A look back at the last 10 years of vinyl-liner patterns

vinyl linersVinyl-liner patterns have gone through an interesting evolution in the last 10 years. While traditional patterns with a variety of blue-hued embellishments remain polular, some of the earlier patterns featuring bright colors have fallen to the wayside. Unusual patterns still make their way into a manufacturer's portfolio every few years, but for the most part, the classic look dominates.

Like any fashion trend though, vinyl-liner patterns go through seasons where one color and pattern may be hot, and another on its way out the door. This season, much like last, a lot of blue and brown hues will dominate the showrooms.

The success of a pattern is also dependent on its construction.

"Anyone can design a pretty picture; a successful [vinyl-liner pattern] designer needs to be a combination of chemist, gravure engineer and artist," Steve Leavitt, technical design manager for HPG International, says.

"A designer needs to find the perfect balance between great textures and design elements, while recognizing the parameters and limitations of gravure printing technology. It takes minutes to understand the technique, yet years to perfect."

Design perfection may come with time, but the patterns on the following pages are sure to give clients their own piece of perfection in the backyard. Turn the page to see just a few of the pattern offerings for 2010.

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