New Pool And Spa Products For October 2011

Premium LeisurePremium 237-8772

Go Spas, by Premium Leisure, are new spas offering fresh, curvilinear designs and eye catching curb appeal to the entry-level market, the company says. These acrylic spas are available in 110- or 220-volt, 20- or 30-jet packages and are the latest proprietary molds from the design and technology team at Premium Leisure. 737-5386

Inter-Fab offers the WOK waterfall, a classic waterfall that is designed to work with any poolscape design. The round, metallic look of this waterfall is extremely versatile and provides a timeless look to any backyard design, says Inter-Fab. Created for landscape architects, the WOK waterfall is 36 inches in diameter, comes in two different pedestal heights and has optional matching planters to complement the pool area. The waterfall is available in a true copper color to match the latest in backyard décor. 815-6083

Fabcote now offers a complete line of ladders, including options for white or gray powder-coating to match pool décor and protect against corrosion. Fabcote’s state-of-the-art, in-house powder-coating facility produces an exceptionally durable finish that resists corrosion, Fabcote says. The surface of the ladder is evenly coated using an electrostatic process that drives the coating material into and around all surfaces. Fabcote ladders are made of high-grade 304 stainless steel. All standard shapes are available. 995-5327

SeaKlear introduces Rescue Klear, a product designed to address tough pool water problems. Rescue Klear blends a powerful enzyme and a natural clarifier to quickly and effectively clean up oils as well as dead algae, says SeaKlear. Suntan oils, lotions, recreational toys and algae can cause buildup on the water line or in the filter media. SeaKlear Rescue Klear battles the problem using enzymes to naturally degrade the oils and lotions coupled with SeaKlear’s proven, highly effective, natural clarifying biopolymers to clear the water and allow the filter to remove pollutants efficiently. Two ounces treats 10,000 gallons, and Rescue Klear is available in quart or gallon sizes.

ConservCo Water Conservation Products, LLCConservCo Water Conservation Products, 747-3333

ConservCo Water Conservation Products, LLC and Underhill International Corporation recently launched their newest product for retail, the GulpUltraMax, a self-priming water-removal hand pump. Constructed from heavy-duty, corrosion-proof materials, the GulpUltraMax is easy to clean and resists bending or being crushed, the company says. Capable of displacing a gallon of water in just four strokes, the GulpUltraMax is ideal for cleaning ponds, fountains and hot tubs. The pump shaft is made of sturdy aircraft aluminum.

Coleman SpasColeman 772-4265

LMS, the manufacturer of Coleman Spas, announces its new Coleman Fitness Spa line. Coleman Fitness Spas are packed with gym-like features, such as the Jetstream Propulsion System for treadmill swimming and attachment points for exercise equipment. LMS says the spas also provide a soothing alternative for rehabilitation and can aid in treating a number of health issues, including arthritis and insomnia.

Pentair Water Pool and SpaPentair Water Pool and 831-7133

Pentair Water Pool and Spa introduces IntellipH, a system that automatically dispenses muriatic acid into the pool to eliminate fluctuations in the pH level. It works with the IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator to sanitize and balance pool water, keeping the water sparkling clear and minimizing the potential for over- or under dosing. IntellipH also protects pool equipment from corrosion that can occur when pH bounces, thereby reducing wear and tear, Pentair says.

Canadian General-TowerCanadian 265-7872

Canadian General-Tower offers Miramar Pearl, a vinyl liner design with true 3-D quality, the company says. A modern take on a traditional mosaic tile border, the rich blue and taupe colors create a wave-like design that mimics real tile. This pattern uses the latest in digital printing techniques to create a unique pattern that blends with today’s backyard landscapes. 553-5320

VynAll offers its CoverLogix safety covers in SunGuard Mesh — a safety cover fabric created with the latest technological advances, says VynAll. SunGuard’s lightweight, ultra-fine weave filters out sunlight and debris up to 40 microns, yet allows water to drain through. SunGuard Mesh safety covers keep down algae for cleaner pool openings in the spring, VynAll says.

Play It Safe TechnologiesPlay It Safe 300-7032

Play It Safe Technologies introduces an easy-to-install-and-maintain automatic pump shutoff system for pools and spas with a single outlet. The APS 120-240-3 is certified by NSF for suction lift applications with pumps up to 4 horsepower for Virginia Graeme Baker Act applications. The unit has two components. The pressure switch is installed by removing the pressure gauge from the filter and putting in a “T” with the switch and reinstalling the gauge. The control unit is installed between the existing timer and pump motor. Installation must be by a licensed electrician and should take about one hour, the company says. Once installed there is no calibration required. There are no switches, and the only maintenance is a weekly test.

Water TechWater 298-8800

Water Tech announces a battery-operated cordless and hoseless power vacuum cleaner called the Pool Blaster Aqua Broom, which removes leaves, sand, acorns, hair, bugs and other debris. Powered by five D-cell batteries, the cleaner runs up to three hours at a time and filters up to 25 gallons of water per minute with a high-flow vacuum motor. It’s lightweight so it can be used by hand or attached to any standard telescopic pole for extended reach. The cleaner’s easy-grip handle allows for step, stair and surface cleaning and has a built-in hanging storage notch. 407-9964

Like the E-Z Pool weekly regimen, the E-Z Pool winterizing program calls for just a single application prior to pool closing. After the final dose and 30 minutes of circulation, pools can be closed for the season — no pre-balancing, post-balancing or additional chemicals required. And the program is not exclusive to E-Z Pool users; winterizing with E-Z Pool is suitable for pools maintained with traditional chlorine and even saltwater. Pools closed with E-Z Pool typically open faster, cleaner, and clearer, API says, allowing users to swim in their pools sooner than with traditional methods. 235-5103

Evosus offers a contract-maintenance component for pool professionals in its software program. This component saves service professionals hours of valuable time by allowing them to set up tasks just once, then creates service orders and schedules tasks for the duration of the maintenance contract. The system even allows service professionals to determine the profitability of a job with the Evosus Contract Register, which displays revenue earned to date, percentage complete, total completed tasks, balance due and overdue balance. 995-5327

The Complete Pool Care AquaPill offers users an all-in-one water-treatment system designed to save time and money, the company says. Its patented release-delivery system is designed so users never have to measure or store chemicals. Simply place the pill within the skimmer and the unit automatically dispenses its contents. The Complete Pool Care AquaPill is designed to remedy the most common pool water issues — from removing oil and scum and clarifying cloudy water to removing excess metals, grime, oil and organic debris. The product is an enzyme-enhanced, all-in-one clarifier, odor eliminator, filter degreaser and metal inhibitor, and AquaPill says it maintains healthy, clear water for up to one month.

CoverLogix, div of Plastimayd LLC & VynAllCoverLogix, div of Plastimayd LLC & 348-2600

CoverLogix, manufacturers of custom safety covers, offers a new software program for dealers to use when plotting custom safety cover shapes. The software allows pool professionals to input the dimensions taken at the job site and check to ensure the final drawing matches the pool and deck configuration desired. It’s designed for pool pros to load into their laptops and use onsite to avoid multiple trips back to the backyard to confirm their dimensions.

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