Metal Stain Control prevents metals from staining surfaces. These products are also now available in the SeaKlearSpa line, as well as the swimming pool product line.

Paramount Pool & Spa SystemsParamount Pool & Spa 621-5886

Paramount says its SDX meets the VGB and NSF 50 standards for drain safety. The SDX "Retro" replaces existing covers up to 10 inches, and an Equalizer version handles equalizer line cover applications. SDX does not require a sump, Paramount adds, so it saves installation time and money.

Pen FabricatorsPen 359-5350

Pen Fabricators says it has created a revolutionary new safety cover that does not use straps across the entire length and width of the cover. This new solid safety cover has absolutely no stitching anywhere on the cover. It is manufactured using reinforced vinyl materials and is lighter in weight to create a "clean line" cover that is extremely attractive, the company says. This cover is also easier to install, with freeform pools requiring 10 to 15 percent fewer springs and anchors, Pen Fab says. The cover is shipped with a cover pump.

Jack's MagicJack's 348-1656

Through its recent acquisition of the Power Blue line of products, Jack's Magic now offers a product designed specifically to solve one of the worst swimming pool and spa maintenance problems: stubborn scale above the water line. When used as directed, Jack's says Power Blue Scale Off is a high-performance product that removes calcium carbonate scale and efflorescence from swimming pool tile, glass block, vinyl liners, stucco and most stone without damaging surfaces, grout or plaster. Scale Off offers an effective alternative to the harsh effects normally associated with muriatic acid, the company says.

Great American Merchandise & EventsGreat American Merchandise & 831-2011

GAME introduces a Digital Wireless Thermometer that monitors and displays pool, spa or pond water temperatures, as well as indoor and outdoor air temperatures. The unit consists of a floating sensor and a receiver that can be wall mounted or left free-standing on any surface. In addition to current temperatures and humidity, the receiver also displays whether the water temperature has increased or decreased. Other features include alarms for time and temperature ranges, a low-battery indicator and the ability to record and display previous minimum and maximum temperatures. The floating thermometer is water-, UV-, and chemical-resistant. 815-6083

Fabcote now offers a line of powder-coated hand rails for swimming pools and spas. Fabcote says its state-of-the-art, in-house powder-coating facility produces an exceptionally durable finish to resist corrosion. The surface of the rail is evenly coated using an electro-static process that drives the coating material into and around all surfaces. All Fabcote rails are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel and can be powder-coated in white or a new designer gray color. The rails are ideal for rehabilitation and disability access. Custom rails are available with fast turnaround times to meet design specifications.

Canadian General-Tower LimitedCanadian General-Tower 265-7872

Canadian General-Tower has added a feature to its website — a fabricator locator for its pattern offering. In the past, pool professionals were limited to individual brochures or lengthy Internet searches to find which fabricator carried the pattern a homeowner had selected. Pool professionals can now simply go on the Canadian General-Tower website, identify the pool liner pattern they want, go to the fabricator locator and they will get a complete list of fabricators that carry the pattern, complete with contact information.

Allied InnovationsAllied 237-9937

Allied manufactures the Spa Builders brand LC-220 Spa Disconnect Panel Series. This control helps protect spa pipes and can help prevent them from freezing. It includes a heavy-duty contactor, available with or without alarm in 50- or 60-amp service options, has unlimited GFCI tripping and more. 737-5386

Inter-Fab introduces a versatile new diving board, the Duro-Beam Aquaboard. This diving board, made for use in pool renovation or new construction, is both a diving board as well as a lighted waterfall. The Duro-Beam Aquaboard allows installers to make more profit on every diving board installation by up-selling a lighted waterfall built-into the traditional diving board. Even if customers do not want to add the lighted waterfall upon initial installation, dealers can come back and add the waterfall feature at a future date. The Duro-Beam Aquaboard is available in a variety of colors and finishes — from tan, gray and black to more traditional blue and white finishes.

Jacuzzi Hot TubsJacuzzi Hot 234-7727

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs introduces the J-LX Collection. Inspired by quality furniture, stainless-steel appliances and Jacuzzi's expertise in the bathroom, the collection's J-LX and J-LXL models are infused with highly finished cabinetry, including a new top deck design that allows the hot tubs to serve as a key component within the outdoor room or backyard. The J-LX Collection incorporates horizontal exterior skirt patterning, vertical stainless-steel trim accents and acrylic that is concealed from the exterior for an aesthetic that is fresh and finished. The J-LX Collection models also feature an improved jet layout in key areas such as the legs, calves and hamstrings.

Hayward Pool ProductsHayward Pool 657-2287

Hayward Commercial Pool Products introduces the NSF listed HCF7030C, a Dual Quad-Cluster Commercial cartridge filter system combining high-performance features with an eco-friendly design. The new cartridge system features 700 square feet of filter area providing a tremendous amount of dirt-holding capacity, resulting in extended filter cycles. The exterior of the filter tank is molded from a strong, glass-reinforced co-polymer capable of meeting the rigorous demands of the commercial pool/spa environment. Furthermore, the plumbing options of 2-inch or 2 12-inch piping with 2-inch full flow internal piping maximize the performance of the filter. 995-5327

The AquaPill Phosphate 1500 offers a patented pre-measured chemical-release delivery system that is perfect for busy service professionals, says AquaPill. Simply pierce the nontoxic round pill with the tool provided and drop the pill into the skimmer to automatically remove the phosphates that lead to algae that turns pools green, yellow or black. Each 4-inch pill removes 1,500 ppb of orthophosphates for every 20,000 gallons of water. The pill lasts for an entire month with the added benefit of clearing cloudy water and eliminating metals, oils and scum.

Sundance SpasSundance Spaswww.sundancespas.com909-606-7733

Sundance Spas introduces its Elite Series, a line of luxury spas it says is rated the highest in energy efficiency in its class. The new Elite Series consists of the Constance and Victoria models, which include a high-performance spa cover upgrade and a distinctive matching step for easy access. The insulating system builds upon the prestigious Sundance RigidBond construction and full-foam insulation by adding an additional thermal layer. Additionally, the Elite Series offers superior hydrotherapy with patented Fluidix jet technology; SMT leg jets in the lounge for a targeted calf and hamstring massage; a new cool down seat for easier access, safety and comfort; a low-profile foot dome with up to eight jets; and exterior lighting.

Water TechWater 298-8800

Water Tech offers its Pool Blaster Max, a battery operated, cordless rechargeable pool vacuum designed to make pool cleaning between service calls easy and convenient. The unit, which can be wall mounted, features a high-volume internal filter pump, an on-board filter bag and a rechargeable power pack. The Pool Blaster MAX holds dirt and debris in a convenient removable bag that is easy to empty so hands stay clean. The Max can be attached to most standard pool poles for extended reach, cleaning large areas with its removable 9-inch vacuum head or spot cleaning when the vacuum head is detached. 235-5103

Evosus has just released Version 6.0 of its business management software. The new version offers many new marketing and lead-management upgrades, as well as the ability to reschedule service tasks across the entire platform and view jobs by job phase. Specific enhancements include a New Sales Manager screen for easy access to lead and sales data including interest level and responsible employee. There's also a "one-click service task updating" function — ideal for when service techs call in sick and there is a need to rearrange a schedule.

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